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250th Anniversary Park AMC Gorman Chairback Lodge
Abagadassett River Mouth Abagadassett Wild Rice Fields
Abandoned Rail Line, Rich Millpond Abandoned Rail Line, Sebago Lake
Abandoned Railroad Trail Abbott Park
Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Gardens (limited access) Abel Cyr Rd.
Acadia Gateway Center Drive Acadia NP (please use more specific location if possible)
Acadia NP--Acadia Mountain Trail Acadia NP--Alder Trail
Acadia NP--Anvil Trail Acadia NP--Aunt Betty's Pond Carriage Path Loop
Acadia NP--Baker Island Acadia NP--Bald Peak
Acadia NP--Bar Island Acadia NP--Bass Harbor Marsh
Acadia NP--Bear Brook Picnic Area Acadia NP--Beaver Dam Pond
Acadia NP--Beech Mountain Acadia NP--Beech Mountain and Beech Cliff Trails
Acadia NP--Beehive Trail Acadia NP--Big Heath
Acadia NP--Blackwoods Campground Acadia NP--Blackwoods Campground Shore
Acadia NP--Blueberry Hill Acadia NP--Breakneck Ponds
Acadia NP--Breakneck Road Acadia NP--Bubble Mountain Trails
Acadia NP--Bubble Pond Acadia NP--Cadillac Mountain
Acadia NP--Cadillac Mountain South Ridge Trail Acadia NP--Cadillac North Ridge Trail
Acadia NP--Champlain Mountain Acadia NP--Day Mountain
Acadia NP--Dorr Mountain Acadia NP--Dorr Point and Compass Harbor
Acadia NP--Duck Brook Road Acadia NP--Eagle Lake
Acadia NP--East Pond Acadia NP--East Schoodic Drive
Acadia NP--Echo Lake Acadia NP--Echo Lake Beach
Acadia NP--Fabbri Parking Lot Acadia NP--Flying Mountain
Acadia NP--Frazer Creek Bike Trail Acadia NP--Frazer Point
Acadia NP--Giant Slide Trail, Lower Part Acadia NP--Gorham Mountain
Acadia NP--Great Head Acadia NP--Great Meadow
Acadia NP--Hadlock Pond Trail Acadia NP--Hio Road Trail
Acadia NP--Hunters Beach Trail Acadia NP--Hunters Brook Trail
Acadia NP--Hunters Head Acadia NP--Jesup Path
Acadia NP--Jordan Pond House Acadia NP--Jordan Pond Path
Acadia NP--Lake Wood Pond Acadia NP--Long Pond Fire Road
Acadia NP--Long Pond Pump Station Acadia NP--Long Pond Trail
Acadia NP--Long Pond, North End Acadia NP--Lower Hadlock Pond
Acadia NP--Lower Harbor Trail Acadia NP--Mansell Mountain Perpendicular Trail
Acadia NP--Maple Spring Trail Acadia NP--Marshall Brook Fire Road
Acadia NP--Mill Field Reservoir Acadia NP--Mountain Road
Acadia NP--Ocean Drive Acadia NP--Ocean Path
Acadia NP--Otter Cove Causeway Acadia NP--Otter Cove, Fish House Road
Acadia NP--Otter Point Acadia NP--Park Loop Road
Acadia NP--Parkman Mountain Acadia NP--Pemetic Mountain
Acadia NP--Penobscot Mountain Acadia NP--Pork Chop Lane
Acadia NP--Precipice Trail Acadia NP--Precipice Trail Overlook
Acadia NP--Pretty Marsh picnic area Acadia NP--Saint Sauveur Mountain
Acadia NP--Sand Beach Acadia NP--Sargent Mountain
Acadia NP--Schoodic Bike Trail Acadia NP--Schoodic Head
Acadia NP--Schoodic Institute Campus Acadia NP--Schoodic Loop Road (Mount Desert Narrows)
Acadia NP--Schoodic Peninsula Acadia NP--Schoodic Point
Acadia NP--Schoodic Woods Campground Amphitheater Acadia NP--Schooner Head Overlook
Acadia NP--Schooner Head Road Marsh Acadia NP--Seal Cove Pond
Acadia NP--Seawall Campground Acadia NP--Seawall Picnic Area
Acadia NP--Seawall Pond Acadia NP--Ship Harbor Trail
Acadia NP--Sieur de Monts Spring and Wild Gardens Acadia NP--Sundew Trail
Acadia NP--The Bowl Acadia NP--The Tarn
Acadia NP--Thompson Island Acadia NP--Thunder Hole
Acadia NP--Upper Hadlock Pond Acadia NP--Valley Cove
Acadia NP--Visitor Center Acadia NP--West Ledge Trail
Acadia NP--Western Mountain Road Acadia NP--Wildwood Stables
Acadia NP--Witch Hole Pond Carriage Path Loop Acadia NP--Wonderland Trail
Acadia NP--Youngs Mountain Acadia Puffin Cruises Parking Lot and Dock Area
Acadian Cross Boat Landing Adams Pond
Addison Marsh and Flats Albion A. Raynes Marsh
Alder Stream Pond, Exeter Road, Corinna Alder Stream Wilderness Preserve (NWT)
Aldermere Farm Lily Pond Trail (MCHT) Alewive Woods Preserve
Alfred Butler Memorial Trail Alfred Keith Wharf and Bayside Waterfront, Northport
Allagash (town area) Allagash Wilderness Waterway--Chamberlain Lake
Allagash Wilderness Waterway--Chisholm Brook Campsite Allagash Wilderness Waterway--Churchill Dam
Allagash Wilderness Waterway--Eagle Lake Allagash Wilderness Waterway--Johns Bridge
Allagash Wilderness Waterway--Johnson Pond Allagash Wilderness Waterway--Long Lake
Allagash Wilderness Waterway--Round Pond Allagash Wilderness Waterway--Telos Lake
Amanda C. Rowe Elementary Trails Ames Pond
Androscoggin Lake Androscoggin Lake Boat Launch
Androscoggin River Bicycle Path Androscoggin River, Bethel
Androscoggin Riverlands SP, Turner Androscoggin Riverside Trail
Androscoggin Woods (BTLT) Annabessacook/Wilson Stream
Annie Sturgis Sanctuary Appalachee Preserve (BRLT)
Appalachian Trail--Fly Rod Crosby Trail to Saddleback Mountain Appalachian Trail--Piazza Rock to Fly Rod Crosby Trail
Appalachian Trail--Route 4 to Piazza Rock Appalachian Trail--White Cap Mountain
Apple Ridge Parcel (SVLT) Appleton Preserve (GRLT)
Arey Cove Turnout Arlington Cemetery
Armbrust Hill Wildlife Preserve Arnold Brook Lake Recreation Area
Aroostook NWR Aroostook NWR--Beaver Pond Trail
Aroostook NWR--Chapman Pit Aroostook NWR--Durepo Trail
Aroostook NWR--East Loring Lake Aroostook NWR--Swamp Rd.
Aroostook NWR--Visitor Center Aroostook NWR--Weapons Storage area
Aroostook State Park Arundel Cemetery
Ash Point Preserve (GRLT) Ashby Rd
Ashland Public Boat Landing Asticou Azalea Garden, Mount Desert
Atcheson's Pond Atkins Bay, Phippsburg
Attean Pond Auburn Lake Nature Trail South, Whitman Spring Rd.
Auburn Riverwalk Augusta (East)
Augusta Nature Education Center Augusta Rail Trail
Ayer Park B&A Railroad Road North
Babson Creek Preserve (MCHT), Mount Desert Back Bay, Milbridge
Back Cove Park Back Cove, Portland
Back Cove, West Bath Back Creek, Woolwich
Back River Bad Little Falls Park, Machias
Bailey Island Bailey Island Beach
Bakeman Beach Baker Hill Preserve (FBC)
Baker Rd. Baseball Fields, Sanford Balch Pond
Bald Head Preserve (TNC) Bald Head, Phippsburg
Bald Mountain Bald Mountain Preserve (CMLT), Camden
Bald Mountain Trail and Both Shagg and Little Concord Ponds Bald Mountain Trail, Oquossoc
Bald Mountain and Saddleback Wind Mountain Trail Bald Pate Mountain, Bridgton
Baldpate Mountain (Grafton Township) Ball Field Preserve (CNLT)
Bangor & Aroostook Trail - High Meadow Rd Bangor Airport
Bangor City Forest Bangor Landfill
Bangor Mall Marsh Bangor Waterfront
Bangor and Brewer Mud Flats Bangs Island
Bank Comfort Bar Harbor
Bar Harbor Airport, Trenton Bar Harbor Trip to Frenchman Bay
Bar Harbor Whale/Pelagic Trip Bar Harbor Whale/Pelagic Trip--Ballpark to Petit Manan Island
Bar Harbor Whale/Pelagic Trip--Little Duck to Mount Desert Rock Bar Harbor Whale/Pelagic Trip--Mount Desert Rock to Ballpark
Bar Harbor Whale/Pelagic Trip--Schoodic Point Area Bar Harbor Whale/Pelagic Trip--The Ballpark
Bar Harbor--Bar Island Bar Bar Harbor--College of the Atlantic
Bar Harbor--Porcupine Islands Bar Harbor--Shore Path
Bar Harbor--Town Beach Bar Harbor--Town Landing
Barcadia Campground Barnes Landing, Brunswick
Barred Island Preserve (IHT/TNC), Deer Isle Barrells Millpond, York
Barrett Park Barrett's Cove Park
Barroll Point, Damariscotta Bartlett's Landing Road, Pretty Marsh
Basin Point and Dolphin Marina, Harpswell Basin Ponds Trails
Basin Preserve, Phippsburg (TNC) Basin Preserve--Denny Reed Trail
Bass Falls Preserve Bass Harbor
Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse Bass Rock Preserve
Bates College Campus Bath Country Club Marsh
Bath Landfill Bath Riverfront
Battery Steele Conservation Area Bauneg Beg Mountain Conservation Area, North Berwick
Baxter SP Baxter SP-- Foster Field Group Area
Baxter SP--Abol Bridge Baxter SP--Abol Pond
Baxter SP--Abol Trail Baxter SP--Chimney Pond Campground
Baxter SP--Chimney Pond Trail Baxter SP--Cranberry Pond Trail
Baxter SP--Daicey Pond Baxter SP--Dwelley Pond Trail & Pond
Baxter SP--Freeze-Out Trail Baxter SP--Grassy Pond
Baxter SP--Grassy Pond Trail Baxter SP--Helon Taylor Trail
Baxter SP--Hunt Trail to Treeline Baxter SP--Katahdin Stream Campground
Baxter SP--Kidney Pond Baxter SP--Lower South Branch Pond
Baxter SP--Mount Katahdin (above treeline) Baxter SP--Nesowadnehunk Field Campground
Baxter SP--O-J-I Mountain Baxter SP--Roaring Brook Campground
Baxter SP--Saddle Trail Baxter SP--Sandy Stream Pond Trail
Baxter SP--Stump Pond Baxter SP--Togue Pond Beach & Picnic Area
Baxter SP--Tote Road Baxter SP--Trout Brook Farm
Baxter SP—Ledge Falls Baxter State Park--Cathedral Trail
Baxter State Park--Pogy Notch Trail Baxter State Park--Russell Pond
Bay Bridge Landing Wetland Park Bay Haven Road & York Sewer District
Beach Plum Farm Beals Island
Beans Corner Road Bearce-Allen Preserve (CRCT)
Beaver Park Beech Hill Pond
Beech Hill Preserve (CMLT), Rockport Belfast City Park
Belfast Harbor Belfast Harbor--Footbridge Road
Belfast Harbor--Heritage Park Belfast Rail Trail
Belfast Rail Trail--South End Belgrade Stream, Rte 135 and Knowles Rd
Bell Marsh Wetlands (York Land Trust) Benjamin River Dock
Bernard Bridge, Tremont Bernard Lown Peace Bridge
Berry Woods Preserve (TNC) Berry's Mill Pond, West Bath
Berwick Academy Berwick Sewer District
Bethel Community Forest Bethel Pathway
Bethel Point, Harpswell Biddeford (downtown)
Biddeford Pool Biddeford Pool--Beach and Trails
Biddeford Pool--East Point Sanctuary Biddeford Pool--Great Pond
Biddeford Pool--Hattie's Restaurant Biddeford Pool--Mile Stretch Rd.
Biddeford Pool--Ocean Ave. Biddeford Pool--Sky Harbor Dr.
Biddeford Pool--South Point Sanctuary Biddeford Pool--Stonecliff Rd. Thickets
Biddeford Pool--Vines Landing & Yacht Club Big Eddy/Little Eddy Ponds
Big Falls Preserve Big Moose Inn and Campground
Big Moose Mountain Trail Big Reed Forest Reserve
Big Wood Lake Bigelow Preserve (Franklin Co.)
Bigelow Preserve--Fire Warden's Trail to West and Avery Peaks Bijhauwer Forest Preserve (PLT), Phippsburg
Birch Point Beach Birch Point Beach SP
Birch Point Road, Roque Bluffs Birdsacre Sanctuary, Ellsworth
Bisson's Farm, Topsham Black Brook Flowage
Black Brook Preserve Black Lake
Black Mountain Blackberry Hill Road, Berwick
Blackstone Rd., Westmanland Blackstone Siding Rd., Westmanland
Blandings Park Wildlife Sanctuary Bliss Woods Preserve
Bloomfield Park (Blunt's Pond) Blue Hill Community Walking Trail
Blue Hill Country Club Blue Hill Falls
Blue Hill Inner Harbor Blue Hill Mountain (BHHT)
Blue Hill Mountain--Becton Trail Blue Hill Mountain--Hayes Field and Trail
Blue Hill Mountain--Osgood Trail Blue Hill Salt Pond--South End
Blue Horizons Preserve (MCHT) Blue Point Preserve
Blue Spruce Trail Blueberry Hill (hawk watch)
Blueberry Hill Preserve (IIT) Bluff Head Trail
Bluff Island (restricted access May-September) Boat Access at Redington Road
Boat Trip, Cutler-Machias Seal Island Boat Trip, Jonesport-Machias Seal Island
Bob Fay Memorial Park Bog Brook Cove Cove Trails
Bog Brook Cove Preserve (MCHT) Bog Brook Trail, Montville (MCC)
Bog Road, Dresden Boggy Brook
Bond Brook Recreation Area Bonderson Rd., New Sweden
Bonny Eagle Park Bonyun Preserve (KELT), Westport Island
Boon Island Boot Head Preserve (MCHT), Lubec
Boothbay Harbor Boothbay Harbor Footbridge
Boothbay Whale Watch Borestone Mountain Audubon Sanctuary
Bowdoin College Bowdoin College Coastal Studies Center, Harpswell
Bowdoin Pines Bowdoin Sand Plain
Bradbury Island Bradbury Mountain SP
Bradbury Mountain SP--Campground Bradley Pond Preserve (BTLT)
Bragdon Hill Conservation Area, Poland Branch Lake Public Forest
Branch Lake Sandy Beach Brave Boat Headwaters Preserve (KLT)
Breezemere Park Bremen Long Island
Brewer Riverwalk, North of I-395 Bridge Street and Main Street, Deer Isle
Bridle Path (upriver from Rt 9) Brigeen Farms
Brimstone Island Brishlotte Lake
Bristol Recreational Trail (CRCT) Broad Cove Reserve
Broad Cove, Cushing Brookside Cemetery
Brownfield Bog WMA Browns Head
Browns Point Road Brunswick Airport
Brunswick Landing Brunswick Landing--Picnic Pond Fitness Trail
Brunswick Naval Base Trails Brunswick Town Center
Brunswick Town Commons Buckfield Branch Railroad Bed
Bucks Harbor, Machiasport Bucksport Waterfront Walkway
Buffalo Ranch Bug Light
Bull Rock Road, West Bath Bunker Hill Boat Launch
Bunker Ledge Burkett Mill Preserve (MCC)
Burn Road, Topsfield Burnt Hill, Carrabassett
Burnt Island Burnt Meadow Pond
Butler Head Preserve (KELT), Bath Butler Island WMA, Ashland
Cabela Blvd. Retention Ponds, Scarborough Cable Crossing Road, Southwest Harbor
Caesar Pond WMA Calais Cemetery
Calais Waterfront Walkway Calderwood Island
Calderwood Lane Calderwood Preserve, Freeport
California Fields Wildlife Area Calvary Cemetery, South Portland
Camden Harbor Camden Hills SP
Camp Ellis Jetty Camp William Hinds
Canal Path (GRLT) Canco Woods, Portland
Cannon Towel Outlet Feeders (historic, closed 2022) Cape Neddick Light
Cape Neddick River Mouth and Harbor Cape Porpoise
Cape Porpoise Greenbelt (KCT) Cape Rosier
Capisic Pond Park Capitol Park
Capitol Road Capt. William Fitzgerald Recreation and Conservation Area, Brunswick
Captain Alfred Skofield Trail Captain Harris Preserve (ALT)
Card Brook Watershed Caribou Dam
Caribou Pond Caribou Stream Bog
Carl & Barbara Segerstrom Preserve at Squam Creek (KELT) Carlton Pond
Carroll Farm Trail (MCC) Carrying Place Cove, Harrington
Carter Nature Preserve Cary Hill Road, Hartford
Cary Hospital Trails Cascade Falls (SBT), Saco
Cascade Park Casco Bay (offshore only)
Castine Back Shore Beach Castine Dock
Castle Hill Public Lot Caterpillar Hill and Cooper Farm (BHHT)
Cathance Lake and Sunrise International Base Cathance River Preserve (BTLT)
Cathance River Trail Cathedral Pines Camp Ground
Cedar Beach Cedar Pond Rd., Durham
Center Point Road Center Pond Preserve (PLT), Phippsburg
Center Pond, Dixmont Center Pond, Phippsburg
Central Maine Community College Campus, Auburn Central Penjajawoc Preserve (BLT)
Chamberlain-Long Cove Chandler Brook Preserve
Chandler Hill Road Chandler River--Jonesboro
Charles Jordan Rd., Cape Elizabeth Chase Reserve (BTLT), Brunswick
Chases Pond Chebeague Island
Chebeague Island--North End Chesuncook Lake
Chimney Swift Roost, 100 Washington St., Auburn China Lake Boat Launch
China Lake Boat Launch, Vassalboro Christina Lake (Reservoir)
Church Property (BRLT) Clark Island
Clark Ledge Clark Point Road
Clark's Pond Trail, South Portland Clarry Hill, Union (restricted access)
Claybrook Mountain Lodge Cleaves Cove, Kennebunkport
Clemons Pond Clewleyville Cemetery
Cliff House, York Cliff Island
Cliff Trail, Harpswell Clifford Park
Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Cobbosseecontee Lake outlet
Cobbosseecontee Lake, causeway Cobbosseecontee Stream
Cobscook Bay Cottages, Perry Cobscook Bay SP
Cobscook Bay WMA--Horan Head Unit, Lubec Cobscook Bay WMA--Morong Point Unit, Lubec
Cobscook Institute, Trescott Coburn Mountain
Coffin Wildflower Reservation Colby College campus
Colby Wildlife Preserve (BRLT) Cold Brook, Skowhegan
Cold Spring Rest Area Cold Stream Pond
Cole Memorial Ballfield Coleman Mixed Woods (SWOAM)
Collins Pond Colonial Acres Sod Farm
Columbia Blueberry Barrens Columbia Falls Dam
CommUnity Bridge Community Park Trails
Community Wellness Trail Conant Property
Cooksey Drive Overlook Corea Heath (Maine Coast Islands NWR, South)
Corea Heath Preserve (FBC) Corinna--Spragues Mill
Cosima's Preserve (CRCT) Counting House Park
Cousin's River at I-295 Cousins Creek
Cow Island Cow Team Road
Cox Pinnacle Trails, Brunswick Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery
Craig Pond Boat Ramp, Orland Cramer Park
Cranberry Point, Corea Crescent Beach
Crescent Beach SP Crescent Surf Beach
Criehaven Island (Ragged Island) Crocker Rd.-Pittston
Crockett Cove Woods Preserve (TNC) Crocketts Beach
Crooked Brook Flowage, Danforth Crooked Farm Preserve (CRCT), Bristol
Cross Cushing Nature Preserve (GRLT) Cross Island NWR
Cross Lake Cross River Preserve (BRLT)
Cross Road Fields, Cumberland Cross Topsham Trail--Powerline Cut Southeastern End
Crowley Island Bridge Crystal Spring Farm Preserve, Blueberry Sandplain (BTLT)
Crystal Spring Farm Trails (BTLT), Brunswick Cummings Preserve Trailhead
Cundy's Harbor, Harpswell Cupsuptic Rive--Lake Boat Launch
Curtis Cove (limited access) Curtis Farm Preserve (HHLT), Harpswell
Curtis Homestead Conservation Area (KLT), Leeds Cushing Cemetery, Warren
Cushing Island Cutler Coast Public Reserved Land
Cutler Harbor Cutler Rd pond
Cutler Station (former Cutler Naval Station) Cutler Station--Great Pond Cove
Cutler Station--Sprague Cove Cutler Station--Sprague Neck
Cutler Station--Thornton Point Daigle Pond
Damariscotta Lake Damariscotta Lake State Park
Damariscotta Mills Fish Ladder Damariscotta Mills--Lower Damariscotta Lake
Damariscove Island Darling Marine Center (University of Maine)
David Rancourt River Preserve (ALT) Davidson Nature Preserve
Davis Farm Blueberry Barrens Davis Narrows Bridge, Penobscot
Davis Stream Preserve (MCC) Day Ridges Preserve (FBC)
Dead Duck Cove, Eliot Boat Launch Dead River Bridge, Long Falls Dam Road
Dead River, Stratton Deboullie Pond
Debsconeag Lake Wilderness Camp Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area (TNC)
Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area (TNC)--Hale Pond Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area (TNC)--Lower Pitman Camp
Dedham School trails Deer Hill Bog
Deer Isle Deer Isle Bridge
Deer Isle Causeway Deer Point
Deering Oaks Park Denmark
Depot Street ATV and ITS Trail Desert Pond Road marsh at Intervale Brook
Desert of Maine Desrochers Memorial Forest (GWRLT)
Devil's Back Trail Area Devil's Head Conservation Area, Calais
Dewitt Field/Old Town Municipal Airport Dexter Public Beach And Recreation Area
Diamond Riverside Park Dickwood Lake WMA
Dodge Point Public Reserved Land (CRCT), Newcastle Donnabeth Lippman Park, Windham
Dorsey Road Doughty Point Preserve
Douglas Hill Orchard Douglas Islands
Douglas Memorial Woods Conservation Area Douglas Mountain, Sebago
Douglas Pond Down East Sunrise Trail, Ellsworth
Down East Sunrise Trail, Machias Down East Sunrise Trail, Sullivan
Downeast Salmon Federation Downie Park, Waterville
Downtown Bangor Dows Woods Trail
Doyle Preserve (CRCT) Dragon Fields
Drakes Island Dresden Bog Pond
Dresden Preserve Protected Area Drummore Bay, Phippsburg
Duck Pond Road Powerline Cutout Duck Pond, Buxton
Duck Pond, York Ducktrap River Preserve (CMLT)
Dunham Brook Bog Durepo Pond
Durham Boat Launch Dyer Cove, Addison
Dyer Point Dyer River, Sheepscot Village
Eagle Bluff Eagle Hill Institute
Eagle Island Eagle Lake area (town and lake)
Eagles Way Preserve (GRLT) and Beaver Dam Farm Eagleview Drive Marsh
East Branch Sebasticook River Reservoir (Corinna Bog/Corundel Lake) East End Beach, Portland
East Machias River East Musquash Lake
Eastern Cemetery Eastern Egg Rock
Eastern Knubble Preserve (MCHT) Eastern Prom Harbor Overlook
Eastern Promenade Eastern River
Eastern Slope Regional Airport, Fryeburg Eastern Trail, Arundel
Eastern Trail, Biddeford Eastland Motel Pond, Lubec
Eastport Eastport--Carrying Place Cove
Eastport--Friar Roads Eastport--Shackford Head SP
Eaton Farm Preserve, Wiscasset Eaton Kennebec River Preserve (SWT)
Echo Lake boat ramp, Mt. Vernon Edgar M. Tennis Preserve (IHT)
Edwin L. Smith Preserve, Kennebunkport Egg Rock
Eliot Mountain, Mount Desert Ellingwood Park
Ellsworth Waterfront Park Elmwood Trails (RRCT)
Embden Pond Public Boat Launch Emmons Preserve (KCT), Kennebunkport
Englishman River--Roque Bluffs Erikson Fields Preserve (MCHT)
Erle R. Kelly WMA, Dresden Esker Loop Trail (MLT)
Esker Trail, Readfield Essex Woods
Evergreen Cemetery Evergreen Cemetery--Ponds
Evergreen Cemetery--Trails Evergreen Valley
Everson Road, Pittston-Dresden Ezra Smith Wildlife Conservation Area
Factory Island Fairfield PAL Athletic Fields and Wetlands
Falls Bridge, Phippsburg Falls Brook Lake Campsite
Falmouth High School Fields Falmouth Nature Preserve
Falmouth Town Landing Farm Brook Trails
Farmingdale--Kennebec River Rail Trail Farmington Recycling Center
Fels-Groves Farm Preserve Fendler Park
Fernalds Neck Preserve (CMLT), Lincolnville Ferry Beach SP, Saco
Ferry Beach Salt Marsh Ferry Beach, Saco
Ferry Beach, Scarborough Ferry Road Marshes
Ferry Rock, Scarborough Ferry Trip, Yarmouth, NS to Portland, ME
Ferry, Bar Harbor-Yarmouth NS (Maine waters) Ferry, Bass Harbor-Frenchboro
Ferry, Bass Harbor-Swans Island Ferry, Stonington-Isle au Haut (Hancock Co.)
Fessenden Rd., Cape Elizabeth Feyler Road, Union
Feylers Corner Road, Waldoboro Field of Dreams, Unity
Fields Pond Audubon Center Fields Pond Road
Fields Pond marsh First Parish Cemetery
Fisher Lane, Kennebunkport Fishermans Cove
Five Island Cove Five Islands
Flagstaff Lake Flagstaff Road Bridge
Flake Point Bar, Jonesport Flat Bay, Harrington
Flat Island, Addison Flat Mtn. Rd., St. Agatha
Flats below US-1 Bridge, Thomaston Flint Woods, Farmington
Floating Islands Portage Lake Flood Brothers Dairy (Restricted access)
Floods Pond Road Florida Lake, Freeport
Fly Rod Crosby Heritage Trail--Reeds Mill Road Trailhead Flying Point Preserve, Georgetown
Fogg Island Preserve Foothills Land Conservancy Trail
For All Forever Preserve (KLT) Forbes Pit Boat Launch, Caribou
Forbes Pond Preserve Fore River Parkway Trail, Portland
Fore River Sanctuary Fore River Trail--Hobart Street
Forest City Cemetery Forest City Trail--Portland Arts and Technology High School
Fort Andross Fort Baldwin Beach
Fort Baldwin, Phippsburg Fort Edgecomb SP
Fort Foster Park, Kittery Fort Gorges
Fort Halifax Fort Kent Outdoor Center
Fort McClary SP, Kittery Fort O'Brien Beach, Machiasport
Fort Point Cove Fort Point SP
Fort Point Trail, Saint George (GRLT) Fort Popham & Kennebec River
Fortunes Rocks--Beach and Ponds Foundry Road, Livermore Falls
Four Seasons Trails Fowler Bog Preserve (SRLT), Unity
Frances B. Wood Preserve (FBC) Franciscan Monastery (6 am-6 pm)
Frank E. Woodworth Preserve (MCHT), Harrington Franklin Island NWR
Freedom Forest Preserve (SRLT) Freeport Country Club
Freeport Wild Bird Supply French Falls Family Recreation Park
French Mtn. Trail, Kennebec Highlands (BRCA) Frenchboro, Long Island
Frenchman Bay Community Forest (FBC) Frenchville Boat Landing
Fresh Pond Friar Roads
Frye Island Marina Area Fuller Farm, Scarborough
Fuller Forest (YLT) Fuller Mountain, Phippsburg
Furth Wildlife & Talalay Nature Sanctuaries (BHHT) Gambo Property (PRLT), Windham
Garcelon Bog (ALT), Lewiston Gardiner waterfront
Gardner Lake Road Garfield Rd. bridge, Masardis
Geele Preserve (MCC) George Wright Puddle, Woolwich
Ghost Meadow Wildlife Commons Gibson Preserve (GRLT)
Gillespie Farm--Mayall Rd. Gilman Falls Ave. pond, Old Town
Gilman Pond Gilsland Farm Audubon Center
Gleason Point Area Glen Cove
Goat Hill (TRLT) Goding Rd marsh, Ashland
Gold Brook Road Gold Stream Pond, Surry
Golden Pond, Topsham Golden Road
Good Will-Hinckley School Campus Goodwin Forest (GWRLT)
Goog's Pond Goose Ridge Trail (MCC), Montville
Goose River Preserve (MCC) Goose Rocks Beach (KCT)
Gore Road Bridge, Hibberts Gore Gorham Trails Parcel and Ponds
Gott Pasture Preserve Gouldsboro Point Road Boat Ramp
Grafton Notch SP Grafton Notch SP--Appalachian Trail Parking Lot
Grafton Notch SP--Spruce Meadow Picnic Area Graham Lake Dam, Ellsworth
Grand Falls Flowage and Smoking Rivers Outfitters Grand Falls Hydro Station
Grand Isle Boat Landing Grand Trunk Cemetery
Grant's Kennebago Camps Grant's Meadow Preserve (GWRLT)
Graveyard Point Landing Area Gray Cemetery
Gray Meadow Gray's Beach
Great Bar, Jonesport (shore access) Great Diamond Island
Great Duck Island (restricted access) Great Farm Brook Preserve (SRLT), Jackson
Great Meadow Stream Great Pond
Great Pond Boat Launch, Belgrade Great Pond Mountain
Great Pond Mountain Wildlands--Dead River Parcel Great Pond Mountain Wildlands--Hothole Brook Birding Trail
Great Pond Mountain Wildlands--Hothole Valley Parcel Great Pond Mountain Wildlands--Moosehorn Stream
Great Pond, Cape Elizabeth Great Salt Bay Farm Wildlife Preserve (CRCT), Damariscotta
Great Salt Bay, Damariscotta Great Sidney Bog
Great Wass Island Great Wass Island Preserve (TNC)
Great Wass Island--Alley Bay Great Wass Island--Folkingham Cove
Greater Pineo Point Area Green Lake National Fish Hatchery
Green Point Preserve (KELT) Green Point WMA
Green Point WMA--North End Green Point WMA--Reed Rock Rd.
Green Point, Phippsburg Greenvale Cove
Greenville Greenville Municipal Airport
Gregory Hiking Trail (BLRT) Griggs Preserve (MCC)
Grist Mill Park Grondin Pond, Scarborough
Grove Street Cemeteries Grover-Herrick Preserve
Guilford Memorial River Walk Gulf Hagas
Gull Crest, Cape Elizabeth Gurnet Bridge
HTR Acadia Campground Hacker's Hill Preserve (LELT)
Hackett Land Preserve Hadley Point, Bar Harbor
Haley Pond Hall Pond
Hallowell Recreation Area/Reservoir Rd Hallowell waterfront
Hamilton Audubon Sanctuary, West Bath Hamilton Cove Preserve (MCHT), Lubec
Hamilton Pond Hancock Point Wharf
Hangtown Road, Caratunk Hansen Pond Preserve (TRLT)
Happy Farm Trail Harbor Island
Harbor Park Hardscrabble River--Pembroke
Hardscrabble Road and Hollis Plains Hardy Road Conservation Area
Harpswell Peninsula and Casco Bay Harriman Point Preserve (MCHT)
Harrison Avenue Nature Trail Harvard Turf Farms (restricted, foot traffic only)
Harvester Road Harvey Butler Rhododendron Sanctuary
Haskell Hut Hatch Hill Landfill (currently closed to birders)
Hatchet Mountain Preserve (CMLT) Hatchtown Preserve (CRCT)
Hathorn Park Hawkes Farm
Hawkes-Towpath Preserve Hay Conservation and Recreation Area
Haystack Mountain Haystack Mountain Trail (MCC), Liberty
Head Beach, Phippsburg Head Tide
Head of Tide Park Head of Tide Preserve (CMLT), Belfast
Head of Yoho Creek, Machias Heald Pond
Heart of Poland Conservation Area Heath Road Bridge
Hedgehog Mountain Height of Land (Rt. 17), Township D
Hemlock Bridge Hendricks Harbor
Hermit Island, Phippsburg Hidden Pond Preserve
Hidden Valley Nature Center, Jefferson Higgins Beach
Higgins Mountain Preserve (KELT), Georgetown Highland Farm Preserve (YLT), York
Highland Lake Highland Rd., Brunswick
Highlands Power Line Cut, Topsham Hills Beach and Basket Island Causeway
Hillside Cemetery Hilton-Winn Kings Grant Conservation Area
Hilton-Winn Preserve Hinckley Boat Launch
Hinckley Park, South Portland Hirundo Wildlife Refuge
Hobart Meadows Hodgdon Pond
Hodson Preserve (CMLT) Hog Island
Hog Island--Audubon Camp, North Peninsula Hog Island--Cross Trail
Hog Island--East Shore Trail Holbrook Island Sanctuary SP, Brooksville
Holman Conservation Area (KLT) Holmes Bay Flats
Holt Pond Preserve, Bridgton Hope Cemetery & Woods
Horne Pond Horseshoe Pond
Horton Woods, Saco Hospital pond, Presque Isle, Aroostook County, ME, US
Houlton Riverfront Park Howard Hill
Howard Mendall WMA, Marsh River Howe Hill Road
Howe Point, Ducktrap Huckins Beach and Trails
Hulls Cove Hundred Acre Wood (BHHT), Brooklin
Hunter Cove Wildlife Sanctuary Hurds Pond, Swanville
Hurricane Island Hurricane Road Powerline Cut
Hutchinson Pond Hutchinson Pond Conservation Area
Hwy 9, East Machis R. Rest Area I-95 North Maine Visitor Center (York Co.)
Idleknot Farm, Falmouth Indian Cellar, Hollis
Indian Point Blagden Preserve (TNC), Bar Harbor Indian Point Trail (FBC), Ellsworth
Indian Pond Indian Pond Road
Indian River Cemetery Indiantown Island Preserve
Ingalls Pond Railroad Trail Ingersoll Point Preserve (DCC), Addison
Inland Woods/Pine Ridge Trails, Waterville Intervale Preserve
Intervale Road Island Road
Isle au Haut Isle au Haut Bay (waters only NOT islands)
Isle au Haut--East Shore (Whitehorse and the Spoons) Isle au Haut--South Shore
Isles of Shoals--Appledore Island Isles of Shoals--Duck Island
Isles of Shoals--Smuttynose Island Islesboro
Islesboro--Bay Shore Lane Islesboro--Dark Harbor (village)
Islesboro--Grindel Point Islesboro--Herbert Preserve (IIT)
Islesboro--Hinkle Preserve (IIT) Islesboro--Hutchins Island and Marsh Preserve (IIT)
Islesboro--Meadow Pond Road Islesboro--North of The Narrows
Islesboro--Pendleton Point Islesboro--South of The Narrows
Islesboro--The Narrows Preserve (IIT) Islesboro--Warren Island SP
Jackman Jagolinzer Preserve
Jam Black Brook Trail, Searsmont James Wood Trail (KCT)
James and Lavina Kemp Preserve at Berry Woods (TNC) Jamies Pond WMA
Jamies Pond WMA - south Jasper Beach
Jeffrey's Ledge (Maine) Jenny Island (landing prohibited May-Aug.)
Jerry Pond Jetport Plaza Rd.
Jewell Island Joe's Head, Phippsburg (Oct.-Apr. only)
John B. Mountain John and Peg Sproul Preserve (CRCT)
Johnson Cove Jones Beach
Jones Marsh and Heath (MCHT) Jones Neck
Jonesport Campground Jonesport Marina
Jordan Homestead Preserve Jordan Park Marsh Sanctuary
Josephine Newman Audubon Sanctuary Jugtown Forest, Naples
Kanonkolus Bog Preserve (SRLT), Unity Katahdin Iron Works State Park
Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--American Thread Rd bog Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Barnard Mountain area
Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Black Spruce Bog Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Bowlin Camps area
Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Deasey Ponds Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--E Branch Rd area
Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Esker Trail Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Haskell Gate area
Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Haskell Hut Trail Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Kimball Deadwater
Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Lunksoos Campsites area Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Lynx Pond-Loop Rd
Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Marble Ridge Rd area (4-wheel drive) Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Mile 10 path
Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Mink Frog pond Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--North Gate area
Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Orin Falls Trail Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Ragged Brook area
Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Ridge Trail Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Sandbank Campsite
Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Scenic Overlook Mile 6.2 Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Seboeis Unit
Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Stacyville Rd unit Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--Twin Ponds
Katahdin Woods & Waters NM--side road off Swift Brook Rd Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument
Kate Furbish Preserve Keag Bridge
Keay Brook Preserve Keene Neck Marsh
Keewaydin Lake Area Kenduskeag Stream Park
Kennebago River--Boy Scout Road Kennebec Highlands--Round Top Trail
Kennebunk Beach Kennebunk Beach Cove
Kennebunk Plains Kennebunk Plains--Maguire Rd.
Kennebunkport Harbor Kenyon Hill Preserve (GWRLT)
Kettle Cove Keyes Woods Preserve (CRCT)
Kezar Lake Kezar Lake--Lower Bay
Kezar Lake--Upper Bay Kibby Mountain
Kilkenny Cove Old Pond Railway Kilkenny Cove, Hancock
King Phillips Trail, Boothbay Kingdom Woods Conservation Area (BHHT)
Kingfield Trails Kinney Compost (private, restricted access)
Kirby Lake (The Muck), Belfast Kittery Outlet Center / Spruce Creek
Kittery Town Landing Kittery Town Wharf
Kittredge Brook Forest Preserve (MCHT)--Pine Ridge Trail Klondike Mountain Preserve (DCC), Lubec
Knights Pond Knights Pond, South Berwick
Knowles Brook Flats, Addison Knowles Corner Bog
Koops Pit Road, Oquossoc LLBean Paddling Center
La Verna Preserve (CRCT), Bristol Lake Carolyn
Lake George Regional Park, Skowhegan Lake Josephine
Lake Moxie Road, The Forks Lake St. George SP
Lake Umbagog Lamoine Beach Road Park
Lamoine SP Lanes Island Preserve
Langdon Road, Richmond Langtown Mill
Lassell Cemetery, Searsmont Laurel Hill Cemetery, Saco
Lazy Tom Bog Campsite Leach Road Blueberry Fields
Ledgelawn Cemetery Ledgewood Preserve
Leeds-Googin's Island Legion Pond
Leonard Lake, Ellsworth Libby Hill Forest Trails
Libby Islands Libby River Farm Trails (SLT)
Library Park Preserve (CRCT) Lilly Pond Community Forest Trails (KELT)
Lily Bay SP Lily Bay SP--Dunn Point
Lily Lake Lily Pond
Lily Pond Park Limestone Stream impoundment, Limestone
Lincoln, Northern Hawk-Owl location Lincolnville Beach
Linekin Preserve (BRLT), Boothbay Lisa Tolman Wotton Preserve
Little Bigelow Mountain Little Cobbosseecontee Lake, Winthrop
Little Cranberry Island Little Diamond Island
Little Duck Island (restricted access) Little Falls Brook Preserve (CRCT)
Little Kennebago Lake Little Long Pond Loop
Little Lyford Lodge and Cabins Little Machias Bay Flats
Little Ossippee River WMA Little Ponds Preserve
Little River Community Trail, Belfast Little River Hiking Trail
Little River Mouth Little River Property (PRLT)
Little Sebago Lake Little Sebago Lake Public Boat Access
Littlejohn Island Preserve Lobster Cove Meadow Preserve (BRLT), Boothbay Harbor
Lobster Cove and Prebbles Point Area Lobster Cove, Phippsburg
Lone Jack Campground Long Beach, Cape Neddick
Long Cove Rest Stop Long Creek Trail (SPLT)
Long Falls Dam Road--North Long Falls Dam Road--South
Long Island Long Island Ferry Dock
Long Island South Beach Long Lake--Sinclair Boat Launch
Long Lake--Van Buren Cove Long Ledges Preserve (FBC)
Long Mountain Trail Long Point Preserve (MCHT)
Long Reach Preserve (HHLT), Harpswell Looks Cannery, Whiting
Lopaus Point Road Loring Conant Preserve
Loring Cove, Perry Loring Memorial Park
Lower Damariscotta Lake--Pond Road Area Lower Goose Island
Lower Range Pond, Poland Spring Lower Village Park
Lt. Gordon Manuel WMA Lubec (town and wharfs)
Lubec Flats--Pike's Puddle and Mudflats Lubec Flats--South Lubec Sand Bar and Mudflats
Ludlow St. Pond Lynn Way
MacQuinn Road Quarry Macdonald Conservation Area/Readfield Town Forest
Machias Motor Inn Machias River Preserve (DCC)
Machias Seal Island Mackworth Flats
Mackworth Island Madawaska Boat Landing
Madawaska Bog Wildlife Management Area Madeleine Point
Madelyn Marx Preserve (KLT) and Bridle Path (south of Route 9) Madison-Anson Bridge
Maggie's Nature Park Magog Road Marsh, Searsmont
Magotty Meadow Brook Marsh Maguire Preserve (MCC)
Maiden Cliff Trail Mailly Waterfront Park, Bowdoinham
Main Street (Route 117), Hiram Village Maine Lakes Resource Center, Belgrade
Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Maine State Aquarium
Maine Visitor Information Center Maine Wildlife Park
Maine-ly Poultry, Warren Mallett Springs
Mann's Meadow (BHHT) Manson Park
Mantle Lake Park, Presque Isle Maple Grove Cemetery
Maple Hill Farm B&B (RESTRICTED ACCESS) Maple Juice Cove, Cushing
Maple St. Conservation Area & Town Forest Maquoit Bay Conservation Land, Brunswick
Maranacook Lake—State Route 41 boat launch Marblehead Boat Launch
Marginal Way, Ogunquit Mariners Park
Marlboro Beach, Lamoine Mars Hill Pond
Mars Hill--International Appalachian Trail Marsh River Bog Preserve (CRCT)
Marsh n. of Judson & Broadway, Bangor Marshall Point Lighthouse, Port Clyde
Marshwood Middle School Fields and Sturgeon Creek Marsh Martin Point Road
Martin Point Wildlife Reserve (MCC) Martin houses, Depot Road (private property)
Martin's Point, Portland Mary Grant Preserve (TRLT)
Masardis Public Boat Launch Mason Bay Conservation Area, Jonesboro
Massabesic Experimental Forest--Charles Swett Trail, Alfred Massabesic Experimental Forest--Ida Jim Rd., Alfred
Massabesic Experimental Forest--North Unit, Lyman Mast Cove, Kennebunkport
Mast Landing Bird Sanctuary, Freeport Matinicus Island
Matinicus Rock Mattanawcook Stream, Lincoln
Mattawamkeag River/Rte 11 Maxwell's Farm, Cape Elizabeth
Mayberry Hill Preserve Mayor Baxter Woods
McCain Farm, North Fields, Ft. Fairfield McClellan Park, Milbridge
McCoy-Gray Birch Backwoods Trail (MLT) McCrann Preserve (FLT), Falmouth
McCurdy Pond Road, Bremen McFarland Hill Delta, Ellsworth
McKown Point, Boothbay Harbor McLean Brook Mouth
McLelland-Poor Preserve (CMLT), Northport McNeill Road Turf Farm
Meadow Brook Preserve Meadow Brook on Green House Hill Road
Meadow Brook on Thompson Street Meadow Point, Raccoon Cove
Meadow Woods Preserve (KCT) Meadowbrook Forest
Mechanic Street Dam Medawisla Lodge and Cabins
Medford Road Wetland Memak Preserve (RRCT)
Mercy Pond, Portland Mere Creek Golf Course
Mere Point Boat Launch, Brunswick Merriland River--Coles Hills Rd.
Merrill Millstream Park Merrymeeting Bay
Merrymeeting Bay WMA--Wildes Road Parcel Merrymeeting Bay WMA--Wilmot Brook Parcel
Merrymeeting Fields Preserve (KELT) Merryspring Nature Park
Messalonskee Lake--boat ramp Messalonskee Lake--south end
Messalonskee Stream (West River Road) Messalonskee Stream Trail
Metinic Island Michael Michaud Walking And Biking Trail
Middle Goosefare Trail (SBT), Saco Middle Rd. Bridge, Presumpscot River
Middle River Park (DCC) Middle River Reservoir, Machias
Mill Brook Preserve (PRLT) Mill Brook Restoration Project
Mill Brook Road Boat Ramp Mill Creek Cove
Mill Creek Park Mill Creek, Machiasport
Mill Island Park Mill Park
Mill Pond Preserve (TNC), Arrowsic Mill Pond, East Machias
Mill Pond, Somesville Mill River Park
Mill St. Canoe Portage, Brunswick Mill Stream Conservation Area, Meadowbrook
Millinocket Municipal Airport Mingo Springs Golf Course Trails, Rangeley
Minot Community Trails Mistake Island
Mitchell Field (HRLT), South Harpswell Molasses Pond
Monhegan Island Monhegan-Hog Island boat trip (open waters only)
Monhegan-Port Clyde ferry (Knox Co. waters) Monhegan-Port Clyde ferry (Lincoln Co. waters)
Monroe Moody Beach
Moody Pond Moose Nature Trail, Bethel
Moose Point SP Moose Pond--North Basin
Moosehead Lake--East Outlet Moosehorn NWR, Baring Division
Moosehorn NWR, Baring Division--Bearce Lake Area Moosehorn NWR, Baring Division--Charlotte Road Boardwalk
Moosehorn NWR, Baring Division--Charlotte Road Observation Deck Moosehorn NWR, Baring Division--Cross Dike Road
Moosehorn NWR, Baring Division--Goodall Heath Road Moosehorn NWR, Baring Division--Headquarters Area
Moosehorn NWR, Baring Division--Railroad Marsh Walk Moosehorn NWR, Baring Division--Woodcock Trail
Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division
Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division--Beaver Marsh Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division--Bells Mountain
Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division--Crane Mill Road Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division--North Trail
Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division--North Trail West of Weir Road Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division--South Trail Wilderness
Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division--Timberdoodle Trail Moosehorn NWR, Edmunds Division--Youngs Cove
Mooselookmeguntic Lake Morgan Meadow WMA
Morong Cove-Butler Conservation Lands Morse Cove Boat Launch
Morse Mountain, Phippsburg Morse Pond Preserve (KELT)
Mosquito Harbor, Martinsville Moulton's Mill Preserve (SRLT), Unity
Mount Abraham Fire Warden's Trail Mount Agamenticus, York
Mount Blue High School XC Trails Mount Blue SP--Campground
Mount Blue SP--Mount Blue Trail Mount Chase Lodge
Mount David Mount Desert Campground
Mount Desert Island (please use more specific location if possible) Mount Desert Island High School
Mount Desert Narrows, Sullivan Bridge Mount Desert Rock
Mount Hope Cemetery Mount Kineo
Mount Pisgah Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Bangor
Mount Will Trail Mount Zircon Trailhead
Mountain Division Trail Mountain Division Trail--West
Mousam River Estuary Mousam River Wildlife Sanctuary (KLT), Kennebunk
Mousam River--Number One Pond Mousam Way South Trails--School Street
Mowry Beach Preserve (DCC) Moxie Falls Trail
Mt. Chase trail and summit Mt. Hope Cemetery
Mt. Katahdin Scenic Overlook Mud Creek Road
Muddy River WMA Murdock Lake
Muscongus Bay (waters only, please use specific locations for islands) Muscongus Sound
Muscovic Road Muskrat Pond, Medomak Village
Musquash Esker NWR: Benton Unit Sunkhaze Meadows NWR
Naples Causeway Narraguagus Bay
Narraguagus River Bridge, Milbridge Narraguagus River Mouth
Narraguagus River--Stillwater Narramissic River--Orland
Narramissic River--Upper Falls Road Narrows Pond Rd., Winthrop
Naskeag Peninsula, Brooklin Negutaquet River Conservation Area, North Berwick (GWRLT)
Negutaquit Nature Center Trails, North Berwick Nelson Nature Preserve
Neptune Woods Mountain Biking Trails (BTLT) Nequasset Lake & Brook
Nequasset Park, Town of Woolwich Nesowadnehunk Campground
New England Outdoor Center New Harbor, Bristol
New Harbor-Eastern Egg Rock Crossing (open waters ONLY. NOT!! Eastern Egg or New Harbor) New Harbor-Monhegan Ferry (open waters ONLY, not harbor or island)
New Meadows Marina, Brunswick New Meadows River Cove
New Meadows Road Farm Pond Newagen Village, Southport
Newbury Neck Road Newcomb Point
Newichawannock Woods Newman Cove
Nicatous Lake--North End No Name Pond, Sabattus
Nobleboro Boat Launch Nordic Heritage Center
North Bath North Berwick Rail and Utility Right of Way
North End Launch Facility, Bath North Falmouth Community Forest
North Gorham Pond North Haven Island
North Haven Island--Ames Knob North Haven Island--Charlie Brown’s Pond
North Haven Island--Cubby Hole North Haven Island--Mullen Head Park
North Haven Island--Narrow Place Beach North Haven Island--North Haven Landing
North Haven Island--Waterman Cove North Jay White Granite Park
North Pond Norway North River Road--Center St. to Memorial Bridge
North River Road--North of Memorial Bridge North St. Recreational Trail, Waterville
Northeast Creek, Bar Harbor Northeast Harbor
Northeast Penjajawoc Preserve (BLT) Northern Bay
Northern Headwaters Trail (MCC), Montville Norton Pond
Norway Drive and Crooked Road Fields Norwood Cove
Noyes Mountain Preserve Nubble Thickets
Number Nine Lake--Boat Launch Oak Grove Cemetery, Bath
Oak Lawn Cemetery Oak Point Farm (BRLT)
Oak Terrace Parking Area Ocean Avenue, Parsons Way
Ocean Harbor, Boothbay Ocean Point Path, Boothbay
Ocean Point Preserve (BRLT) Ocean Trail, Aldemere Farm (MCHT)
Oceanarium and Salt Pond Oceanwood Camp
Offshore Casco-Saco Bays Offshore Waters, York County
Ogunquit Beach Old Bath Rd. Powerline
Old Boston Preserve (GWRLT) Old County Road, Bristol
Old County Road, Stockton Springs Old Farm Point Shorefront Park
Old Hump Ledge Old Mill Pond, Phippsburg
Old Orchard Beach Old Orchard Beach Ballpark
Old Ridge Road Snowmobile Trail Old Route 9, Aurora
Old Sow Whirlpool Old Speck Mountain
Old Town House Park One Thousand Acre Heath
Oosoola Park, Norridgewock Orange River Conservation Preserve (DCC)
Ordway Grove, Norway Orland River--Gilpin Cove
Orono Bog Walk Orono High School Athletic Fields
Orr's Island Bridge Orrington Public Boat Launch
Orris Falls Conservation Area (GWRLT), South Berwick Osborn Finch Wildlife Sanctuary (CRCT)
Otter Brook Preserve (HHLT) Otter Island
Outer Green Island, Casco Bay Outlet Road, Poland
Ovens Mouth East Preserve (BRLT), Boothbay Ovens Mouth Preserve--West
Over Point, Steuben Owls Head
Owls Head Harbor Owls Head SP
Oxbow Beer Garden Trails Oxbow Preserve (KLT), Kennebunk
Oxbow Trail Oyster Creek
Oyster River Bog Trail Palermo Preserve (MCC)
Panther Pond Inlet from Pleasant Lake Paper Mill Trail & Androscoggin River Trail
Papoose Pond Paradis Avenue, Frenchville
Paradise Park Resort Campground Park in the Pines
Parker Head, Phippsburg Parker Headland Preserve, Kennebec Land Trust
Parker Pond Boat Launch Parlin Pond
Parsons Beach Passadumkeag
Passamaquoddy Sipayik Trail and Sweet Grass Field Patrick Lake
Patten Stream Preserve Payeur Preserve (GWRLT)
Payson Park Peaks Island
Peaks-Kenny SP Campground Pejepscot Fishing Park, Brunswick
Pemaquid Beach Pemaquid Harbor
Pemaquid Loop Road Pemaquid Point
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park Pemaquid Pond Preserve (CRCT)
Pemaquid River Landing Pemaquid River, Bristol
Penjajawoc Marsh Pennamaquan River
Pennellville Road, Brunswick Pennesseewassee Lake
Penny Lake Preserve (BRLT) Penobscot Experimental Forest
Penobscot Pond Penobscot River Boat Launch
Penobscot River Trails Penobscot River--4th Street Park Trails, Old Town
Penobscot River--Bucksport Perham Stream Birding Trail, Madrid (ATLT)
Perkins Arboretum, Colby College Perkins Cove, Ogunquit
Perkins Road Fields, Belfast Perkinstown Wildlife Commons (GWRLT)
Perley Mills Community Forest (LELT) Peter Brook Trail Preserve (BHHT)
Peters Pond Preserve (MCC) Peterson Lane, Brunswick
Petit Manan NWR Petit Manan NWR--Big Nash Island
Petit Manan NWR--Birch Point Trail Petit Manan NWR--Chair Pond
Petit Manan NWR--Hollingsworth Trail Petit Manan NWR--Jordan’s Delight Island (restricted access Apr-Aug)
Petit Manan NWR--Petit Manan Island Petit Manan NWR--Petit Manan Point
Pettengill Farm, Freeport Philbrick Trail
Phillips Cove Pigeon Hill Bay
Pigeon Hill Preserve (DCC) Piggery Road
Pike Lands (DCC) Pike Lands (DCC)--Cove Trail, Lubec
Pine Grove Park Trail Pine Grove Preserve
Pine Hill Preserve (IHT), Deer Isle Pine Island
Pine Point Beach Pine Point Beach--Ave. 5
Pine Point Beach--Jetty Pine Tree Preserve (BRLT)
Pineland Farms Piney Knoll Conservation Area
Pinkham Bay Pinkham's Flats Road-- Archer Brook
Piper Stream Preserve (CMLT) Pisgah Hill Preserve--Hill Loop Trail
Pittston Farm Plaisted Preserve
Pleasant Cove, Woolwich Pleasant Hill Preserve
Pleasant Hill Woods (FLT), Falmouth Pleasant Lake
Pleasant Lake Preserve, Stetson Pleasant Point Nature Preserve (GRLT), Cushing
Pleasant Point Park Pleasant Pond
Pleasant Pond Mountain, Caratunk Pleasant River Bridge
Plummer Point Preserve (CRCT) Plymouth Pond
Pollard Flat WMA, Masardis Pond Cove
Pond Farm WMA Pond Island
Pond Island NWR Pond Island Preserve (MCHT)
Pond behind Lowe's, Brunswick Pondicherry Park
Popham / Seawall ISS Area Popham Beach SP
Popham Harbor, Phippsburg Poplar Stream Falls Hut Trail, Carrabassett Valley
Pork Point Road, Bowdoinham Port Clyde Harbor
Portage Lake Portage Lake (NW branch)
Porter Preserve (BRLT) Portland Fish Pier
Portland Head Light Portland International Jetport
Portland Waterfront Pott's Point Preserve
Power line/railroad, Caribou Powerline Road
Pownalborough Courthouse Trail Pratt's Brook Park
Pray’s Brook Marsh (MCHT) Presque Isle
Presque Isle Landfill Presque Isle Mall
Presumpscot River Preserve Presumpscot River--Allen Avenue Extension Bridge
Presumpscot River--Westbrook Presumpscot River--Windham
Presumpscot Street Marsh, Portland Pride Preserve
Pringle Wildlife Preserve Prong Pond
Prospect Harbor Parking Spot Prospect Harbor Point
Prout's Pond, Scarborough Prouts Neck, Scarborough
Puddledock Pond, Fort Fairfield Purgatory Drive powerline cut, Litchfield
Purinton Homestead Preserve (ALT) Pushaw Lake--Gould's Landing
Quarry Hill Preserve and MVLT Founders Preserve Quarry Road Recreation Area, Waterville
Quietside Campground, Tremont Quill Hill, Dallas Plantation
Quoddy Head SP Rabbit Path at Power Line Crossing
Race Point Rachel Carson NWR--Atlantic Way Trail
Rachel Carson NWR--Batson River Marsh/Tidal Flats Rachel Carson NWR--Bourne Avenue
Rachel Carson NWR--Brave Boat Harbor Rachel Carson NWR--Brave Boat Harbor Beach
Rachel Carson NWR--Carson Trail and Headquarters Rachel Carson NWR--Cutt's Island Trail
Rachel Carson NWR--Furbish Road Rachel Carson NWR--Goosefare Brook
Rachel Carson NWR--Granite Point Rd. Rachel Carson NWR--Timber Point Trail
Rachel Carson Salt Pond Preserve (TNC) Ragged Mountain Preserve (CMLT), Rockport
Rangeley Lake SP Rangeley Lake SP--Campground
Rangeley Lakes Trails Center Rangeley Town Cove Park
Raymond & Simone Savage Wildlife Preserve Raymond Pond
Reach Beach and Salt Pan Red Bridge, E. Orrington
Red Point Nature Preserve Red Rose Preserve (KELT)
Reef Point Preserve (MCC) Reflector (Cyr) Road--Cyr Plt
Reid SP, Georgetown Reid SP--Griffith Head
Reid SP--Half Mile Beach Reid SP--Ice Pond
Reid SP--Little River Reid SP--Mile Beach
Reid SP--Todd's Point Beach Area Reid SP--Todd's Point Picnic Area
Reid SP--Toddlers Lagoon Reversing Falls Park, Pembroke
Reynolds Marsh Overlook (DCC) Rice Farm Road
Rich Memorial Beach Parking Richardson Memorial Preserve (SRLT)
Richmond Bridge Richmond Island, Cape Elizabeth
Richmond Waterfront Park Rines Wetland and Wildlife Preserve (SRLT)
Ripley Creek Ripley Neck Flats, Addison
Ripogenus Dam Rista Road
River Bend Farm (restricted access) River Point Conservation Area, Falmouth
River Road Powerline Cutout River Road, Richmond
River-Walk, Summer Street River-de-Chute, Easton
RiverWalk at Head of Falls Riverbank Park, Westbrook
Riverbend Campground Riverbrook Preserve (MCC)
Riverfront Woods Preserve Riverside Bicentennial Park
Riverside Cemetery, Lewiston Riverside Golf Course (**winter only trail**)
Riverside Park, Fort Kent Riverside Park, Ft. Fairfield
Riverton Interurban Trail Riverton Trolley Park
Riverview Hayfields Preserve (GRLT) Robbins Hill Recreation Area
Robbins Mill Stream, Rome Robbinston Red Beach--Boat Launch
Robbinston Red Beach--Mill Cove Roberts Farm Preserve (WFLT), Norway
Roberts and Little Roberts Islands Robinhood Cove--South
Robinhood Marina Robinson Rd. Reservoir, Blaine
Robinson Woods Preserve, Cape Elizabeth Rock Haven Lake (Adams Pond)
Rockland Airport Rockland Harbor
Rockland Harbor--Breakwater Rockland Harbor--Fales Street
Rockland Harbor--Piers Rockland Harbor--Snow Marine Park
Rockland--Chickawaukie Pond Rockland-North Haven Ferry (open waters only)
Rockland-Vinalhaven Ferry (open waters only) Rockport Harbor
Rockwood Waterfront Rocky Hills Preserve (GWRLT) and Eliot Town Forest
Rogers Neck Bridge, Phippsburg Rogers Pond Park
Roll Dam Campground Romer Farms, Bar Harbor Road
Roque Bluffs SP Rosmarin and Saunders Family Forest - KLT Property
Ross Island Ross Mountain Road
Rossmore and Mere Point Roads, Brunswick Rotary Centennial Trail
Rotary Park Trails, Kennebunkport Rotary Park, Biddeford
Rotary Park, Kennebunk Round Mountain Trail
Round Pond, Bristol Route 11 Masardis-Knoles Corner
Route 17 Overlook, Rangeley Royal River Park, Yarmouth
Rte 1A Harrington River Bridge Ruffingham Meadow WMA
Rumford White Cap Runaround Pond (RRCT), Durham
Runaway Farm (CELT) Russell Rd. Ponds, Ft. Fairfield
Rustlewood Farm (KLT) Rusty Lantern Market
Sabattus Mountain Trailhead Sabattus Pond
Sabattus Pond--Martin Point Park Sabattus Pond--North End
Sabattus Pond--South End Sabattus Pond--West Side
Saccarappa Cemetery Saco Heath
Saco River Inlet Saco River Walk
Saco River below Route 1 Saddleback Mountain
Sagadahoc Bay, Georgetown Saint Croix River Launch Point
Saint Croix River--Lake Spednic Saint Croix River--Lewis Cove
Saint Croix River--Mill Cove Saint Croix River--Porters Meadows and Smoking Rivers Outfitters
Saint George River, Warren Saint Peter's Cemetery, Lewiston
Salmon Brook Lake Bog, Perham Salmon Falls Reserve (TRLT)
Salmon Lake Rd., Perham Salt Bay Heritage Trail (CRCT)
Salt Marsh, East Machias Salt Marsh, Machias
Salt Pond Preserve (FBC) Sam Day Hill Road, Phippsburg
Sam Ristich Nature Trail, North Yarmouth Sand Beach Road Overlook
Sand Beach, Stonington Sand Pond Area
Sand Pond Road Area, Limington Sanders Hill Trail, Kennebec Highlands (BRCA)
Sandy Cove, Harrington Sandy Point Beach Park and Trails
Sandy Point WMA, Stockton Springs Sandy Point, Cousins Island
Sandy Pond Sandy River Drainage
Sandy River Floodplain, Farmington Sandy River Road, Norridgewock
Sanford Community Forest (TRLT) Sanford Cove, Roque Bluffs
Sanford Lagoons (open Mon. - Fri., 8 am - 3 pm, closed weekends and holidays) Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport
Saponac Pond (north end) Saunders Preserve (BRLT)
Sawyer Cove, Jonesport Sawyer Mountain Highlands (FSHT)--Limerick Trailhead
Sawyer Mountain Highlands (FSHT)--Limington Trailhead Saxl Park
Scammon Pond--Northwest End Scantum Basin and Jeffries Basin
Scarborough Beach SP Scarborough Land Trust Observation Deck
Scarborough Marsh Scarborough Marsh--Behind Clambake Restaurant
Scarborough Marsh--Catherine Drive Scarborough Marsh--Dunstan Landing
Scarborough Marsh--Eastern Trail Scarborough Marsh--Eastern Trail Pannes
Scarborough Marsh--Gervais Farm Scarborough Marsh--Jones Creek
Scarborough Marsh--Libby River Scarborough Marsh--Mill Brook
Scarborough Marsh--Nature Center Scarborough Marsh--Nonesuch River
Scarborough Marsh--Pelreco Building Scarborough Marsh--Pine Point
Scarborough Marsh--Route 1 Pannes Scarborough Marsh--Seavey's Landing
Scarborough Marsh--Winnock's Neck Scarborough River Wildlife Sanctuary
Schoodic Beach--Donnell Pond Public Land Schoodic Bog Preserve (FBC)
Schoodic Island (restricted access) Schoodic Mountain
Schoppee Point, Roque Bluffs Scopan Lake Boat Launch
Scoter Hole Scott's Landing Preserve (IHT), Deer Isle
Sea Dog Brewing Co., Topsham Seabright Park and Trail
Seal Cove Picnic Area Seal Cove Shore Preserve (CRCT), South Bristol
Seal Cove, South Bristol Seal Harbor
Seal Island NWR (island vicinity ONLY) Seapoint Beach
Seapoint Road, Chauncey Creek and Raynes Island Sears Island
Searsport Harbor and Mosman Park Seawall Beach, Phippsburg
Seawall Point, Southwest Harbor Seawall Road
Seawards Mills Conservation Area - KLT Sebago Lake Basin--White's Bridge
Sebago Lake Land Preserve Sebago Lake State Park
Sebago to the Sea Trail, Westbrook Sebago to the Sea Trailhead
Sebasco, Phippsburg Sebasticook Lake
Sebasticook Lake--Camp Benson Rd. Sebasticook Lake--County Woods Rd
Sebasticook Lake--Durham Bridge Sebasticook Lake--East Branch Sebasticook River pullout
Sebasticook Lake--West End Seboeis River Trail
Secret Cranberry Fairy Trail Secret Garden Preserve (KLT), Kennebunk
Sedgeunkedunk Fishway Seguin Island
Settlement Quarry Preserve (IHT) Sewall Woods (KELT)
Sewell Pond, Arrowsic Shaker Woods Reserve Trail
Shaw Cherry Hill Farm Trails Shawmut Dam, Kennebec River
Sheepscot River Shepard's Farm Preserve
Shepardson Brook Sherman Lake, Newcastle
Sherwood Forest Conservation Area (ALT) Shin Pond Village and campground
Ship Island (restricted access) Shipyard Cove, Machiasport
Shirley Bog Shirt Tail Point Park
Shore Acres Preserve (IHT), Deer Isle Shoreline Drive Falmouth
Short Sand Beach Sides Preserve (CMLT)
Sidney Grasslands Silver (Mattakeunk) Lake
Simon Trail (FBC) Simpson's Point Landing, Brunswick
Sinclair Wastewater Treatment Plant road Singing Meadow Preserve (BRLT)
Sipp Bay Preserve (MCHT), Perry Six Mile Checkpoint, North Maine Woods
Sklar Park Skolfield Shores Preserve (HHLT), Harpswell
Skowhegan Sly Brook ATV Trail
Small Hardy Road Fields Small Point Marsh, Phippsburg
Small Point, Phippsburg Small-Burnham Conservation Area (KLT)
Smalls Falls Rest Area Smart Cemetery
Smelt Brook Preserve, York (YLT) Smiling Hill Farm
Smithereen Blueberry Field Smithfield Plantation
Smutty Lane, Saco Snow Pond Community Trails
Snow's Cove Sanctuary (BHHT) Sokokis Lake
Somes-Meynell Wildlife Sanctuary--North Trails Somes-Meynell Wildlife Sanctuary--Somes Pond
Somes-Meynell Wildlife Sanctuary--South Trails Sousa Preserve (TRLT)
South Addison South Arm Campground Area
South Bay Road, Hog Bay South Blue Hill Wharf
South Branch Trail South Bristol
South End Beach South End Launch Facility, Bath
South Freeport Boat Landing South White Road, Washburn
Southern Maine Community College Campus Center Southwest Harbor
Southwest Harbor and Sunset, Deer Isle Spear Farm Estuary Preserve
Speck Pond Trail Spectacle Island Preserve (BRLT)
Spillover Motel, Stratton Spinney Creek Causeway
Spirit Pond Preserve Sprague Pond Preserve (PLT), Phippsburg
Spring Brook WMA Spring Hill Road Pond
Spring Lake Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, South Portland
Springbrook Farm, Cumberland (restricted access) Springvale Riverside Cemetery
Spruce Creek and Ram Island Spruce Head, South Thomaston
Spruce Mountain Conservation Area (ALT) Sprucehead Island Bridge
Spurwink Church Cemetery, Cape Elizabeth Spurwink Marsh at Sawyer Road
Spurwink River Crossing Spurwink River--Lower
Squapan Hydro Rd Square Pond
Squirrel Island, Southport St. Agatha
St. Joseph's Cemetery, Biddeford St. Mary's Brook Rd
Stan's Road, Madawaska Lake Twp Starboard Cove, Machiasport
Starr and Virginia Lampson Preserve (MCHT) Steep Falls Village Preserve
Step Falls Preserve (TNC), Newry Stephen Phillips Preserve
Stetser Preserve (MCC) Steuben Harbor
Stillwater river trail Stockholm - Van Buren Path
Stockholm Historical Fire Tower Trail Stockton Harbor and Mill Cove Tidal Flats
Stone Barn Farm (MCHT) Stone Dump, Tremont
Stover's Point Preserve (HHLT), Harpswell Straits of Alliquippa, Phippsburg
Stratton Island Stream House
Stroudwater Crossing, Fore River Stroudwater Street Fields, Westbrook
Stroudwater Trail, Portland Stroudwater to Smiling Hill Farm Trail
Stud Mill Road Stump Pond WMA
Suckfish Brook Conservation Area (FLT), Falmouth Sugarloaf Mountain
Sugarloaf Mountain Sugarloaf Outdoor Center
Sugarloaf Snowfluent Pools (restricted access) Suminsby Park and Sargent Drive
Sunday River Ski Resort Sunkhaze Meadows NWR
Sunkhaze Meadows NWR--County Rd. Sunkhaze Meadows NWR--Johnson Brook Trail
Sunkhaze Meadows NWR--St Regis Rd. Sunset Point Campground, Harrington
Sunset Point Campground, Lubec Sunshine Road Causeway
Surry Forest (BHHT) Surry Hill (KLT)
Surry Town Wharf Sutton Island
Swan Island Swans Island
Sweet Pea Farm Swift River Walking Trail
Sysladobsis Lake Boat Launch Taft Point Preserve Frenchman Bay (FBC)
Tanglewood 4H camp Tannery Brook Park
Tarbox Preserve (BTLT) Tatnic Woods Preserve (TNC)
Taylor Bait Farm Taylor Road, Albion
Telos Road Tenmile River Demonstration Forest
The Basin, Phippsburg The Bluebird Motel
The Great Heath The Milkhouse Farmstore
The Mountain Trail, Rome (BRCA) The Pines, Father Rasle Road
The Ponds at Locke Mills The Thrumcap
Third Roach Pond Thomas Knight Park, South Portland
Thomas Park Thomas Point Beach
Thomaston Green Thomaston Waterfront
Thompson Point, Portland Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary, Lewiston
Thorndike Rainbow Valley (permission required) Thorne Head Preserve (KELT), Bath
Thornhurst Farm Thousand Acre Bog (Crystal)
Three Fathom Ledge Three Pines Bird Sanctuary, Bar Harbor
Thuya Garden Tidal Falls Preserve (FBC), Hancock
Tide Mill Creek Conservation Land (DCC) Tidewater Farm, Falmouth
Tilton Homestead Wildlife Commons Tilton Pond
Tiptoe Mountain Park Titcomb Mountain
Todd Wildlife Sanctuary, Bremen Toddy Pond--North End
Toddy Pond--South End Togus VA trails
Tom Settlemire Community Garden (BTLT) Topsham Fair Mall Road Tract
Topsham Recreation Path Torsey Lake (southern end)
Torsey Pond Nature Preserve, Readfield Tottman Cove, Phippsburg
Town Landing Road, Bath Town Landing Trail
Town Landing, Damariscotta Townsend Gut, Boothbay Harbor
Tracy Shore Preserve (CRCT) Trafton Lake
Trails at Falmouth Corners Trenton Community Trail
Trolley Marsh Preserve (GRLT) Trout Brook Nature Preserve (SPLT), South Portland
Trout Brook Preserve, Alna (MCC) Troy Howard Middle School
True Park Trundy Point
Tuckahoe Preserve, Berwick Tumbledown Dick Mountain
Tumbledown Mountain Tunk Mountain Trailhead
Turkey Hill Farm (CELT) Twin Brook Recreation Area
Two Lights SP Tyler Brook Preserve (KCT), Kennebunkport
Umcolcus Deadwater Umsaskis Lake
Union River Bridge Union Street Boat Landing
Union Wharf, Portland Unity College Nature Trails
Unity Pond University Park
University of Maine Farmington Campus University of Maine at Machias
University of Maine--Bike Path University of Maine--Bike Path (North)
University of Maine--Dwight Demeritt Forest University of Maine--Dwight Demeritt Forest (east access)
University of Maine--J. Franklin Witter Teaching & Research Center University of Maine--Littlefield Garden
University of Maine--Orono campus (general area) University of Maine--Steam Plant Lot and Trails
University of Maine--athletic fields University of Maine--corn field
University of New England--Jordan Point University of Southern Maine--Gorham Campus
Upper & Lower Wass Coves, Harrington Upper Cathance River
Upper Mason Pond Upper New Meadows River
Upper Richardson Lake, Oquossoc Uppermost Hog Bay at Route 200 and Card Mill Stream
Valentine Farm Conservation Center Van Buren Boat Launch
VanBuren-Stockholm Bike Trail Vassalboro Wildlife Habitat (KLT)
Vaughan Woods SP Vaughan Woods, Hallowell
Vaughn Island (KCT), Kennebunkport Veazie Street and Historic Dam site
Veterans Park, Milo Viles Arboretum
Village Crossings Village Road, Smithfield
Vinalhaven Vinalhaven--Carvers Pond
Vinalhaven--Fox Rocks (hawk watch) Vinalhaven--Huber Preserve (MCHT)
Vinalhaven--Lane's Island Preserve (TNC) Vinalhaven--Old Harbor and Pond
Vinalhaven--Starboard Rock Vinalhaven--State Beach
Vinalhaven--The Basin Vinalhaven--Village
Vinalhaven--Waters to South (crossings only, NOT Seal Island) Vining Lake
Violette Lake Trails Virginia Lake
Wainwright Field, South Portland Wakefield Wildlife Sanctuary (KLT)
Waldoboro Town Landing Waldoboro Village River Park
Waldoboro-Dutch Neck Landing Walker Brook Campsite on St. John River
Walnut Hill Preserve (TRLT) Walsh Preserve, Cousin’s River Marsh
Walton's Mill Pond Park Warren Woods Trails (SLT)
Washburn Flats Washington Pond
Water treatment ponds Waterboro Barrens Preserve (TNC)
Waterboro Barrens Preserve (TNC)--Shapleigh Waterhouse Brook Trail
Webber-Rogers Conservation Area Weber Kelly Preserve (KELT)
Webster Park Wells Barrens Preserve (TNC)
Wells Beach Wells Harbor--Marshes and Beach
Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve--Deptula Lane Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve--Mile Road
Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve--Ox Cart Lane (closed to public) Wells Pollution Control Facility
Wells Reserve at Laudholm Wells Road, Cape Elizabeth
Wescustogo Park Weskeag Marsh
West Branch Pond Camps West Branch Preserve (MCC)
West Carrying Place Cove, Harrington West Kennebago Mountain
West Penjajawoc Grasslands (BLT) West Point, Phippsburg
West Pond West Road
West Shirley Bog West Side Road, Cross Lake
West Side Trail West Side Trail--Cousins Island
West Side Trail--Hillside Avenue Section West Street Extension Swamp
Westbrook City Forest Westbrook River Link Trail
Westbrook Skate Park Trail Westbrook Street Fire Pond, South Thomaston
Western Beach, Scarborough Western Cemetery, Portland
Western Head Preserve (MCHT), Cutler Western Promenade, Portland
Westons Beach Wetland behind 37 Route 236
Whaleback Shell Midden, Damariscotta Wharf Road, Cousins Island
Wharton Point, Brunswick Wheeler Wildlife Refuge, York
Whiskeag Creek, Bath Whistle Stop Rail Trail--West Farmington
Whitcomb Road, Passagassawakeag River Bridge White Mountain NF--Albany Brook Trail
White Mountain NF--Albany Mountain Trail White Mountain NF--Caribou Mountain, Caribou West and Mud Brook Trails
White Mountain NF--Crocker Pond Campground White Mountain NF--Evans Notch Overlook
White Mountain NF--Evans Notch trailheads White Mountain NF--Hastings Campground
White Mountain NF--Highwater Trail White Mountain NF--Speckled Mountain Trailhead
White Mountain NF--The Roost Trail Whitefield Salmon Preserve (MCC)
Whiting Area Whitten Hill Trail (MCC), Montville
Widgeon Cove Trail on Dunning Farm Easement Wight Heath, Blue Hill
Wild Bird Center of Yarmouth (closed) Wilhelm Reich Trails
Wilkinson Park Willard Beach
William A. Bray Memorial Park, South Berwick William Island Flats, Edmunds
William Muscovic Public Landing, Square Lake Williamsburg Forest
Willowdale Golf Course Ponds, Scarborough Wilson Cove Trail on Charles Norton Easement
Wilson Stream Family Practice, Farmington Wilson Wing Moose Pond Bog Preserve (GLLT)
Wilsons Mills Road Windham Shopping District
Windsor Neck Cemetery Wing Farm, West Bath
Winnegance Bay Winnegance Creek Causeway
Winnick Woods, Greenbelt Trail Winslow Memorial Park
Winslows Mills Fields (view from road) Winter Harbor
Winter Harbor--Grindstone Point Winter Harbor--Sand Cove
Wiscasset Airport Wiscasset Boat Landing
Wiscasset Water Plant Witch Island Sanctuary (CRCT), South Bristol
Witherle Woods (MCHT) Witt Swamp Preserve
Wolfe's Neck Farm, Freeport Wolfe's Neck Woods SP
Wonderbrook Park (KLT) Wood Island
Woodbury Pond Park Woodland Bog
Woodlawn and Saint Hyacinth's Cemeteries Woodruff Cove, Machiasport
Woodstock-Bucks and Lapham Ledges Hiking Trail Woodward Point Preserve
Wreck Island YMCA Outdoor Education Center, Auburn
Yarmouth Town Landing York County Community College, Wells
York Golf and Tennis Club York Harbor
York Harbor Beach and Hartley Mason Reserve York Harbor Cliff Walk
York Housing Village Walking Paths York Land Trust Headquarters
York and Kittery Water District--Blue Trail York's Wild Kingdom
Zak Preserve (BRLT), Boothbay stakeout Black-headed Grosbeak, Mt Desert (2020)
stakeout Black-throated Sparrow, Winter Harbor (2016) stakeout Broad-tailed Hummingbird, Freeport (Nov-Dec 2022) [imprecise]
stakeout Bullock's Oriole, Westbrook (2023) stakeout Bullock's Oriole--Central St, Camden (2016-2017)
stakeout Bullock's Oriole--Spring Hill Ln, Freeport (2020) stakeout Bullock’s Oriole--Cross St, Camden (2019-2020)
stakeout Chuck-will's-widow--Valley Rd., Orland (2018-2020) stakeout Eastern Screech-Owl, York (2016)
stakeout Fieldfare, Newcastle (2017) stakeout Harris’s Sparrow, Levant (2019-2020)
stakeout Harris’s Sparrow, Turner (2023) stakeout Henslow’s Sparrow, Brunswick (2022)
stakeout King Rail--Eldridge Road, Wells (2016-2018) stakeout Lark Sparrow, Winslow (2016-17)
stakeout Red-headed Woodpecker, Southwest Harbor (2018) stakeout Roseate Spoonbill, Sebec (2018)
stakeout Rufous Hummingbird (2020) Access: tinyurl.com/2020ruhu stakeout Rufous Hummingbird, Dayton (Oct-Nov 2022) [imprecise--permission required]
stakeout Townsend’s Warbler, Cape Elizabeth (Jan 2022) stakeout Western Tanager, Kennebunk (2014-15)
stakeout Western Tanager--Annis Road, Camden (2021) stakeout Yellow-headed Blackbird--Ireland Ave./Nokomis Rd., Corinna (2021)