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New York
112th St. Bridge, Troy 13th Lake Rd. & Peaked Mtn. Trail
17c Sports Complex 1st and 2nd Ponds and Vicinity
26th Ward Wastewater Treatment Plant 5 Points Rd. and Honeoye Falls 6 Rd., swamp
A.J. Snyder Field ADM Pond, Hudson
Aardvark Park Rugby Pitch, Henrietta Abbey of the Genesee
Abe Mattison Millrace Park Abel's Pond, Verbank
Abingdon Square Park Abraham Lincoln Park
Accabonac Harbor Adirondack Interpretive Center
Adirondack Lake Adirondack Mountain Reserve--Lake Rd.
Adirondak Loj Admirals Marina
Adventureland (Suffolk Co.) Afton Lake
Agatha A. Durland Scout Reservation Agawam Lake
Aiello Park Airport Rd. pond, Deposit
Airport Rd., Downsville Alander Mt. trail (from NY side)
Albany International Airport--Sicker Rd. eastern side Albany International Airport--Southern end
Albany Pine Bush Preserve Albany Pine Bush Preserve--Blueberry Hill East and West
Albany Pine Bush Preserve--Great Dune Albany Pine Bush Preserve--Hunger Kill Barrens
Albany Pine Bush Preserve--Karner Barrens East Albany Pine Bush Preserve--Karner Barrens West
Albany Pine Bush Preserve--Kings Highway Barrens Albany Pine Bush Preserve--Madison Ave. Pinelands
Albany Pine Bush Preserve--Rapp Barrens Albany Pine Bush Preserve--Truax Trail Barrens
Albany Rd. woods, Clayville Albany Rural Cemetery
Albert Family Community Forest Albert J. Woodford Memorial SF
Albert J. Woodford Memorial SF--Chittning Pond Albert Wisner Library
Albion WTP Alcoa Ponds, Haverstock Rd.
Alcott's Pond Alcove Reservoir
Alden Town Park Alder Bottom WMA
Alder Creek, Town of Schroon Alderbrook Pool
Alexander Bald Eagle Nest Alfred Z. Solomon Grassland Bird Viewing Area
Algonquin Peak Alice Austen Park
Alison Wells Ney Nature Trail, Bliss Rd.-Thayer Rd. Allan H. Treman State Marine Park--Marina
Allegany River Rest Area (I-86 Westbound) Allegany River, Old Rt. 17
Allegany SP Allegany SP--Administration Building
Allegany SP--Art Roscoe Trails Allegany SP--Bear Caves
Allegany SP--Beehunter Trail Allegany SP--Black Snake Mt. Trail
Allegany SP--Bova area Allegany SP--Bridal Falls
Allegany SP--Cain Hollow Campground Allegany SP--Camp Allegany
Allegany SP--Dead End Rd. & Overlook Allegany SP--Eastwood Meadows Trail
Allegany SP--France Brook Rd. Allegany SP--Holts Run Rd.
Allegany SP--Hwy 86 to Red House Lake Allegany SP--Osgood Trail
Allegany SP--Quaker Lake Allegany SP--Quaker Run
Allegany SP--Quaker Sports Fields Allegany SP--Red House Bike Loop
Allegany SP--Red House Campground Allegany SP--Red House Lake
Allegany SP--Red House Maintenance Area, S Mtn Rd. Allegany SP--Science Lake
Allegany SP--Thunder Rocks Allegany SP--Tornado Trail
Allegany SP--Wolf Run Rd. Allegheny Reservoir at Bone Run Rd.
Allen Lake Allen Lake SF
Allen Lake SF--Hidden Falls Trail Allen Park, Jamestown
Allen Preserve Allenberg Bog Audubon Preserve
Allendale Columbia School Allentown Ln. x Windward Ct. Waterfront
Alley Pond Park Alley Pond Park--Alley Creek
Alley Pond Park--Brooklyn-Queens Greenway Alley Pond Park--Environmental Center
Alley Pond Park--Forever Wild area incl. 3 vernal ponds Alley Pond Park--LIE (CIP Intersection)
Alley Pond Park--Little Alley Pond Alley Pond Park--Oakland Lake
Alley Pond Park--Restoration Area Alley Pond Park--Restoration Pond
Alley Pond Park--Tulip Tree Trail Almond Lake
Alpine Inn, Oliverea Alpine Junction Wetland (The Wetland Trust)
Alpine Osteria Bed & Breakfast Altona Flat Rock
Altona Flat Rock--Dam Area Alverna Heights (Sisters of St. Francis)
Amagansett NWR Amawalk Reservoir
Amawalk Reservoir, boat launch no. 5 Amazon Drainage Ponds
Amboy 4-H Environmental Education Center American Venice, Copiague
Amherst Bike Path Amherst SP (formerly Glen Park)
Amity Lake Amityville (Suffolk Co.)
Ampersand Mt. Ampersand Mtn and Middle Saranac Lake
Amsterdam Beach Preserve, Montauk Amy Lemaire Woods Preserve
Amy's Park Anchor Diamond Park
Ancient Oaks Trail -- CATS Andreoli Park and Gibbs Pond
Andrew Gray Rd. Andrew Haight Rd.
Andrew R. Fuller Recreational Park Andrews Rd., feeder canal
Angelica Landfill Angle Fly Preserve
Ann Lee Pond Anna Mae Bacon Bird Sanctuary
Anne V. Pickard Memorial Wildlife Overlook Annsville Creek
Anthony F. Veteran Park Apollo Plaza, Monticello
Appalachian Trail, Pawling Aqua Lane Park, Town of Tonawanda WTP
Aqua Lane Park--Sheridan Boat Launch Aquaterra Park
Arbutus Creek Bluebelt Arbutus Lake
Arbutus Woods Park Arcadia Village T Virgil
Archer Vly, DEC easement lands Arden Ave. Beach
Arden Heights Woods Areskonk Creek, Moriches Bay
Argyle Lake Armbrust Rd., Strykersville
Armitage Rd. and Rt. 89 field Armitage Road, fields and impoundments (Seneca Co.)
Armitage Road, fields and impoundments (Wayne Co.) Armitage Road, forested area (Seneca Co.)
Armitage Road, forested area (Wayne Co.) Arnold Park
Arnold Rd. Arnot Forest (Schuyler Co.)
Arnot Forest (Tompkins Co.) Arnot Forest--Banfield Rd.
Arnot Forest--Field Campus Arnot Forest--Irish Hill
Arnot Forest--Plots at Irish Hill and Morrell Rds Arrowhead Park
Arrowhead Trail Arrowwood Dr. trails
Arshamomaque Pond Preserve Arshamomaque Preserve
Art Farm Trail -- CATS Arthur H. Kunz County Park
Arthur J. Hendrickson Park Arthur Ketchum Sanctuary
Arthur Von Briesen Park Arthur W. Butler Sanctuary
Artist Lake Ascension Garden Pond
Asharoken Beach Park Ashford Glen Preserve
Ashford Park Ashland Flats WMA
Ashland Flats WMA--RR access Ashland Flats WMA--dike
Ashland Toll Bridge Park Ashley Schiff Forest Preserve
Ashokan Promenade Ashokan Rail Trail
Ashokan Reservoir Ashokan Reservoir, Basin Rd.
Ashokan Reservoir, Dike Rd. Ashokan Reservoir, Frying Pan
Astoria Park Atlantic Ave. Town Park
Atlantic Beach (village, beach & bay) Atlantic Double Dunes Preserve
Atlantic Point Apartments, North Bellport Attica Reservoir (Wyoming Co.)
Atwater Rd. Auburn Run, Victor
Auburn Trail X Lehigh Valley Trail, Victor Auburn Trail X Rawson Rd., Victor
Auburn Trail, E of Proximity Lane Auburn Trail, E. Victor Rd.
Auburn Trail, S of Railroad Mills Audubon Community Nature Center
Auger Falls Loop Aurora Bay boathouse
Aurora High Banks (MacKenzie-Childs bluffs) Aurora Post Office
Aurora--Paines Creek mouth Ausable Marsh WMA
Ausable Marsh WMA--Ausable Marsh Ausable Marsh WMA--Ausable Point
Ausable Marsh WMA--Ausable Point Campground Ausable Marsh WMA--Ausable Point Rd.
Austin Nichols House Avalanche Lake Trail
Avalon Gardens and East Farm Preserve Avalon Park and Preserve
AviCor1 AviCor10
AviCor11 AviCor12
AviCor13 AviCor14
AviCor15 AviCor16
AviCor17 AviCor18
AviCor19 AviCor2
AviCor20 AviCor21
AviCor22 AviCor23
AviCor24 AviCor25
AviCor26 AviCor27
AviCor28 AviCor29
AviCor3 AviCor30
AviCor4 AviCor5
AviCor6 AviCor7
AviCor8 AviCor9
AviTom31 AviTom32
AviTom33 AviTom34
AviTom35 AviTom36
AviTom37 AviTom38
AviTom39 AviTom40
AviTom41 AviTom42
AviTom43 AviTom44
AviTom45 AviTom46
AviTom47 AviTom48
AviTom49 AviTom50
AviTrail100a - 11 pts AviTrail100b - 12 pts
AviTrail100c - 13 pts AviTrail100d - 14 pts
AviTrail100e - 15 pts AviTrail101a - 11 pts
AviTrail101b - 12 pts AviTrail101c - 13 pts
AviTrail101d - 14 pts AviTrail101e - 15 pts
AviTrail102a - 11 pts AviTrail102b - 12 pts
AviTrail102c - 13 pts AviTrail102d - 14 pts
AviTrail102e - 15 pts AviTrail103a - 13 pts
AviTrail103b - 13 pts AviTrail103c - 13 pts
AviTrail103d - 13 pts AviTrail103e - 13 pts
AviTrail104a - 11 pts AviTrail104b - 12 pts
AviTrail104c - 13 pts AviTrail104d - 14 pts
AviTrail104e - 15 pts AviTrail105a - 11 pts
AviTrail105b - 12 pts AviTrail105c - 13 pts
AviTrail105d - 14 pts AviTrail105e - 15 pts
AviTrail10a - 13 pts AviTrail10b - 13 pts
AviTrail10c - 13 pts AviTrail10d - 13 pts
AviTrail10e - 13 pts AviTrail11a - 11 pts
AviTrail11b - 12 pts AviTrail11c - 13 pts
AviTrail11d - 14 pts AviTrail11e - 15 pts
AviTrail12a - 11 pts AviTrail12b - 12 pts
AviTrail12c - 13 pts AviTrail12d - 14 pts
AviTrail12e - 15 pts AviTrail13a - 11 pts
AviTrail13b - 12 pts AviTrail13c - 13 pts
AviTrail13d - 14 pts AviTrail13e - 15 pts
AviTrail14a - 11 pts AviTrail14b - 12 pts
AviTrail14c - 13 pts AviTrail14d - 14 pts
AviTrail14e - 15 pts AviTrail15a - 11 pts
AviTrail15b - 12 pts AviTrail15c - 13 pts
AviTrail15d - 14 pts AviTrail15e - 15 pts
AviTrail16a - 13 pts AviTrail16b - 13 pts
AviTrail16c - 13 pts AviTrail16d - 13 pts
AviTrail16e - 13 pts AviTrail17a - 13 pts
AviTrail17b - 13 pts AviTrail17c - 13 pts
AviTrail17d - 13 pts AviTrail17e - 13 pts
AviTrail18a - 11 pts AviTrail18b - 12 pts
AviTrail18c - 13 pts AviTrail18d - 14 pts
AviTrail18e - 15 pts AviTrail19a - 11 pts
AviTrail19b - 12 pts AviTrail19c - 13 pts
AviTrail19d - 14 pts AviTrail19e - 15 pts
AviTrail1a - 13 pts AviTrail1b - 13 pts
AviTrail1c - 13 pts AviTrail1d - 13 pts
AviTrail1e - 13 pts AviTrail20/21a - 13 pts
AviTrail20b - 13 pts AviTrail20c - 13 pts
AviTrail20d - 13 pts AviTrail20e - 13 pts
AviTrail21b - 13 pts AviTrail21c - 13 pts
AviTrail21d - 13 pts AviTrail21e - 13 pts
AviTrail22a - 11 pts AviTrail22b - 12 pts
AviTrail22c - 13 pts AviTrail22d - 14 pts
AviTrail22e - 15 pts AviTrail23a - 13 pts
AviTrail23b - 13 pts AviTrail23c - 13 pts
AviTrail23d - 13 pts AviTrail23e - 13 pts
AviTrail24a - 8 pts AviTrail24b - 8 pts
AviTrail24c - 8 pts AviTrail24d - 8 pts
AviTrail24e - 8 pts AviTrail25a - 11 pts
AviTrail25b - 12 pts AviTrail25c - 13 pts
AviTrail25d - 14 pts AviTrail25e - 15 pts
AviTrail26a - 11 pts AviTrail26b - 12 pts
AviTrail26c - 13 pts AviTrail26d - 14 pts
AviTrail26e - 15 pts AviTrail27a - 6 pts
AviTrail27b - 7 pts AviTrail27c - 8 pts
AviTrail27d - 9 pts AviTrail27e - 10 pts
AviTrail28a - 6 pts AviTrail28b - 7 pts
AviTrail28c - 8 pts AviTrail28d - 9 pts
AviTrail28e - 10 pts AviTrail29a - 6 pts
AviTrail29b - 7 pts AviTrail29c - 8 pts
AviTrail29d - 9 pts AviTrail29e - 10 pts
AviTrail2a - 11 pts AviTrail2b - 12 pts
AviTrail2c - 13 pts AviTrail2d - 14 pts
AviTrail2e - 15 pts AviTrail30a - 8 pts
AviTrail30b - 8 pts AviTrail30c - 8 pts
AviTrail30d - 8 pts AviTrail30e - 8 pts
AviTrail31a - 6 pts AviTrail31b - 7 pts
AviTrail31c - 8 pts AviTrail31d - 9 pts
AviTrail31e - 10 pts AviTrail32a - 8 pts
AviTrail32b - 8 pts AviTrail32c - 8 pts
AviTrail32d - 8 pts AviTrail32e - 8 pts
AviTrail33a - 6 pts AviTrail33b - 7 pts
AviTrail33c - 8 pts AviTrail33d - 9 pts
AviTrail33e - 10 pts AviTrail34a - 6 pts
AviTrail34b - 7 pts AviTrail34c - 8 pts
AviTrail34d - 9 pts AviTrail34e - 10 pts
AviTrail35a - 1 pts AviTrail35b - 2 pts
AviTrail35c - 3 pts AviTrail35d - 4 pts
AviTrail35e - 5 pts AviTrail36a - 1 pts
AviTrail36b - 2 pts AviTrail36c - 3 pts
AviTrail36d - 4 pts AviTrail36e - 5 pts
AviTrail37/38a - 1 pts AviTrail37b - 3 pts
AviTrail37c - 3 pts AviTrail37d - 3 pts
AviTrail37e - 3 pts AviTrail38b - 2 pts
AviTrail38c - 3 pts AviTrail38d - 4 pts
AviTrail38e - 5 pts AviTrail39a - 3 pts
AviTrail39b - 3 pts AviTrail39c - 3 pts
AviTrail39d - 3 pts AviTrail39e - 3 pts
AviTrail3a - 11 pts AviTrail3b - 12 pts
AviTrail3c - 13 pts AviTrail3d - 14 pts
AviTrail3e - 15 pts AviTrail40a - 1 pts
AviTrail40b - 2 pts AviTrail40c - 3 pts
AviTrail40d - 4 pts AviTrail40e - 5 pts
AviTrail41a - 1 pts AviTrail41b - 2 pts
AviTrail41c - 3 pts AviTrail41d - 4 pts
AviTrail41e - 5 pts AviTrail42a - 1 pts
AviTrail42b - 2 pts AviTrail42c - 3 pts
AviTrail42d - 4 pts AviTrail42e - 5 pts
AviTrail43a - 3 pts AviTrail43b - 3 pts
AviTrail43c - 3 pts AviTrail43d - 3 pts
AviTrail43e - 3 pts AviTrail44a - 3 pts
AviTrail44b - 3 pts AviTrail44c - 3 pts
AviTrail44d - 3 pts AviTrail44e - 3 pts
AviTrail45a - 1 pts AviTrail45b - 2 pts
AviTrail45c - 3 pts AviTrail45d - 4 pts
AviTrail45e - 5 pts AviTrail46a - 1 pts
AviTrail46b - 2 pts AviTrail46c - 3 pts
AviTrail46d - 4 pts AviTrail46e - 5 pts
AviTrail47a - 1 pts AviTrail48a - 1 pts
AviTrail48b - 2 pts AviTrail48c - 3 pts
AviTrail48d - 4 pts AviTrail48e - 5 pts
AviTrail49/50a - 3 pts AviTrail49b - 3 pts
AviTrail49c - 3 pts AviTrail49d - 3 pts
AviTrail49e - 3 pts AviTrail4a - 11 pts
AviTrail4b - 12 pts AviTrail4c - 13 pts
AviTrail4d - 14 pts AviTrail4e - 15 pts
AviTrail50b - 3 pts AviTrail50c - 3 pts
AviTrail50d - 3 pts AviTrail50e - 3 pts
AviTrail51a - 1 pts AviTrail51b - 2 pts
AviTrail51c - 3 pts AviTrail51d - 4 pts
AviTrail51e - 5 pts AviTrail52a - 1 pts
AviTrail52b - 2 pts AviTrail52c - 3 pts
AviTrail52d - 4 pts AviTrail52e - 5 pts
AviTrail53a - 1 pts AviTrail53b - 2 pts
AviTrail53c - 3 pts AviTrail53d - 4 pts
AviTrail53e - 5 pts AviTrail54a - 1 pts
AviTrail54b - 2 pts AviTrail54c - 3 pts
AviTrail54d - 4 pts AviTrail54e - 5 pts
AviTrail55a - 1 pts AviTrail55b - 2 pts
AviTrail55c - 3 pts AviTrail55d - 4 pts
AviTrail55e - 5 pts AviTrail56/57a - 3 pts
AviTrail56b - 3 pts AviTrail56c - 3 pts
AviTrail56d - 3 pts AviTrail56e - 3 pts
AviTrail57b - 3 pts AviTrail57c - 3 pts
AviTrail57d - 3 pts AviTrail57e - 3 pts
AviTrail58 AviTrail58a
AviTrail58b - 3 pts AviTrail58c - 3 pts
AviTrail58d AviTrail59a - 3 pts
AviTrail59b - 3 pts AviTrail59c - 3 pts
AviTrail59d - 3 pts AviTrail59e - 3 pts
AviTrail5a - 11 pts AviTrail5b - 12 pts
AviTrail5c - 13 pts AviTrail5d - 14 pts
AviTrail5e - 15 pts AviTrail60a - 3 pts
AviTrail60b - 3 pts AviTrail60c - 3 pts
AviTrail60d - 3 pts AviTrail60e - 3 pts
AviTrail61a - 1 pts AviTrail61b - 2 pts
AviTrail61c - 3 pts AviTrail61d - 4 pts
AviTrail61e - 5 pts AviTrail62a - 3 pts
AviTrail62b - 3 pts AviTrail62c - 3 pts
AviTrail62d - 3 pts AviTrail62e - 3 pts
AviTrail63/64a - 1 pts AviTrail63b - 3 pts
AviTrail63c - 3 pts AviTrail63d - 3 pts
AviTrail63e - 3 pts AviTrail64b - 2 pts
AviTrail64c - 3 pts AviTrail64d - 4 pts
AviTrail64e - 5 pts AviTrail65a - 1 pts
AviTrail65b - 2 pts AviTrail65c - 3 pts
AviTrail65d - 4 pts AviTrail65e - 5 pts
AviTrail66a - 3 pts AviTrail66b - 3 pts
AviTrail66c - 3 pts AviTrail66d - 3 pts
AviTrail66e - 3 pts AviTrail67/68a - 3 pts
AviTrail68b - 3 pts AviTrail68c - 3 pts
AviTrail68d - 3 pts AviTrail68e - 3 pts
AviTrail69/70a - 1 pts AviTrail69b - 2 pts
AviTrail69c - 3 pts AviTrail69d - 4 pts
AviTrail69e - 5 pts AviTrail6a - 11 pts
AviTrail6b - 12 pts AviTrail6c - 13 pts
AviTrail6d - 14 pts AviTrail6e - 15 pts
AviTrail7/8a - 13 pts AviTrail70b - 2 pts
AviTrail70c - 3 pts AviTrail70d - 4 pts
AviTrail70e - 5 pts AviTrail71a - 6 pts
AviTrail71b - 7 pts AviTrail71c - 8 pts
AviTrail71d - 9 pts AviTrail71e - 10 pts
AviTrail72a - 3 pts AviTrail72b - 3 pts
AviTrail72c - 3 pts AviTrail72d - 3 pts
AviTrail72e - 3 pts AviTrail73a - 3 pts
AviTrail73b - 3 pts AviTrail73c - 3 pts
AviTrail73d - 3 pts AviTrail73e - 3 pts
AviTrail74a - 1 pts AviTrail74b - 2 pts
AviTrail74c - 3 pts AviTrail74d - 4 pts
AviTrail74e - 5 pts AviTrail75/76a - 1 pts
AviTrail75b - 3 pts AviTrail75c - 3 pts
AviTrail75d - 3 pts AviTrail75e - 3 pts
AviTrail76b - 2 pts AviTrail76c - 3 pts
AviTrail76d - 4 pts AviTrail76e - 5 pts
AviTrail77a - 3 pts AviTrail77b - 3 pts
AviTrail77c - 3 pts AviTrail77d - 3 pts
AviTrail77e - 3 pts AviTrail78a - 6 pts
AviTrail78b - 7 pts AviTrail78c - 8 pts
AviTrail78d - 9 pts AviTrail78e - 10 pts
AviTrail79a - 8 pts AviTrail79b - 8 pts
AviTrail79c - 8 pts AviTrail79d - 8 pts
AviTrail79e - 8 pts AviTrail7b - 12 pts
AviTrail7c - 13 pts AviTrail7d - 14 pts
AviTrail7e - 15 pts AviTrail80a - 6 pts
AviTrail80b - 7 pts AviTrail80c - 8 pts
AviTrail80d - 9 pts AviTrail80e - 10 pts
AviTrail81a - 8 pts AviTrail81b - 8 pts
AviTrail81c - 8 pts AviTrail81d - 8 pts
AviTrail81e - 8 pts AviTrail82a - 8 pts
AviTrail82b - 8 pts AviTrail82c - 8 pts
AviTrail82d - 8 pts AviTrail82e - 8 pts
AviTrail83a - 8 pts AviTrail83b - 8 pts
AviTrail83c - 8 pts AviTrail83d - 8 pts
AviTrail83e - 8 pts AviTrail84a - 8 pts
AviTrail84b - 8 pts AviTrail84c - 8 pts
AviTrail84d - 8 pts AviTrail84e - 8 pts
AviTrail85/86a - 6 pts AviTrail85b - 7 pts
AviTrail85c - 8 pts AviTrail85d - 9 pts
AviTrail85e - 10 pts AviTrail86b - 7 pts
AviTrail86c - 8 pts AviTrail86d - 9 pts
AviTrail86e - 10 pts AviTrail87a - 6 pts
AviTrail87b - 7 pts AviTrail87c - 8 pts
AviTrail87d - 9 pts AviTrail87e - 10 pts
AviTrail88a - 8 pts AviTrail88b - 8 pts
AviTrail88c - 8 pts AviTrail88d - 8 pts
AviTrail88e - 8 pts AviTrail89a - 13 pts
AviTrail89b - 13 pts AviTrail89c - 13 pts
AviTrail89d - 13 pts AviTrail89e - 13 pts
AviTrail8b - 13 pts AviTrail8c - 13 pts
AviTrail8d - 13 pts AviTrail8e - 13 pts
AviTrail90a - 11 pts AviTrail90b - 12 pts
AviTrail90c - 13 pts AviTrail90d - 14 pts
AviTrail90e - 15 pts AviTrail91a - 13 pts
AviTrail91b - 13 pts AviTrail91c - 13 pts
AviTrail91d - 13 pts AviTrail91e - 13 pts
AviTrail92a - 11 pts AviTrail92b - 12 pts
AviTrail92c - 13 pts AviTrail92d - 14 pts
AviTrail92e - 15 pts AviTrail93a - 11 pts
AviTrail93b - 12 pts AviTrail93c - 13 pts
AviTrail93d - 14 pts AviTrail93e - 15 pts
AviTrail94a - 11 pts AviTrail94b - 12 pts
AviTrail94c - 13 pts AviTrail94d - 14 pts
AviTrail94e - 15 pts AviTrail95a - 13 pts
AviTrail95b - 13 pts AviTrail95c - 13 pts
AviTrail95d - 13 pts AviTrail95e - 13 pts
AviTrail96a - 11 pts AviTrail96b - 12 pts
AviTrail96c - 13 pts AviTrail96d - 14 pts
AviTrail96e - 15 pts AviTrail97/98a - 13 pts
AviTrail97b - 13 pts AviTrail97c - 13 pts
AviTrail97d - 13 pts AviTrail97e - 13 pts
AviTrail98b - 13 pts AviTrail98c - 13 pts
AviTrail98d - 13 pts AviTrail98e - 13 pts
AviTrail99a - 13 pts AviTrail99b - 13 pts
AviTrail99c - 13 pts AviTrail99d - 13 pts
AviTrail99e - 13 pts AviTrail9a - 13 pts
AviTrail9b - 13 pts AviTrail9c - 13 pts
AviTrail9d - 13 pts AviTrail9e - 13 pts
Avon Cemetery Avon Driving Park--Nature Trail
Avon Lake, Amityville Ayers Stevenson Preserve
Ayrault Rd. and Aldrich Rd., field Ayrault Rd. and Turk Hill Rd., farm
Azure Mt. B. Forman Park, Pultneyville
B.C. Tate Elementary School BJs Wholesale Club Waterfront (Brooklyn)
BWS Rd., Liberty (over Neversink River) Babcock-Hovey BSA Camp
Backyard of Isaac Grant, Staten Island Badgerow Park
Bahar Preserve (FLLT) and Carpenter Falls Bailey Arboretum
Bailie Beach Baisley Pond Park
Baker School House SF Bald Hill (Cornell Natural Areas)
Bald Mountain trail Bald Mountain--John E. Hand Park
Baldwin Bay Baldwin Harbor Park
Baldwinsville - Community Park Trail Ballantyne Rd., Chili
Ballston Creek Preserve Ballston Lake
Ballston Lake, Outlet Rd. Ballston Lake, south
Ballston Veterans Bike Path Balsam Swamp SF--Balsam Pond
Balsley Park Baltimore Woods Nature Center
Bangall-Amenia Road Bar Beach Town Park
Barber Rd., Westport Barberville Falls Preserve
Barcelona Harbor Barcelona Neck Natural Resources Management Area
Barclay Ave. waterfront, Annadale Bare Hill Unique Area
Bark Eater Inn (request access to trails) Barker Bicentennial Park
Barker Hill Rd. Bridge Barnard Cemetery
Barnard Park (Longridge School) Barnard Rd., btwn CR 6 and Biddlecum Rd.
Barnes Hill Park Barnhart Island
Barnhart Island Marina Baron Hirsch Cemetery
Barrett Pond, Philipstown Barrett Rd., Town of Leicester
Barretto Point Park Barry Park
Bartlett Pond, Moriah Barton Mines Rd.
Bash Bish Falls Trail (NY) Bashakill State WMA
Bashakill State WMA--Bird Blind Bashakill State WMA--Deli Fields
Bashakill State WMA--Haven Rd. (causeway bridge) Bashakill State WMA--Horseshoe pull-off
Bashakill State WMA--Nature Trail Bashakill State WMA--Pine Boat Launch (Rte 209)
Bashakill State WMA--Stop Sign Trail Bashakill State WMA--main boat launch (1131 S Rd.)
Basic Creek Reservoir (access permit required) Batavia Turf Farm
Batavia Wastewater Treatment Plant Batavia Wastewater Treatment Plant--East
Batavia Wastewater Treatment Plant--West Bateau Play Park
Bates Rd. Grassland Area Battery Park
Battery Park City Battery Park City--Irish Hunger Memorial
Battery Park City--Nelson A. Rockefeller Jr Park Battery Park City--North Cove and environs
Battery Park City--Pumphouse Park Battery Park City--Rector Park
Battery Park City--Robert F. Wagner Jr. Park Battery Park City--South Cove and environs
Battery Park City--Teardrop Park Battery Park City--West Thames Park
Battery Rooftop Garden Battle Island SP
Battle Row County Park Bauer Environmental Park
Baxter Pond Park Baxter Preserve North
Baxter Preserve South Bay Ave. Park, Mattituck
Bay Ave., Greenport Bay County Park
Bay Front Grill area Bay Shore Marina (Bay Shore Manor Park)
Bay State Rd. Bay Walk Park
Bayard Cutting Arboretum SP Bayport Beach
Bayside Marina (Queens Co.) Bayswater Park
Bayswater Point SP Beach off E Gillette Drive, East Marion
Beacon Waterfront Park Beam Hill
Bear Creek Harbor, Ontario Bear Lake, W of Cassadaga
Bear Mountain Bridge Zoo Bear Mountain SP
Bear Mountain SP--1777 West Trail (77W) Bear Mountain SP--Doodletown Rd.
Bear Mountain SP--Hawk Watch Bear Mountain SP--Hessian Lake
Bear Spring Mtn WMA--East Trout Brook Rd. Bear Spring Mtn WMA--Launt Pond & Campground
Bear Swamp Preserve Bear Swamp SF (Cayuga Co.)
Bear Swamp SF (Otsego Co.) Beartown Road, Pond
Beatty Point Beaudry Park, Cortland
Beaver Bend Trail Beaver Dam Lake (waterbody)
Beaver Dam Park Beaver Dam SF
Beaver Island SP Beaver Island SP--Beaver Island
Beaver Lake - Alma Pond Beaver Lake Nature Center
Beaver Lake Nature Center--Bog Trail Beaver Lake Nature Center--Deep Woods Trail
Beaver Lake Nature Center--Overlook Observation Deck Beaver Meadow Audubon Center
Beaver Meadow SF Beaver Pond, Lisle
Beaver Pond, Pine Hill Rd. Beaverdam Lake-Salisbury Mills (town)
Beaverkill Valley Rd. Bedford Hills Memorial Park
Bedford Village Memorial Park Beebe Hill SF
Beechknoll Rd. (Broome Co.) Beechmont Lake
Beechwood SP, Sodus Beechwood SP--Maxwell Creek, Sodus
Beechwoods Park (Monroe Co.) Bella Abzug Park
Belleayre Ski Center Bellevue Sobriety Garden
Bellevue South Park Bellport Bay Yacht Club
Bells Pond Belltown Dairy, King Ferry
Bellvale Farms Belmont (Allegany Co.)
Belmont Lake SP Belmont Lake SP--Belmont Islands
Belmont Lake SP--Carlls River Belmont Park Race Track
Beltagh Ave., woodlands Belvedere Estate, Tarrytown
Bemus Creek, Mouth of Bemus Point Village Park, Chautauqua Lake
Benedict Park Bennett Beach
Bennett Hill Preserve Bennett Park
Benson Rd., Lansing Bensonhurst Park
Bentley Woods Preserve Bergen Beach
Bergen Swamp Bergen Swamp--Fairground Rd.
Bergen Swamp--Hessenthaler Trail Bergen Swamp--Torpy Hill off Evans Rd.
Bergen Swamp--Warboys Rd. Berkshire Rd., Dover
Berry Brook Rd. Berry Rd. Marsh
Berta's Cafe, Burdett Bertha & Reginald Rose Wildlife Refuge
Besemer Road, Ithaca Betar Byway
Bethpage SP Betsy Sluder Nature Preserve
Betts Creek Inlet, 75 St. X Flatlands Ave. (Brooklyn) Betts Creek Inlet, Fountain Ave. (Brooklyn)
Betty & Wilbur Davis SP Betty Allen Twin Ponds Nature Park
Beulahland Pond Bevin Rd. Wetlands, Eatons Neck
Biddlecum Pond on Six Mile Creek Big Buck Mountain MUA
Big Flats Bird Sanctuary Big Flats Community Park
Big Flats Trail Big Flats Trail--East
Big Flats Trail--West Big Fresh Pond
Big Moose Lake inlet Big Reed Pond
Big Slide Big Woods Preserve
Big Woods Trail Bigelow Rd.
Bill George Rd., Lansing Billo Rd.
Binghamton University (SUNY) Binghamton University (SUNY)--ITC Complex
Binghamton University Nature Preserve Bird Island Pier
Bird Sanctuary Trail, Webster Bird Swamp
Bird Swamp--Sunset Hill Rd. Marsh Birdseye Hollow Dam and Woods
Birdsong Parklands Bishop Preserve (FLLT)
Bishop Road Hawk Watch Bishop Road, W of Richland
Bisig Nature Trail Bixby Hill Rd., Arcade
Black Creek Bog Preserve Black Creek Marsh (Albany Co.)
Black Creek Marsh-Meadowdale Road Trail Black Creek Park
Black Creek Preserve Black Creek Rd. (Ulster Co.)
Black Creek Waterway Access Black Diamond Trail at Glenwood Heights Rd.
Black Diamond Trail, Ithaca (southern end) Black Dirt Region
Black Dirt Region--Glenwood Rd. Black Dirt Region--Indiana Rd. (private)
Black Dirt Region--Jados Lane Black Dirt Region--Liberty Lane
Black Dirt Region--Merritts Island Rd. Black Dirt Region--Mission Land Rd.
Black Dirt Region--Mount Eve Road Black Dirt Region--Oil City Rd.
Black Dirt Region--Onion Ave. Black Dirt Region--Pierce Circle
Black Dirt Region--Pumpkin Swamp Rd. Black Dirt Region--Sidoti Lane
Black Dirt Region--Skinners Lane Black Dirt Region--Sleepy Hollow Rd.
Black Dirt Region--Sod Farms Black Dirt Region--Turtle Bay Rd.
Black Mt. (Washington Co.) Black Pond
Black Pond Swamp Black Pond WMA
Black River Canal Trail Black River Trail
Black Rock Canal Park Black Rock Forest
Black Rock Park Blackhouse Rd., btwn CR 46 and Fitzpatrick Dr.
Blackhouse Rd., btwn Rt. 4 and Fitzpatrick Dr. Blauvelt State Park
Blazing Star Cemetery Bleecker Playground
Bliss Road, East end, Canandaigua Block Canyon (40.01431, -71.32345)
Blockhouse Park Bloessers Pond WCA
Bloody Pond, Willet Bloomerside Preserve
Bloomingdale Bog Bloomingdale Bog--CR 55 to Bigelow Rd.
Bloomingdale Bog--South Entrance Bloomingdale Park
Blue Chip Farms Blue Cut Nature Center, Arcadia
Blue Heron Park Blue Heron Park, Canandaigua
Blue Heron Park--Barclay Ave. Ponds Blue Heron Park--Butterfly Pond
Blue Mountain Lake Blue Mountain Rd.
Blue Mountain Reservation Blue Mt. Summit
Blue Mt. Trail Blue Point Ave. Dock
Blue Point Downs Blue Point Nature Preserve
Blue Pond Blueberry Hill Trails
Bluegrass Lane Natural Area Bluff Drive, Lake View
Bluff Point Swamp Blydenburgh Park
Blydenburgh Park--north entrance Bob & Betty Cummings Memorial Park
Bobbell Hill SF Boces - Bush Campus in Elmira
Bock-Harvey Forest Preserve Bog Brook Reservoir
Bog Brook Unique Area Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail
Bog River Falls Boiceville Rd. pond, Caroline
Boland Park, Johnson City Boland Pond
Bolton Point Bomax Dr., Lansing
Bonaparte Swamp Preserve Bonavista State Park Golf Course
Bond Lake County Park Bond Lake County Park--Bond Lake
Bond Lake County Park--Thaler Lake Bonticou Crag
Boquet Mtn. Trail, Jersey St. Trailhead Boquet River Nature Preserve--Tim's Trail
Boquet River, Willsboro Canoe Launch Borden's Pond Conservation Area
Boreas Ponds Tract Boscobel House and Gardens
Boscobel House and Gardens--Overlook Boston Forest County Park
Botanical Gardens, South Park Bottchers Landing
Boughton Park, East Bloomfield Boutwell Hill SF
Bow Dr. Trail Bowdoin County Park
Bower Park Bowline Point Park
Bowling Green Park Bowmaker Pond
Bowman Lake SP Boyce Park
Boyd Parker Memorial Park Boyer Creek Farm, Caroline
Boyer Lake Trail & Vicinity Bozenkill Preserve
Brace Mtn. Braddock Bay
Braddock Bay Bird Observatory Braddock Bay Park
Braddock Bay Park--Hawk Watch Braddock Bay--Bennett Rd. Unit
Braddock Bay--Burger Park Braddock Bay--Buttonwood Creek
Braddock Bay--Dalheim unit Braddock Bay--East Spit
Braddock Bay--Manitou Beach Preserve Braddock Bay--North Marina
Braddock Bay--Owl Woods Braddock Bay--Rachow Trail
Braddock Bay--Rose's Marsh Braddock Bay--Salmon Creek
Braddock Bay--South Marina Braddock Bay--West Spit
Bradley Beach, Ft. Edward Bradley Brook Reservoir
Bradys Pond Braley Rd., Jamestown
Branches of Niagara Campground and Resort Brand Park
Brandy Brook Boat Launch, Waddington Brantingham Lake
Breakneck Ridge Loop Breakwater Beach
Breezy Point Beach Breezy Point Tip
Breezy Point--Silver Gull Beach Club Breia Bird Sanctuary
Breitbeck Park Brentwood SP
Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails Brewster Rest Area I-684
Brick Pond Wetland Preserve Bridge Creek (Queens Co.)
Bridge Creek, Western Ave. Bridge Rd. by RV Park
Bridge St., Downsville Brighton Beach
Brighton Town Park Brightwaters Lakes
Brinton Brook Sanctuary Bristol Beach SP
Broad Channel, south of JBWR HQ Broad St. Bridge, Rochester
Broadway Bridge, Manhattan and Marble Hill (New York Co.) Broadway Field, Hawthorne
Brokenstraw SF Bronx River Pkwy Reservation
Bronx River Pkwy Reservation--Crestwood Lake Bronx River Pkwy Reservation--Green Acres Ave.-Kensico Dam Plaza
Bronx River Pkwy Reservation--Oak St. loop, Mt. Vernon Bronx River Pkwy Reservation--Palmer Rd.-Crane Rd., Scarsdale
Bronx River at Scout Field Bronx River, Mouth to Hunts Point Riverside Park
Bronx Zoo Bronx Zoo--Cope Lake
Bronxville Lake, Tuckahoe Brook Farm Project
Brook St. Park Brookdale Preserve
Brookfield Park Brookhaven National Laboratory (restricted access)
Brookhaven State Park Brookhaven Town Landfill
Brookins Road, Smyrna Brooklyn Army Terminal Pier 4
Brooklyn Botanic Garden Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn Bridge Park--Pier 1 Brooklyn Bridge Park--Pier 2 and Pier 3 Terrace
Brooklyn Bridge Park--Pier 4 Beach Brooklyn Bridge Park--Pier 5
Brooklyn Bridge Park--Pier 6 Brooklyn Bridge Walkway, Brooklyn
Brooklyn Bridge Walkway, Manhattan Brooklyn College
Brooklyn Golf Center Driving Range Brookside Cemetery, Bloomingdale
Brookside County Park Brookside Preserve
Brooktons Market Brookville Park
Brookwood Hall Park & Knapps Lake Brookwood Point
Broome County Landfill Brown Rd., Wolcott
Brown Road, Ischua Brown's Point Marsh, Orient
Brown's Tract Inlet, boardwalk Brown's Tract Pond Campground
Brownell Preserve Browns Marsh
Browns Pond Brunswick Sports Complex (Rte. 2)
Brush Creek Marsh Bryant Park
Bubb Lake Buck Pond
Buck Pond--Island Cottage Rd. Buckhorn Island SP
Buckingham Pond Buckland Park
Bucks Hollow Buckton SF--Cty Hwy 47
Buckton SF--East Part Road Budd Rd., Woodbourne
Buffalo Ave. Riverfront Overlook Buffalo Creek, Oxbow Lake, West Seneca
Buffalo Harbor State Park Buffalo Niagara Intl. Airport (BUF)
Buffalo Outer Harbor, Bell Slip Buffalo Outer Harbor, Seaway Slip
Buffalo River Ohio St. Fishing Access Site Buffalo RiverWorks
Buffalo State GL Field Station Buffalo Zoo
Buffalo and Erie Co. Naval and Military Park Bull Hill Rd., Newfield
Bullhead Bay Inlet Bullis Park, Canandaigua Rd., Macedon
Bullville (town) Bullville Pond
Bunker Ponds Park Burden Lake
Burden Pond Burden Preserve
Burdick Hill Rd., Lansing Burke Falls
Burnet Park Burnett Creek, Mecox
Burnham Point SP Burnham Rd. Swamp, Arkwright
Burns Rd., btwn CR 22 and Hemlock Ridge Rd. Burnt Bridge Trail, Newtown Creek
Burnt-Rossman Hills SF Burroughs Audubon Nature Club
Burt Dam Fishermens Park Burtis Bay Park, Lakeside Boulevard
Bush Hill SF Bush Rd., NY 31 to Oneida Lake
Bush Terminal Piers Park Bush Terminal waterfront, 51st St. access
Bushwick Inlet (Brooklyn) Bushwick Inlet Park
Butler Manor Waterfront Butler Manor Woods
Butler Pond Butler-Huntington Woods Preserve
Butlerville Road & Bridge (restricted access) Buttercup Farm Audubon Sanctuary
Buttercup Farm Audubon Sanctuary--East Buttercup Farm Audubon Sanctuary--West
Butterfield Lake Buttermilk Falls (Hamilton Co.)
Buttermilk Falls Inn Buttermilk Falls SP--Gorge Trail
Buttermilk Falls SP--Larch Meadows Buttermilk Falls SP--Lower
Buttermilk Falls SP--Rim Trail Buttermilk Falls SP--Upper
Butternut Brook Wetlands Preserve Butternut Creek Trail
Butternut Island Buttonwood Trails
Bye Preserve Byram Lake Reservoir
Byron Lake Park Byron Trestle Park
CR 4 and CR 20, SW swamp (restricted access) CR 41 ponds W of CR 8, Farmington
CR 46, btwn Durkeetown Baptist Church & Cary Rd. CR 46, btwn Plum Rd. & Durkeetown Baptist Church
CR 46, btwn Rt. 4 & Blackhouse Rd. CR 8 N of Allen-Padgham, Farmington
CR17 sand pits, Constantia CY Farms Area
Cadman Plaza Park Calder Field Station
Caldwell Hill Caleb Smith SP
California Hill SF--Wawayanda Lake California Rd.
California Rd. Recreation Area Call Hill County Property
Callahans Beach Park Calvert Vaux Park (Dreier-Offerman Park)
Calverton National Cemetery Calverton Ponds Preserve (Krusos Ecological Area)
Calverton VOR (CCC), field Calvin E. Krueger Park
Camel Farm Camelid Corners
Cameron Lake Camic Rd., Big Bay Marina
Camillus Forest State Unique Area Camillus Valley Natural Area
Cammanns Pond Park Camp Cutler (BSA - restricted access)
Camp Cutler--south area, Webelos, & Mtn. Run (BSA - restricted access) Camp Dittmer (BSA - restricted access), Toll Rd., Phelps
Camp Hero SP Camp Hero SP--bluffs (parking lot)
Camp Overlook, 4-H Camp Pinnacle
Camp Smith Trail Camp Turrell Boy Scouts
Campbell Island Campbell Meadows (FLLT)
Canaan Lake Canacadea SF
Canada Lake Canadarago Lake--north end
Canadaway Creek Preserve Canadaway Creek WMA
Canadice Hill Rd. Canadice Lake
Canadice Lake Rd. and Johnson Hill Rd. fields Canadice Lake, south trails
Canal Landing Park, Fayetteville Canal Marina and Restaurant, Herkimer
Canal Ponds Business Park off Canal Landing Blvd Canandaigua Lake (Ontario Co.)
Canandaigua Lake (Yates Co.) Canandaigua Lake State Marine Park
Canandaigua Lake Trail Canandaigua Lake, CR12 Overlook, South Bristol
Canandaigua Lake, City Pier Canandaigua Lake, Deep Run Park, Gorham
Canandaigua Lake, German Brothers Marina Canandaigua Lake, Kershaw Park
Canandaigua Lake, NW corner area to Squaw Island Canandaigua Lake, Onanda Park
Canandaigua Lake, Onanda Park (Upland Trails) Canandaigua Lake, Ontario Beach Park, Gorham
Canandaigua Lake, Pelican Point Marina, Gorham Canandaigua Lake, South Lake Rd.
Canandaigua Lake, Steamboat Landing (Lakeshore Park) Canandaigua Lake, Vine Valley
Canandaigua Lake, Water Pumping Station Canandaigua Lake, West Lake Rd. School Park at Butler Rd.
Canandaigua Lake, Woodville Boat Launch (Ontario Co.) Canarsie Beach Park
Canarsie Pier Canaseraga State Forest
Caneadea (Allegany Co.) Caneadea River Access Park, Genesee River
Cannon Hole (Barton Landing) Cannonsville Reservoir
Cannonsville Reservoir, below dam Canoga Bait Ponds (Seybolt Rd.)
Canoga Marsh WMA Cape Pond
Cape Vincent Cape Vincent Town Park
Captain Tilly Park Captain's Inn, Point Lookout
Captains Cove Captree Island
Captree SP Carantouan Greenway, Wildwood Nature Reserve
Carcass Brook Rd. Cargill Reservoir (aka Beacon Reservoir)
Carl Schurz Park Carll's River S of Southards Pond
Carlton Hill MUA Carlton Hill MUA--Brine Swamp
Carlton Park Carlton Rd. Fields, Albion
Carnwath Farms Historic Site and Park Caroga Lake
Caroline Center Caroline Gerard Park Nature Preserve
Carolins Grove Preserve Carpenter Farm Park
Carpenter Rd feeders Carpenter-Pringle Rd.
Carpenters Brook Fish Hatchery Carters Pond WMA
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies--Fern Glen
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies--Lowlands Cary Rd., Ft. Edward
Cary Road and CR 46 intersection, Ft. Edward (town) Cascade Mt.
Cascade Park Cascade Valley SF
Cascadilla Gorge Trail Case Lake, Franklinville
Casella Wetlands, CR 5 at US 20 Casey Park, Town of Ontario
Cass Park Cassadaga Creek Preserve
Cassadaga Lakes Castaways, southern parking lot
Castle Garden Park Castle Rock Unique Area
Caswell Road Grasslands Cat and Thomas Mtns. Preserve
Catamount Mt. Trailhead Catharine Creek Marsh
Catharine Creek Marsh--Airport Road at John's Creek Catharine Creek Marsh--Barge Canal Trail
Catharine Creek Marsh--Chemung Valley Trail Catharine Creek Marsh--Rock Cabin Rd.
Catharine Creek Marsh--Willow Walk Trail Catharine Valley Trail--Canal Loop
Catharine Valley Trail--Cook Cemetery Trail Catharine Valley Trail--Dike Trail
Catharine Valley Trail--Millport North Catharine Valley Trail--Montour North
Cathedral Pines County Park Catlin State Forest--Brier Hill Rd.
Catlin State Forest--Sawdey Rd. Catskill Mountain House
Catskill Park Catskill View Preserve
Cattaraugus Creek Outlet (Erie Co.) Cattaraugus Creek, Milestrip Ext., Irving
Cattaraugus SF Caughdenoy Dam
Caumsett SP Caumsett SP--Lloyd Point
Cayuga Community College Nature Trail Cayuga Inlet above Fish Ladder
Cayuga Lake Creamery Cayuga Lake SP
Cayuga Lake SP--East Campground Cayuga Lake SP--West Campground
Cayuga Lake SP--lake and boat launch Cayuga Lake, N end from Lake Road
Cayuga Lake, N end from Lake St. Cayuga Lake, Town Line Rd. lake access (private)
Cayuga Lake, as seen from CR 141 (destroyed) Cayuga Lake--White Lighthouse Jetty
Cayuga Lock and River Rd. Cayuga Nature Center
Cayuta Gulf Cayuta Lake Outlet
Cazenovia Creek WMA Cazenovia Lake, south overlook
Cazenovia Park Ceasar's Bay Bazaar
Cedar Bay Park Cedar Beach County Park
Cedar Beach Marina Cedar Beach, Town of Brookhaven
Cedar Beach, general area Cedar Creek Park
Cedar Grove Beach Cedar Lake
Cedar Lake and Cedar Lake Golf Club Cedar Lane Town Park
Cedar Park Cemetery Cedar Point County Park
Cedar Point SP Cedar River Flow
Cedar River Flow--NTP Trail Cedar River Flow--Wakely Dam
Cedarmere Preserve Cedarville Rd. Pond
Celoron Boat Launch, Chautauqua Lake Cemetery Rd., wetlands
Cemetery of the Evergreens Cemetery of the Resurrection
Cemetery of the Resurrection--N entrance Cemetery of the Resurrection--North Overlook
Cemetery of the Resurrection--North Pond Cemetery of the Resurrection--Parallel Pond
Cemetery of the Resurrection--Perpendicular Pond Cemetery of the Resurrection--S entrance (maint. bldgs)
Cemetery of the Resurrection--Wood Duck Pond Cemetery of the Resurrection--eastern section
Cemetery of the Resurrection--scrub W of maint. bldgs Centennial Gardens Bird Sanctuary
Center Hill Pond Center Moriches Marina
Center Rd. Center Rd. Cutoff, Ovid
Centerport Beach Park Centerport Harbor
Central Park Central Park Zoo
Central Park, Schenectady Central Park--96th Street Playground and vicinity
Central Park--Arthur Ross Pinetum Central Park--Belvedere Castle
Central Park--Blockhouse Central Park--Cedar Hill
Central Park--Cherry Hill Central Park--Compost Area
Central Park--Conservatory Garden Central Park--Conservatory Water & Pilgrim Hill
Central Park--East Meadow (East Dr. to 102nd St.) Central Park--Evodia Field
Central Park--Falconers Hill Central Park--Fort Clinton
Central Park--Great Hill Central Park--Great Lawn
Central Park--Greywacke Arch Central Park--Harlem Meer
Central Park--Lawn Bowling Green Central Park--Locust Grove
Central Park--Maintenance Meadow Central Park--Met Museum (E Drive; 79th-85th St. transv.)
Central Park--North End Central Park--North Meadow
Central Park--North Meadow Butterfly Gardens Central Park--Reservoir
Central Park--SE from 65th St. transv.-Center Dr. Central Park--SW from 65th St. transv.-Center Dr.
Central Park--Shakespeare Garden Central Park--Sheep Meadow
Central Park--Sparrow Rock section Central Park--Spector Playground and vicinity
Central Park--Strawberry Field Central Park--Summit Rock
Central Park--Tanners Spring Central Park--Tennis Center and vicinity
Central Park--The Dene (65th-72nd St. E of E Drive) Central Park--The Dene Slope (Wildflower Meadow)
Central Park--The Knoll Central Park--The Lake
Central Park--The Lake (Hernshead) Central Park--The Lake (Lower Lobe aka Wagner Cove)
Central Park--The Lake (Upper Lobe) Central Park--The Oven and The Point
Central Park--The Pond and Hallett Sanctuary Central Park--The Pool
Central Park--The Ramble Central Park--The Ravine (incl. The Loch)
Central Park--Triplets Br. area (btwn 77th-79th St. transv.) Central Park--Tupelo Meadow
Central Park--Turtle Pond Central Park--West of Reservoir (86th-97th St.)
Central Park--Wildflower Meadow Centre Island Town Park
Chadakoin Park Chadakoin River, Riverwalk
Chadwick Lake Park Chaffee Farms (Niagara Co.)
Chaffee Rd., Dryden Chaffee, field, Olean Rd.
Chain Lakes Road, Indian River Champlain Canal Lock 2 (Rensselaer Co.)
Champlain Canal Lock 2 (Saratoga Co.) Champlain Valley Physician's Hospital (CVPH)
Chandler Estate Channing H. Philbrick Park (formerly Linear Park)
Chapel Pond area Chapman Park
Charles E Burchfield Nature Center Charles Memorial Park
Charles Point, Peekskill Charles Rider Park
Charleston SF Charlie Major Nature Trail
Chases Farm Market (barn and fields) Chaumont Barrens Preserve
Chautauqua County Fairgrounds, Dunkirk Chautauqua Creek East Branch Preserve
Chautauqua Creek Fishing Access Chautauqua Gorge SF
Chautauqua Institution Chautauqua Institution--Miller Bell Tower
Chautauqua Lake Outlet Wetland Preserve Chautauqua Lake WMA--Toms Point
Chautauqua Rails-to-Trails, Mayville Chautauqua Rails-to-Trails--The Nadine and Paul Webb Trail
Chautauqua Rest Area Chazy Riverlands
Cheers! Eatery, Former (9 Plaza Service Road), Vestal Cheetham Rd. wetlands, Sodus
Chelsea (14th-34th St.; 6th Ave. to Hudson R.) Chelsea Green (W 20th St.; 6th-7th Ave.)
Chelsea Park, Manhattan Chelsea Rd. and Bloomfield Ave., wetlands
Chelsea Waterside Park Chelsea-Elliot Houses
Chemung River at Corning WWTP Chemung River, Dunn Field Fishing Access
Chemung River, White Wagon Rd. (fishing access) Chemung Valley Montessori School
Chenango Bridge Park Chenango Lake
Chenango River Promenade Chenango River, Armstrong Rd.
Chenango River, Port Crane Chenango River, fishing access at Chenango Bridge Rd.
Chenango Valley SP Cheney Point, Chautauqua Lake
Cheney Rd. Marsh Cheri A. Lindsey Park and River Walk
Cherry Hill Rd., High Falls Cherry Plain SP
Cherry Valley SF Chestnut Hill Preserve
Chestnut Ridge Hawk Watch Chestnut Ridge Park
Chestnut Ridge Park--Shale Creek Preserve Cheviot Park
Children's Park, Chestnut Ridge Chimney Bluffs SP
Chimney Mt (Warren Co.) Chinatown, Manhattan
Chippewa Boat Ramp Chittenango Falls SP
Chittenango Gorge Trail Chittenango Travel Plaza, NYS Thruway (I-90), Sullivan
Choate Sanctuary Choconut Center Park
Christian Brothers Academy Campus Christian Rd.
Christiana Natural Area Christine Sevilla Wetlands Preserve
Christman Sanctuary Christopher Morley County Park
Chuang Yen Monastery Chubb River, Lake Placid
Chugnut River Walk Church Hill Road (Chemung Co.)
Church Pond, Red Dot Trail Church Rd., Greenwell Farm (wet area)
Church Rd., Hamlin Church of the Holy Apostles & adj. Rec. Area
Church of the Transfiguration, Manhattan Cicero Swamp WMA
Cincinnatus Lake (Chenango Co.) Cinderella Story Trail, Lake Placid
Cinnamon Lake SF--Cinnamon Lake Citgo Ponds & Trail
Citi Field, New York Mets Ballpark City Hall Park incl. Millennium Park, Manhattan
City Island (Bronx Co.) City Island, Belden Point
City Island, Kirby St. Marina City Island--Rochelle St. and jetties
Civic Center, Manhattan (neighborhood) Clam Island County Nature Preserve
Clapper Rd. Water Treatment Plant Clarence Bike Path Peanut Line
Clarence Fahnestock SP Clarence Fahnestock SP--Canopus Beach
Clarence Fahnestock SP--Canopus Lake Clarence Fahnestock SP--Catfish Loop
Clarence Fahnestock SP--Chimney Top Clarence Fahnestock SP--Hubbard Lodge and environs
Clarence Fahnestock SP--Pelton Pond Clarence Fahnestock SP--School Mtn. Road Trail and Wetlands
Clarence Fahnestock SP--Sunken Mine Road Clarence Memorial Park
Clark Botanic Garden Clark Recreation Center, Airmont
Clark Reservation SP Clarkson University--Clarkson Trail Network
Clason Point Claverack Rail Trail
Clay Central Park Clay Meadows Trailhead
Clay Pit Ponds Clay Pond WMA
Clay St. and Chase Rd., Lima Clayton (town)
Clement Clarke Moore Park Clermont SP
Cleveland Ave. Swamp Cliffhaven, overlook (Crab Island vista)
Clifton Springs Hospital pond Cline Rd., marsh (east)
Cline Rd., marsh (west) Clinton Community Garden
Clinton G. Martin Park Clinton Nature Trail
Clintonville Pine Barrens Preserve Clove Lakes Park
Clove Lakes Park--Southern Woodlands Co-Op City
Co-op City, Section 5 (Greenway) Cobble Hill Park
Cobbs Hill Park Cobbs Hill Park--Lake Riley
Cobleskill Reservoir Coeymans Landing
Coffin Woods Preserve Cohoes Crescent Rd., Colonie Landfill pull off
Cohoes Flats Cohoes parking area, N Mohawk St.
Cohotate Preserve Cold Brook WMA
Cold Spring Harbor Park Cold Spring Harbor SP
Cold Spring Rd., Livingston Cole Bay
Cole Hill SF Cole's Woods
Coles Creek SP Coles Creek SP--Campground
Colgate Lake Wild Forest--Colgate Lake Trail (yellow) Colgate University
Collect Pond Park College Lodge SUNY
College of Mount Saint Vincent College of Staten Island
Collins Lake, Scotia Collins Marine
Colonial Springs Golf Club (private) Colonie Mohawk River Park
Columbia County Airport (HCC) Columbia St. Pier
Columbia University, Morningside Campus Columbus Park (Brooklyn Borough Hall)
Columbus Park, Mamaroneck Comeau Trail, Woodstock
Commack Middle School Como Lake County Park
Concord Bog Concrete Plant Park
Conesus Creek millpond, Littleville Rd., Ashantee Conesus Golf Course
Conesus Inlet WMA Conesus Inlet WMA--East Swamp Rd. (midway pond)
Conesus Inlet WMA--Inlet Boat Launch Conesus Inlet WMA--Sliker Hill Rd.
Conesus Inlet WMA--West Swamp Rd. Overlook Conesus Inlet WMA--south section
Conesus Lake Marine Park Conesus Lake, Blue Heron Dr. (Geneseo Water Plant)
Conesus Lake, East Lake Rd. near Stella Maris Conesus Lake, Long Point Park
Conesus Lake, Vitale Park Conesus Lake, West Lake Rd. (S of Long Point)
Conesus Lake, West Lake Rd. at Sleggs Landing Conesus Lake, West Lake Rd. near Cottonwood
Conewango (town) Conewango Swamp WMA
Coney Island Beach Coney Island Beach--35th St. Overlook
Coney Island Creek Coney Island Creek Park
Coney Island Creek--23rd St. overlook Coney Island Creek--Leon S. Kaiser Park
Coney Island Pier Coney Island--Norton Pt.
Conference House Park Confluence Park
Confluence Park, Owego Congers Lake Memorial Park
Connecticut Hill WMA Connecticut Hill WMA--Bob Cameron Loop
Connecticut Hill WMA--Boylan Rd. Connecticut Hill WMA--Cabin Rd.
Connecticut Hill WMA--Carter Creek Conners Rd. fields
Connetquot River SP Consaul Rd., Galway
Conscience Bay, Setauket Constitution Marsh Audubon Center & Sanctuary
Cook Rd & Redman Rd Cook Rd conifer plantations
Cook Rd quarry Cookson Rd., Batavia
Cooley Rd., Parksville Coon Hollow SF
Coon Mt. Hawk Watch Cooper Kiln Pond Trail
Cooper Park Cooper Triangle
Cooper's Beach, Southampton Coopers Neck Pond
Coopers Pond, Brunswick Coot Hill
Copake Lake Copake Lake, The Cove
Copake Lake, east end parking lot Corbett Park, Brockport
Corbett Rd., river overlook Corbetts Glen Nature Park
Corbin Hill Rd., N of US 20 Cordelia Hepburn Cushman Sanctuary
Corkscrew Rail Trail Cornelius Point, Shelter Island
Cornell Biological Field Station Cornell Biological Field Station--Woodland
Cornell Botanic Gardens--F.R. Newman Arboretum Cornell Botanic Gardens--McDaniel Preserve
Cornell Botanic Gardens--McGowan Woods Cornell Botanic Gardens--Mundy Wildflower Garden
Cornell Botanic Gardens--Welcome Center & Comstock Knoll Cornell Cooperative Extension (St. Lawrence Co.)
Cornell Corn Fields Cornell Lane, Harford
Cornell Orchards Cornell Research Ponds Unit I (restricted access)
Cornell Research Ponds Unit II (restricted access) Cornell University--Ag Quad
Cornell University--Arts Quad Cornell University--Baker Laboratory
Cornell University--Beebe Lake Cornell University--Campus
Cornell University--Cascadilla Creek Cornell University--Ecology House
Cornell University--Gymnosperm Slope Cornell University--Libe Slope
Cornell University--North Campus Cornell University--Palmer Woods
Cornell University--Robert Trent Jones Golf Course Cornell University--Rockwell Azalea Garden
Cornell University--Sage Chapel area Cornell University--Schoellkopf Field
Cornell University--Tower Rd. Athletic Fields Cornell University--Triticum Dr.
Cornell University--Turkey Hill Cornell University--Wee Stinky Glen
Cornell University--West Campus Corning Community College
Corning Riverfront Park Cornwall Bay, Hudson River
Cornwall Preserve Corporate Park of Staten Island
Corson's Brook Woods Cortland County Airport
Cortland County Landfill (restricted access) Cortland Gravel Pits
Cortland Junior and Senior High School Cortland Wastewater Treatment Facility
Cossayuna Lake Counterfeiters Ledge Preserve
Country Side Gravel (Lake Flavia) County Line Road, N of Rte. 18 (Hawk Watch)
County Park, Old Field Countyline Road Pond
Cove Beach Road, East Marion Covered Bridge Campsite
Covert Rd. Hawk Watching Spot (1450 ft.) Cow Harbor Park
Cow Meadow Park and Preserve Cowhorn Pond Lean-To
Coxsackie Boat Launch Coxsackie Creek Grassland Preserve
Coxsackie Flats Coxsackie Flats, Industrial Parkway
Coxsackie Reservoir, New Baltimore Coyote Flats SF
Crab Creek Crab Hollow SF
Crab Hollow SF--Crab Hollow Rd. Pond Crab Meadow Beach
Cranberry Bog County Park Cranberry Lake
Cranberry Lake Biological Station (restricted access) Cranberry Lake Preserve
Cranberry Lake, East Inlet Cranberry Lake, Inlet Flow Lean-To
Cranberry Marsh Cranberry Mountain WMA
Cranberry Pond Nature Trail Cranberry Pond, Greece
Crandall Park Crane Mt., Johnsburg
Crawbuckie Nature Preserve Crawford Creek Road
Crawford Walking Trail Creamery Rd., Caroline
Creation Walk Nature Trail Creed Ankony Farm
Crescent Beach Park Crescent Beach Town Park
Crescent Beach, Greece Crescent Beach, Shelter Island
Crescent Park Crescent Park Trail
Crescent Power Plant Crescent Trail at Foley Rd.
Crescent Trail, Howell Rd. to Wakeman Rd. Crescent Trail, Perinton Parkway
Crescent Trail, Turk Hill Rd. to Lyndon Rd. Crestwood Lake, Yonkers
Crocheron Park Croil Island
Crooked Brook Pond, Dunkirk Crooked Creek Preserve--Macsherry Trail
Cross River Reservoir Cross River Reservoir, dam area
Cross Road Quarry, Oaks Corners Crossroads Park, Central Square
Croton Arboretum Croton Falls Reservoir, Magnetic Mine Rd.
Croton Falls Reservoir, Stoneleigh Ave. overlook Croton Gorge Park
Croton Gorge Park--Croton Dam Overlook Croton Gorge Unique Area
Croton Landing Park Croton Point Park
Croton Point Park--Croton RR Station Croton Point Park--Nature Center
Crotona Park Crown Point SHS--Camp Site, Fishing Pier
Crown Point State Historic Site Crown Point, open areas
Crown Point, peninsula Crusoe Lake and Farm
Crystal Lake (Sixtown Pond) Cuba Cemetery
Cuba Lake Culloden Point
Culver Road, Wet woodlands Cumberland Bay SP
Cumberland Head Ferry Dock Cumming Nature Center
Cumming Nature Center--Beaver Tower Cumming Nature Center--Pioneer Trail
Cunningham Park Cupsogue Beach County Park
Curtis Rd. and North Ave. Curtis Rd., NY 259 to NY 261
Custer Preserve Cutchogue (hamlet)
Cutler Botanic Garden D & H Canal Linear Park
DIL Woods Airport DUMBO, Brooklyn
DaCy Meadow Farm Trail -- CATS Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
Daisy Hollow Rd. wet meadows Daketown Forest
Dales Bridge Road farm pond Danby SF (Tioga Co.)
Danby SF (Tompkins Co.) Danby SF--Abbott Trail
Danby SF--Bald Hill Road Danby SF--Michigan Hollow Rd.
Danby SF--Michigan Hollow Rd., FLT Creek Area Danby SF--Signor Hill Rd.
Danby SF--Thatchers Pinnacles Dandy Mini Mart, Slaterville Springs
Daniel Davis Sanctuary Daniel J. Flynn Memorial Park
Daniel's Lane, Sagaponack Dann Blvd
Danner Family Preserve Darby Rd. & Kent Rd.
Darien Lakes SP Darien Lakes SP--Rte. 77 (Alleghany Road)
Darwin James Preserve (private) Dater Mtn Nature Park
Dater Mtn Nature Park--Kakiat Trail Davenport Nature Preserve
Davenport Park Davenport Sanctuary
David A Sarnoff State Pine Barrens Preserve David Weld Preserve
David's Lane, East Hampton Davids' Island (site of Fort Slocum)
Davos Point, Woodridge Day Hollow Rd. pond, Owego
Day Lily Lane, Sag Harbor De Groot Rd., Ft. Edward
De Lalio Sod Farm, Eastport (CR 51 X CR 111) DeRuyter Reservoir
DeRuyter Reservoir, south end DeWitt Clinton Park
DeWitt Marsh and Landfill Dead Creek (Scomotion Creek)
Dead Horse Bay, Marina Dead Horse Point
Dean's Pond Unit (DEP Recreation Permit Required) Deans Bridge, North Salem
Deans Cove State Marine Park Deans Pond, Marathon
Debar Park Rd. Deep Hollow Ranch
Deep Hollow Ranch--South Deep Hollow Rd. (Dutchess Co.)
Deer Creek Marsh WMA--Lake Trail Deer Leap Trail
Deer Lick Nature Sanctuary Deer Mt. Nature Trail
Deer Pond Farm, CT Audubon (Dutchess Co.) Deere Park
Deforest Lake Delafield Woods
Deland Drive and surroundings, Utica Delano-Hitch Park
Delaware Highlands Conservancy, NY Office Delaware Park
Delaware Park--Rumsey Woods Delaware Park--St. George Church
Delaware River Bridge, Downsville Delaware and Hudson (D&H) Canal, Wurtsboro
Delaware and Hudson Canal County Park Delphi Falls County Park
Delta Lake Delta Lake Dam
Delta Lake SP Delta Lake, Main St. Overlook
Delta Lake, Townline Road E of State Park Denison Park
Dennings Point SP Depew Park
Deposit (Delaware Co.) Depot Hill
Depot Road Park & Marsh Derby Hill Hawk Watch--North Lookout
Derby Hill Hawk Watch--South Lookout Derby Hill--wooded trails
Devils Hole SP Devries Park
Dewitt Park Dexter Marsh
Dexter Rd. Bog Dietz Rd.
Ditch Bank Rd., East Ditch Bank Rd., overall
Ditch Plains Beach Dix Mountain Wilderness--Round Pond
Dix Mtn. Doansburg Preserve
Dobbins Woods Preserve Dobbs Ferry (Westchester Co.)
Dock Rd., Old Steamshop Dock, Hague Dockside Park
Dodge Rd., Dryden Dog Corners Rd., Aurora
Dog Hill Dog Hill Rd. parking area
Dog Park, Thomaston Dome Island Memorial Sanctuary
Domino Park Donahue Memorial Park, Cornwall-on-Hudson
Donald J. Trump SP--French Hill Section Donald J. Trump SP--Indian Hill Section
Donnelley's Pier (aka Horseshoe Reef) Doran Rd., Lima
Dorchester Park Dosoris Pond, Glen Cove
Dotson Community Park Douglas Murray Agricultural Heritage Trail
Douglas Park Dover Plains Railroad Station
Dover Stone Church Dowmont Rd., Ft. Edward
Downing Park, Newburgh Downs Farm Preserve
Downsville (Delaware Co.) Downtown, Binghamton
Dr. Nathan Cohen Elementary-Middle School Complex Drake Lake
Drake Rd., Lansing Drayton Grant Park at Burger Hill
Dred Scott Bird Sanctuary (Grant Park) Drowned Lands Swamp Conservation Area
Dry Brook Ridge Wild Forest--Dry Brook Ridge Trail Dryden Gas Pipeline Access Cut
Dryden Lake Dryden Lake, north woods
Dryden Rail Trail--Freeville to George Rd. Dryden Rail Trail--George Rd to Springhouse Rd
Dryden Rail Trail--Pinckney Rd to Route 366 Dubois Rd, Trumansburg
Dubos Point Duck Hole Trail
Duck Pond Park, Croton-on-Hudson Duckpond Drive Park
Dune Beach, Southampton Dune Rd., Dolphin Lane
Dune Rd., Road I Dune Rd., Road K
Dune Rd., Tiana Beach Dune Rd., Triton Lane
Dunham Bay Marsh Dunkirk Airport (DKK)
Dunkirk Beach, Lake Front Blvd. Dunkirk Harbor
Dunlop Meadow Natural Area Dunn Bay
Dunwoodie Golf Course Durand Preserve
Durand-Eastman Park Durand-Eastman Park--Durand Beach
Durand-Eastman Park--Durand Lake Durand-Eastman Park--Eastman Lake
Durand-Eastman Park--Golf course Durand-Eastman Park--Hoffman Rd.
Durand-Eastman Park--Hoffman Rd. extension Durand-Eastman Park--Horseshoe Rd.
Durand-Eastman Park--Log Cabin Rd. Durand-Eastman Park--Pat Lake
Durand-Eastman Park--Sherry Pond Durand-Eastman Park--Tamarack Swamp
Durand-Eastman Park--VanLare WWTP Durand-Eastman Park--W of Eastman Lake
Durand-Eastman Park--West Durand-Eastman Park--Zoo Rd.
Durfee Hill Rd. Durland Preserve
Dutch Broadway Park Dutchess County Fairgrounds
Dutchess Park Lake Dutchess Rail Trail--Diddell Rd. to Titusville Rd.
Dutchess Rail Trail--Lake Walton Dutchess Rail Trail--Rt. 55 to Rt. 44
Dutchess Rail Trail--Titusville Rd. to Rt. 55 Dutchman's Landing
Dwaas Kill Nature Preserve Dwarf Pine Barrens Preserve
Dwyer Memorial Park Dyckman Farmhouse
Dyken Pond EEC Dyker Beach Park
EECO Farm (private), East Hampton EPCAL (Grumman)
EPCAL (Grumman)--McKay Lake Eagle Bay
Eagle Lake (Essex Co.) Eagle Overlook, Grand Island
Eagle Valley Rd., Sloatsburg Earl W. Brydges Artpark SP
Earlville Lake, Hamilton Earth School, East Village
East Ava Road wetland, Ava East Bay
East Branch Reservoir (Putnam Co.) East Branch Rest Area, Hancock
East Branch Sacandaga River, Bridge & Overlook East Elmhurst, 78th St. btwn Ditmars and Astoria
East Farm Preserve East Hampton (Suffolk Co.)
East Hampton Main Beach East Hampton Village Nature Trail and Wildlife Sanctuary
East Harlem (N of 96th & E of 5th Ave.) East Irvington Nature Preserve
East Ithaca Nature Preserve East Ithaca Recreation Way
East Kingston, Scenic Hudson East Lawn Cemetery
East Manitou Rd., overlook East Meadow High School
East Meadow Pond East Millpond, Forge River
East Northport Middle School East River Esplanade, 60th-84th St.
East River Park, Manhattan East River State Park (Brooklyn)
East River, 34th St. to Pier 11 East River, Brooklyn Bridge to Colears Hook
East River, Brooklyn Bridge to S.I. Ferry East River, Pier 11 to Pier 6
East Rumbrook Park East Setauket Pond Park
East Shore Dr. Pull-off East Shore Park
East Side of 1251 6th Ave.; 49th-50th St., Manhattan East Tyre Rd. pastures
Eastern Heights Park Eastern Long Island Kampground, Greenport
Eastport Conservation Area Eastport Lake (aka Seatuck Creek)
Eaton Brook Eaton Reservoir
Ecovillage at Ithaca Eddyville Pond & Wetlands, btwn Canal St. & Mountain Road
Edgar Avenue, Brookhaven Edgar Wadhams Homestead and Pond
Edgemere Dr., 1710 Edgemere Landfill (restricted access)
Edgewood Oak Brush Plains Preserve Edith G. Read Wildlife Sanctuary
Edith G. Read Wildlife Sanctuary--HQ Edith Macy Conference Center
Edward Vincent Ecker, Sr. County Park Edward W. Cahill Memorial Park
Edwards Ave. Sod Fields Edwards Hill Rd.
Edwards Lake Cliff Preserve Egypt Park, Perinton
Egypt Rd. and Potato Hill Rd. Eibs Pond Park
Eichybush Rd. Grassland, Kinderhook Eighteenmile Creek Park
Eisenhower Park El Dorado Beach Preserve
Elba Mucklands Eldridge Park
Eldridge Wilderness Preserve Eleanor Roosevelt NHS (Val-kill)
Electric Lake, Schaghticoke Elizabeth A. Morton NWR
Elizaville Diner Pond Elks Brox Memorial Park
Ellicott Creek Park Ellicott Rd. (Niagara Co.)
Ellicottville Central School playfield scrub edge Ellis Hollow Community Center
Ellis Hollow Preserve (FLLT) Ellis Hollow Rd. marsh
Ellis Island (NY) Ellis Lake
Ellis Rd., Levanna Ellis Rd., waterfront (Richmond Co.)
Ellison Park Ellison Park Disc Golf Course
Elm Avenue Park Elm Beach Rd.
Elm Flats Wetland Preserve--Elm Flats Elm Flats Wetland Preserve--Ted and Deborah First
Elm St. Ext., Groton Elma Meadows County Park
Elma Village Green Park Elmira College
Elmira Corning Regional Airport Elmira Dam
Elmira Holiday Inn Elmira WTP Outflow
Elmlawn Memorial Park Elmwood Park
Ely Park Emerson Park
Emerson Resort and Spa Emery County Park
Emma Rose Elliston Park Emmanuel and Frances Freund Wildlife Sanctuary
Emmons Pond Bog Preserve Empire Fulton Ferry
Empire Park, Webster Empire State Building
Ensign Pond Erasmus Hall High School
Erie Basin Marina Erie Basin Park, IKEA (Brooklyn)
Erie Canal Bike Trail, Little Falls Erie Canal Heritage Trail
Erie Canal Lock 15, Fort Plain Erie Canal SP--Lock 21
Erie Canal at Schoen Place, Pittsford Erie Canal, Abbey Park, Lyons
Erie Canal, Fayetteville Erie Canal, Harder Canal Park, Arcadia
Erie Canal, Lock 14, Canajoharie Erie Canal, Lock 28A, Lyons
Erie Canal, Macedon Canal Park Erie Canal, Newark Canal Park and trail, Edgett St.
Erie Canal, Palmyra Aqueduct Park Erie Canal, Palmyra Wetland Nature Trail loop
Erie Canal, Rte. 31 Erie Canal, Schwab Rd.
Erie Canal, Swift's Landing Park, Palmyra Erie Canal, T. Spencer Knight Canal Port, Arcadia
Erie Canal, Upper Level Lock 25 and Clyde River Erie Canal, Wayneport Rd., Macedon
Erie Canal, Wide Waters (Wayne Co.) Erie Canal, Wide Waters Trail W of Port Gibson Rd.
Erie Community College (South Campus)--NW Side Erie County Forest
Erie-Attica Trail Erlandson Overview Park
Ernest R. Lasher Memorial Park, Germantown Erwin WMA
Erwin WMA--entrance area at Smith Hill Rd. Esopus Bend Nature Preserve
Esopus Creek near Town of Hurley Esopus Creek, DEC Fishing Access Point
Esopus Creek, NY-28 pulloff Esopus Meadows Lighthouse Park
Esopus Meadows Preserve Essex Crossing Public Park
Essex Ferry Dock Esty St.
Ethical Culture Fieldston School Campus Etna FLLT Preserve
Etna Rd., Dryden Eugene and Agnes Meyer Preserve
Eva and Harlan Braman Preserve Evangola SP
Evangola SP--Campgrounds & Pond Evangola SP--Marsh
Evangola SP--Nature Center Everton Falls Preserve
Exchange St. Bridge Exeter SF--Curley Rd. x Allen Rd.
F.J. and G. Rail Trail, Johnstown FDR Drive btwn 38-42nd St. incl. U Thant Is.
Faber Park Factory St. Pond, Union Springs
Fair Haven Beach SP Fair Haven Beach SP--Drumlin Campground
Fair Haven Beach SP--east breakwall Fairmount Park
Fairview Park Fall Creek Rd. wetlands
Fall Creek Valley North Natural Area Falling Waters Preserve
Fallkill County Park Falls View Park
Fallsburg Creek Preserve Fancher Davidge Park
Farleys Point (private) Farm Pond off US 20 (NY 5) W of Lima
Farmbrook Trails, Farmington Farmersville State Forest
Farmingdale State College Farrington Hollow Rd., Marsh
Father Macris Park Fayle Road
Feathers Creek Road Featherstonhaugh SF
Feeder Ditch Ferds Bog
Ferguson Rd., Dryden Ferncliff Forest
Ferry Dr., Rexford Ferry Lane, Stillwater
Ferry Point Park Fiddlehead Grove
Fiddlers Green Preserve Fidlers Pond
Field Farmstead Preserve Field of Dreams Greenbelt
Fillmore Glen SP Financial District; below Chambers St.
Finch Hollow Nature Center Findley Lake
Findley Lake Nature Center Findley Lake, north section
Findley Lake, south section Fineview Golf Course
Finger Lakes Community College (Ontario Co.) Finger Lakes Community College (Wayne Co. Campus)
Finger Lakes Community College--Upper Trail (Ontario Co.) Finger Lakes NF
Finger Lakes NF--Ames Rd. Finger Lakes NF--Ballard Pond
Finger Lakes NF--Blueberry Patch Campground Finger Lakes NF--Burdick Pond
Finger Lakes NF--Burdick Rd. Finger Lakes NF--Burnt Hill Rd.
Finger Lakes NF--Caywood Pt. Finger Lakes NF--Cherry Tree Trail
Finger Lakes NF--Chicken Coop Rd. Fields and Backbone Trail Finger Lakes NF--Dean Rd. Grasslands
Finger Lakes NF--Foster Pond area Finger Lakes NF--Gorge Trail
Finger Lakes NF--Horton Pasture and Interloken Trail Finger Lakes NF--Lodi Center Road at S. Seneca Road
Finger Lakes NF--Neal Rd. Finger Lakes NF--No Nan-Takto Trail
Finger Lakes NF--Pierson Pasture Finger Lakes NF--Potomac Group Campground
Finger Lakes NF--Potomac Wildlife Ponds Finger Lakes NF--Ravine Trail
Finger Lakes NF--Seneca Co. Grasslands Finger Lakes NF--South Seneca Rd. (Seneca Co.)
Finger Lakes NF--South Slope Trail Finger Lakes NF--South Velie Pasture
Finger Lakes NF--Teeter Pond Area Finger Lakes NF--Townsend Rd., forested area
Finger Lakes NF--Traphagen Rd. Finger Lakes NF--West Covert Rd.
Finger Lakes NF--Wilkens Rd. Fields Finger Lakes Regional Airport (0G7)
Finger Lakes Trail, Carson Rd. Finger Lakes Trail, E of Satterly Hill Rd.
Finger Lakes Trail--Texas Hollow to S Hill Fingerlakes NF--No-Nan-Takto Trail S of Townsend Rd.
Fingerlakes NF--Townsend Rd. Grasslands Finlay-Wolf Pond Preserve
Fire Island Pines Fire Island--Atlantique
Fire Island--Barrett Beach Fire Island--Cherry Grove
Fire Island--Davis Park Fire Island--Fair Harbor
Fire Island--Hawk Watch Fire Island--Kismet
Fire Island--Lighthouse Fire Island--Lighthouse Beach
Fire Island--Ocean Beach Fire Island--Old Inlet, Bellport Bay
Fire Island--Sailors Haven Fire Island--Sailors Haven to Cherry Grove
Fire Island--Saltaire Fire Island--Sunken Forest
Fire Island--Watch Hill Fire Island--Water Island (hamlet)
Fire Island--Wilderness East Fire Island--Wilderness West
Firehouse Woods Fireplace Beach
Fireplace Neck Tidal Wetlands First Bible Baptist Church ponds, Greece
First Calvary Cemetery Fischer Old-Growth Forest (CBGNA)
Fish Creek Marina Fish Creek Pond Campground
Fish Creek WMA Fish Gulf Rd.
Fish Hatchery, Caledonia Fish Pond--Lean-to
Fisher Lane (Westchester Co.) Fishermans Ln.
Fishers Island Fishers Island to New London Ferry (Suffolk Co.)
Fishers Island--Barley Field Cove Fishers Island--Barley Field Preserve
Fishers Island--East Harbor Fishers Island--East Point
Fishers Island--Isabella Beach Fishers Island--Middle Farms Pond
Fishers Island--Race Point Fishers Island--Silver Eel Preserve
Fishers Island--South Beach Fishers Landing
Fishers Park Fishkill Ridge Conservation Area
Fitch Bridge Fishing Access Fitzgerald Rd. (Schuyler Co.)
Fitzpatrick Dr., Ft. Edward Five Islands Park
Five Rivers EEC Fjordland Forest, Watkins Glen
Flatbush - Ditmas Park (Kings Co.) Flax Pond, Old Field
Fleets Cove Beach Park Fleischmann's Pier Park
Flemingville gravel pit Flight Lock Rd., Waterford boat launch
Flint (Casella) Landfill Flint Mine Rd., off US 9W (E-W)
Floodwood Rd. Floral Park Cemetery
Florence Ave, Oyster Bay Flowed Lands
Floyd Bennett Field Floyd Bennett Field--Boat Launch
Floyd Bennett Field--Community Gardens Floyd Bennett Field--Cricket Field area
Floyd Bennett Field--Ecology Village Area Floyd Bennett Field--End of Archery Rd.
Floyd Bennett Field--NE Corner Floyd Bennett Field--North Forty Preserve
Floyd Bennett Field--Return-a-Gift Pond Floyd Bennett Field--South Entrance
Flushing Airport Flushing International High School
Flushing Meadows Corona Park Flushing Meadows Corona Park--Meadow Lake
Flushing Meadows Corona Park--Meridian Rd. Circle (Museum, Unisphere etc.) Flushing Meadows Corona Park--Porpoise Bridge
Flushing Meadows Corona Park--Queens Zoo Flushing Meadows Corona Park--Willow Lake
Fly Creek at CR74 and 74A, Greenwich Foley Rd.
Ford Hill, Lansing Fordham University (Rose Hill Campus)
Forest City Community Park Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica
Forest Home Parkway Forest Lawn Cemetery
Forest Lawn Cemetery--Mirror Lake Forest Park
Forest Park Golf Course Forest Park, Camden
Forest Park--Strack Pond Forest Park--Waterhole
Forest Rd. Lakewatch, Henderson Forestbrook Property
Forestdale Rd. (Clinton Co.) Forge River
Forked Lake Campground Forsyth Park and Nature Center
Forsythe Meadow County Park Fort Drum
Fort Greene Park Fort Hill Cemetery, Montauk
Fort Miller Rd. at Green Street Fort Montgomery
Fort Niagara SP Fort Niagara SP--Boat Launch
Fort Niagara SP--Old Fort Niagara Fort Ontario Park
Fort Pond (south arm), Montauk Fort Pond (west arm), Montauk
Fort Pond Bay Fort Pond, Montauk
Fort Salonga (Suffolk Co.) Fort Ticonderoga
Fort Tilden Fort Tilden--Battery Harris Platform
Fort Tilden--Fishermans Parking Lot Fort Tilden--Rocky Point Marsh
Fort Totten Park Fort Tryon Park
Fort Wadsworth Fort Washington Park (W 155th St. to Dyckman St.)
Fort Washington Park--Dyckman St. Boat Marina Fort de la Presentation
Foster Memorial Town Beach Foster Pond C, Elmira
Founders Landing Fountain Avenue Landfill
Four Brothers Islands Preserve Four Mile Creek Preserve
Four Mile Creek SP Four Mile Point Preserve
Four Sparrow Marsh Fox Hill Rd., Edinburg
Fox Hollow Preserve Fox Preserve
Fox Rd. X Yellow Mills Rd., Farmington Francis Gabreski Airport
Francis Lewis Park Francis Pond Preserve
Frank Melville Memorial Park and Mill Pond Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk and Beach
Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site Franklin D. Roosevelt SP
Franklin D. Roosevelt SP--Mohansic Lake Franklin Gulf County Park
Franklin Mountain, DOAS Sanctuary Franklin Pond Preserve (restricted access)
Franklin-Fels Nature Sanctuary Franklins Falls Rd., fields (private)
Franklinton Vlaie Franny Reese SP
Franz Sigel Park Frazer Drive Park
Fred Dill Wildlife Sanctuary Fred Dill Wildlife Sanctuary--Carmel Marsh
Frederick Douglass Memorial Park Frederick P. Rose Preserve
Fredonia (Chautauqua Co.) Freeport's Nautical Mile
Freese Rd., Cornell Community Garden Plots Freese Rd., Dryden
Freese Rd., Liddell Lab and Ponds Freeville Marshes
French Creek Preserve French Creek WMA
French Rd. Fresh Creek Park
Fresh Pond Preserve Fresh Pond, Fort Salonga
Freshkills Park Freshkills Park--East Mound
Freshkills Park--North Mound Freshkills Park--South Mounds
Freshkills Park--West Mound Frey Rd. and NY 31F, pond
Frisbee Hill Frog Island WMA
Frontenac Harbor Marina (private) Frontenac Park
Frontenac Pt. Frost Valley YMCA
Frost Valley YMCA--Farm Camp Frozen Ocean SF
Ft. Edward Grasslands IBA Ft. Miller (hamlet)
Ft. Miller Rd. Fuchs Pond Preserve
Fuertes Bird Sanctuary (Renwick Woods) Fulling Mill Farm Preserve
Fulton County Airport, Johnstown Fulton Locks
Furnace Point Rd. Further Lane (fields), East Hampton
Future road trail, Ithaca Gabel Rd.
Gadway Sandstone Pavement Barrens Preserve Gaius M. Cook Memorial Park
Galen WMA (Marengo Marsh) Galeville Town Park
Gallagher Beach Galway Lake
Galway Nature Preserve Ganargua Creek Meadow Preserve
Ganondagan SHS Ganondagan SHS--Fort Hill site
Ganondagan SHS--Trout Brook Trail Ganondagan SHS--survey pt. (Bluestem Unit, 4.7)
Ganondagan SHS--survey pt. (Bluestem Unit, 4.8) Ganondagan SHS--survey pt. (Bobolink Unit, 8.13)
Ganondagan SHS--survey pt. (Dogwood Unit, 3.6) Ganondagan SHS--survey pt. (Farmhouse area, 7.12)
Ganondagan SHS--survey pt. (Fort Hill, 5.10) Ganondagan SHS--survey pt. (Fort Hill, 5.9)
Ganondagan SHS--survey pt. (Hickory Unit, 6.11) Ganondagan SHS--survey pt. (Oak Unit, 1.1)
Ganondagan SHS--survey pt. (Oak Unit, 1.2) Ganondagan SHS--survey pt. (Oak Unit, 1.3)
Ganondagan SHS--survey pt. (Oak Unit, 1.4) Ganondagan SHS--survey pt. (Pollinator Grassland, 2.5)
Gantry Plaza SP Garden City (Nassau Co.)
Garden City Bird Sanctuary Garden Plaza Hotel - Catskill Mountain train tracks
Gardiner County Park Gardner Road X Baker Hill Road, Apalachin
Gargoyle Park Garnet Lake
Garnsey Park Garrison Institute
Garrison Landing Historic District Garrison School Forest
Garvies Point Preserve Garvies Point Preserve--beach
Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Hawthorne Gateway Landing Park
Gateway Plaza Gaymark Preserve
Geddes Brook wetland Gedney Park
Geiger Rd., marsh Genegantslet Creek and Five Streams crossing
Genegantslet SF--Whitling Rd. General Theological Seminary
Genesee Country Village & Museum Genesee County Airport (GVQ)
Genesee County Park and Forest Genesee River at Fowlerville Rd.
Genesee River at River St. Genesee River, Riverwalk Plaza
Genesee St. (NY 63), flooded field & marsh, Piffard Genesee Valley Greenway, Belfast
Genesee Valley Greenway, NY 5 to US 20 Genesee Valley Greenway, York Landing Rd.
Genesee Valley Greenway, pond, Leicester Genesee Valley Greenway--Chandler Rd.
Genesee Valley Park Genesee Valley Park--north
Genesee Valley WMA, Town of Portage Geneseo Airfield
Geneseo River Access Park (Riverside Dr.) Genet Creek Marina, Sag Harbor
Geneva Community Center trails Geneva Country Club, Lakewatch (Seneca Co.)
Geneva Experiment Station Geneva Lakefront Park, land (Ontario Co.)
Geneva Lakefront Park, offshore (Seneca Co.) Genung Nature Preserve (FLLT)
George F. Johnson Elementary School George F. Johnson Library
George Freer Memorial Beach George Rd. Pond (destroyed)
Georges Island Park Georgica Beach, East Hampton
Georgica Cove Hollow Georgica Inlet, East Hampton
Georgica Pond, East Hampton Gerber Top Soil
Gerritsen Beach--Shell Bank Creek Ghost Pond
Giant Mountain Gibbs Pond
Gibson Hill Road (Allegany Co.) Gilbert Creek
Gilbert Lake SP Gilboa Dam
Gilgo Beach Gilgo Beach--bay side (parking lot)
Glasco Mini Park Glazier Preserve and Arboretum
Glazier Trail Gleason Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary
Gleason Hill Road, East-West Gleason Hill Road, North-South
Glen Island Park Glen Lake (Warren Co.)
Glen Meal SF Glenda Farrell-Henry Ross Preserve
Glenmere Lake Glens Falls Canalway Trail
Glenville Woods Park Preserve Glenwood Cemetery, Geneva
Glenwood Lake Glenwood Pines Restaurant
Glimmerglass SP Glor Rd. Pond
Gloria Dr Glover Field Complex
Glynwood Farm Goddard Park
Godfrey Point DEC Boat Launch Goetchius FLLT Preserve
Goethals Bridge Pond Goethals Bridge Pond--Goethals Homes
Goethals Bridge Pond--Observation Platform Goff Rd., Saratoga (town)
Golden Hill SF Golden Hill SP
Golden Swan Garden Goldricks Landing
Goldsmiths Inlet Goldsmiths Inlet County Park
Good Luck Lake Goodale Lake
Goodhue Woods Goodnow Mountain, Newcomb
Goose Chase Pond Goose Haven (private)
Goose Pond Mountain SP Goose Pond Mountain SP--Boardwalk
Goshen (village) Gosnell Big Woods Preserve
Gothics Gouinlock Pond Preserve
Governors Island (closed to public 1-Nov thru 30-Apr-2020) Grace Estate
Graff Audubon Sanctuary Grafton Lakes SP
Grafton Lakes SP--Dunham Reservoir Grafton Lakes SP--Long Pond Trail
Grafton Lakes SP--Mill Pond Grafton Lakes SP--Shaver Pond Nature Center
Graham Hills Park Gramercy Park (private park)
Gramlich Bird Sanctuary Grand Army Plaza, Pulitzer Fountain (grackle roost)
Grand Island Grand Lake Reserve
Grandview Park, Greece Grange Hall Road, Northumberland
Granite Knolls Park Graniteville Tree Swamp
Grant Houses, Morningside Heights Grant Park, Hewlett
Grant's Tomb and Claremont Park Playground Grass Point SP
Grassy Pond Trail Gratwick Waterfront Park
Gravel Pit, Wainscott Woods Gravel Rd. pond
Gravel Rd. swamp Gravesend Bay
Gravesend Bay, Shore Parkway Greenway Trail Gravesend Bay, middle parking lot
Gravesend Bay, southern parking lot Gravesend Park
Gravesville Marsh--Rt. 28 Gray Rd., btwn CR 25 and W 1st St.
Great Baehre Swamp WMA Great Bear Recreation Area
Great Bend Park Great Blue Heron Rookery, Bedford
Great Chazy River Boat Launch Great Flats Nature Preserve
Great Gull Island Great Gully Pond and Cayuga Castle
Great Gully Preserve Great Kills Park
Great Kills Park--Crookes Point Great Kills Park--Mudflats
Great Neck Estates Park Great Neck South Campus
Great Pond Great Sacandaga Lake
Great Sacandaga Lake, Grandview Marina Great Sacandaga Lake, West Day
Great South Bay Great Swamp CEA (Critically Endangered Area)
Great Swamp CEA--Appalachian Trail Boardwalk Great Swamp Conservancy
Great Swamp, Patterson Great Thicket NWR (pka Nellie Hill Preserve)
Great Vly WMA (Greene Co.) Great Vly WMA--West Camp Rd.
Greece Canal Park Greece Canal Park--Red Trail (pond side)
Greek Peak Mountain Resort Greeley Square Park
Green Flats Rd. Green Hills Cemetery, Dryden
Green Lakes SP Green Lakes SP--Rolling Hills
Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn Green-Wood Cemetery--Dell Water
Greenacre Park (51st St. E of 3rd Ave.) Greenbelt Nature Center
Greenburgh Nature Center Greenfield Center Wild Area
Greenpoint, Brooklyn Greenport Conservation Area
Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve Greenwood Cemetery (Niagara Co.)
Greenwood County Park Greenwood Creek State Forest
Greenwood Lake (NY) Greenwood SF
Greenwood Union Cemetery Griffis Sculpture Park
Griffith Preserve Griffon Park
Griffs Gulf SF--Rockefeller Rd. Griggs Gulf SF
Grindstone Island Grippen Park
Grisamore Farms Grist Mill Pond, Stony Brook
Grossman Preserve Grove Cemetery, Coeymans
Grove St. Fishing Access Groveland Flats
Groveland Hill Rd Pond Guard Hill Preserve
Guggenheim Preserve Guilford Lake
Gulf Rd., S of US 20 Gull Bay Preserve
Gully Rd., S of Old Seneca Turnpike (CR 133) Gumaer Falls Rd., Wurtsboro
Guthrie Corning Hospital Pond Gypsum Ponds
Haas Sanctuary Hackley School Nature Trails
Hadley Mtn. Hadley Pond
Half Moon Bay and shoreline Halfmoon Town Park, Rt. 236
Halfway House Road, Oxford Halle Ravine Preserve
Hallockville SP Halls Corners Rd. Grasslands
Halls Corners Rd. Marshy Area Halls Pond Park
Halsey Neck Pond, Southampton Hamburg Hawk Watch
Hamburg Rd., Catskill Hamburg Town Park
Hamilton Beach (Queens Co.) Hamilton Brown Road, Bridgeport
Hamilton College--Kirkland Woods Hamilton Fish Park
Hamilton Rd., Athens Hamlin Beach SP
Hamlin Beach SP--Campground area Hamlin Beach SP--Devil's Nose trails
Hamlin Beach SP--Howden Pond Hamlin Beach SP--Parking Area No. 5
Hamlin Beach SP--Parking Lot No. 1 (Winter Lakewatch) Hamlin Beach SP--Parking Lot No. 4 (Primary Lakewatch site)
Hamlin Beach SP--Yanty Creek Marsh Hamlin Marsh WMA
Hamlin Marsh WMA--Wetzel Rd. Blind Hamlin Parma Townline Rd. and Moul Rd.
Hammond Hill SF Hammond Hill SF--Star Stanton Rd.
Hampton Bays (water tower) Hamptonburgh Preserve
Hancock Airpark Hand Hollow Conservation Area
Hanford Road, East Meredith Hanging Bog WMA
Hanging Rock Falls Hanging Rock Falls, upstream
Hanley Biological Field Preserve (restricted access) Hannacroix Creek Preserve
Hannacroix Ravine Preserve Hanshaw Rd. fields
Hanshaw Rd. pond Happy Valley WMA
Harbor Hill Sanctuary Harbor Island Park, Mamaroneck
Hardscrabble Road, Three Mile Bay Hardscrabble Wilderness Area
Harlem River, 107th-125th St. Harlem River, 125th-145th St.
Harlem River, 90th-107th St. Harlem River, Pier 107
Harlem Valley Rail Trail--Black Grocery Rd Harlem Valley Rail Trail--Coleman Sta. to Downey Rd.
Harlem Valley Rail Trail--Copake Falls to Under Mountain Rd. Harlem Valley Rail Trail--Downey Rd. to Main St. in Millerton
Harlem Valley Rail Trail--Hillsdale to Black Grocery Rd. Harlem Valley Rail Trail--Mechanic St. to Sharon Station Rd.
Harlem Valley Rail Trail--Orphan Farm Rd. to Copake Falls, Columbia, US-NY Harlem Valley Rail Trail--Sharon Station Rd. to Sheffield Hill Rd.
Harold Moore Park Harrier Hill Park
Harriet Hollister Spencer Recreation Area Harriet Tubman National Historical Park
Harriman SP (Orange Co.) Harriman SP (Rockland Co.)
Harriman SP--Anthony Wayne Recreation Area Harriman SP--Beaver Pond Campground
Harriman SP--Elk Pen Harriman SP--Green Pond
Harriman SP--Island Pond Harriman SP--Lake Sebago Boat Launch
Harriman SP--Lake Skannatati Harriman SP--Lake Tiorati
Harriman SP--Lake Welch Harriman SP--Lily Pond
Harriman SP--Sebago Beach Recreation Area Harriman SP--Seven Lakes Parkway
Harriman SP--Silver Mine Lake Harriman, Metro North Station
Harriman-Bear Mountain SP--Popolopen Torne Loop Harris Hill Park
Harris Hill Park--North Picnic Area Harris Hill Park--Overlook
Harris Hill SF Harris Hill--West Gorge
Harris Park, Cayuga Harris Public Conservation Area
Harris Rd., Gansevoort Harrison Pond Park
Hart Cove, Moriches Bay Hartland Swamp WMA
Harts Brook Nature Preserve Hart’s Woods
Harvey Mountain SF Harwick Rd., Irondequoit (Varied Thrush 2015)
Hatch Creek SF--State Land Rd. Hatch Lake
Haven's Beach, Sag Harbor Havens Family Cemetery, North Haven
Haverstraw Bay County Park Hawkins Pond SF--Hawkins Pond
Hawks Rd., Genesee River Hawleys Lake
Hawthorn Orchard and East Ithaca Rec. Way Hawthorne Valley
Hawtree Creek Hayground Cove, Watermill
Head of Georgica, East Hampton Head of Pond Rd., Water Mill
Head of the Neck Rd., sod farm Heart Island
Heart Island--Boldt Castle Hearth & Harmony Ballfield
Heartt Ave. & River St., Cohoes Heaven Hill Trails
Heckscher Park, Huntington Heckscher SP, East Islip
Hector Falls Hector Falls Marsh
Hedges Lake Heiberg Forest--Blue Trail East
Heiberg Forest--Pond 2 Helderberg Hudson Rail Trail--Albany to Slingerlands
Helderberg Hudson Rail Trail--Slingerlands to Voorheesville Helderberg Lake
Helen McNitt SP Helmer Nature Center
Hemlock Brook Preserve Hemlock Lake Park
Hemlock Lake, north boat launch and trail Hemlock Lake, south (Livingston Co.)
Hemlock Lake, south (Ontario Co.) Hemlock-Canadice SF (Ontario Co.)
Hemlock-Canadice SF--Canadice Outlet at Purcell Hill Rd. Hempstead Harbor Park
Hempstead Harbor Shoreline Trail, May Newburger Cove Hempstead Lake SP
Hempstead Lake SP--north end Hempstead Lake SP--south end
Hempstead Plains Preserve Henderson Bay
Hendrix Creek Henry Gerber Reist Wildlife Sanctuary
Henry Hudson Park Henry Ingraham Nature Preserve
Henry Morgenthau Preserve Herald Square Park
Hercules Mudflats Heritage Park (Blissenbach Marina)
Heritage Trail, Chester (Orange Co.) Herkimer Reservoir, Lane Road Overlook
Herman Griem Park Herman Rd. wetlands
Heron Park, Centerport Herricks Pond Park
Herrington Pond Hewitt Eddy Trail
Hiawatha Island Hibiscus Harbor
Hickock Brook Hickories Park
Hickory Flats, Route 322, Dayton Hickory Hill Campground
Hickory Ridge area Hidden Pond Park
Hidden Ponds Preserves and Trails Hidden Quarry Trail
High Acres Nature Area High Banks Preserve (Chi-wan-da), Scenic Hudson
High Falls Lean-To High Falls Pond, Croghan
High Falls--CR 6 and Mohonk Rd. (fields) High Line Park
High Line Park--30th-34th St. High Line Park--Gansevoort St.-30th St.
High Peaks Golf Course High Rock Park
High Rock Park--Moses Mt. High Tor SP
High Tor WMA High Tor WMA--Big Pond
High Tor WMA--Clarks Gully High Tor WMA--Forested Area
High Tor WMA--Sunnyside Rd. High Tor WMA--West River
High Vista Preserve FLLT Highbridge Park--N of Alexander Hamilton Bridge
Highbridge Park--S of Alexander Hamilton Bridge Highland Ave. Ext. (Maples Rd.-North St.)
Highland Cemetery, Richford Highland Forest Park
Highland Forest Park--North Glen Highland Lakes SP
Highland Mills (Orange Co.) Highland Park (Brooklyn)
Highland Park (Broome Co.) Highland Park (Queens Co.)
Highland Park, Rochester Highland Park, Rochester--Pinetum
Highland Rd., N of Rock City Rd., Old Chatham Highlands Forge Lake
Higley Flow SP Hile School Rd. wetland, Dryden
Hill Higher SF Hillcrest Pits
Hillcrest Rd., Lansing Hillsdale railbed--Hillsdale, NY
Hillside Cemetery Hillside Lake
Hillside Woods & Children's Village Hilltop Hanover Farm
Hillview Rd. wetland, Danby Hillview Reservoir (restricted access)
Hinchcliff Family Preserve (FLLT) Hinckley Dam
Hinckley Reservoir (Herkimer Co.) Hinckley Reservoir, Military Rd.
Hinds Rd., btwn. Rt. 197 and Mahaffey Rd. Hinds Rd., btwn. Townline Rd. and Mahaffey Rd.
Hipp Brook Preserve Hitchins Bog
Hitchins Pond Hither Hills SP
Hither Hills SP--Campground Hither Hills SP--Walking Dunes
Hither Woods SP Hobart Beach Park, Eatons Neck
Hobart and William Smith Colleges Hoffman Center Nature Preserve
Hoffman Creek Flood Control Dam Hoffman Island
Hofstra University Hog Hole (Allan H. Treman State Marine Park)
Hogan Point Rd. Hogan Point Rd., pond and flooded field
Hogback Rd. (Colvin's pond), Savannah Hogback Rd. (N end), Savannah
Hogback Swamp Hogsback Rd., Nedrow (hamlet)
Hoisington Brook Outlet Holland Veterans Memorial Town Park
Hollins Preserve, East Islip Hollister Lake
Hollyhock Hollow Sanctuary Holt Preserve
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery--east of Lake Ave. Holy Sepulchre Cemetery--west of Lake Ave.
Hommocks Conservation Area Honeoye Creek WMA--CR 15
Honeoye Creek WMA--Central Unit Honeoye Falls Custom BrewCrafters Pond
Honeoye Inlet WMA, Canadice Honeoye Lake
Honeoye Lake State Marine Park--Boat Launch Honeywell's Onondaga Lake Visitor's Center
Honoco Rd., Aurora Hook Mountain
Hook Pond Hoosick Falls River Trail
Hope Cemetery, Corning Hope Goddard Iselin Preserve
Hope Lake, Virgil Hopkins Mt.
Horseheads High School Horseheads Marsh
Horseheads Marsh--South End Horsemill Ln.
Horseshoe Lake, east shore Horseshoe Lake, west shore
Hortons Point Hosbach Trail
Hoskins Woods Preserve (TNC), Phelps Houck Mountain Rd.
Houghton College Houghton Land Preserve (FLLT)
Hovey Pond Park Hovey's Island
Howard Beach (Queens Co.) Howd Road, Camden
Howell Meadow Preserve Hoyt Farm Town Park
Hubbard County Park Huck Finn Little League Park
Huckleberry Bog Trail Huckleberry Swamp
Hudson Canyon (Atlantic Ocean) Hudson Crossing Park
Hudson Highlands Gateway Park Hudson Highlands SP--Anthonys Nose
Hudson Highlands SP--Little Stony Point Hudson Highlands SP--Mt. Taurus (aka Bull Hill)
Hudson Highlands SP--Pollepel Island (Bannerman's Island) Hudson Highlands SP--Sugarloaf Trail and Osborn Loop
Hudson Pointe Nature Preserve Hudson River Greenway--145th-155th St.
Hudson River Greenway--14th St. Park Hudson River Greenway--22nd-29th St.
Hudson River Greenway--29th-42nd St. Hudson River Greenway--Chambers to W Houston St.
Hudson River Greenway--Chelsea Piers (14th-22nd St.) Hudson River Greenway--Clinton Cove (54th-59th St.)
Hudson River Greenway--Greenwich Village (W Houston-14th St.) Hudson River Greenway--Pier 25 (N Moore St.)
Hudson River Greenway--Pier 54 vicinity (W 13th St.) Hudson River Greenway--Pier 64 (W 24th St)
Hudson River Greenway--Pier 83 (W 43rd St.) Hudson River Greenway--Pier 84 (W 44th St.)
Hudson River Shoreline Preserve Hudson River at River Rd., Melrose (NY)
Hudson River waterfront, Tarrytown Hudson River, Midtown to Hoboken Ferry (NY)
Hudson Shelf Valley (Atlantic Ocean) Hudson Valley Community College
Hudson Valley Community College--nature trail & landfill Hudson Valley Rail Trail, Highland
Hudson Valley Rail Trail--Walkway over the Hudson Hudson Valley Rail Trail--Walkway over the Hudson (Dutchess Co.)
Hudson Valley Sportsdome Hudson Yards (30th-41st St.; 8th-11th Ave.)
Huffer Rd., overlook Hughes Marina and Hollands Cove
Huguenot Ave. Beach Huguenot Lake
Huguenot Park Huguenot Ponds Park
Hulls Falls Road, Keene Hulse Landing Rd.
Hummels Pond Humpo Marsh
Hunns Lake Hunt Rd. fields, DeRuyter (town)
Hunt Woods Park Hunt-Parker Sanctuary
Hunt-Parker Sanctuary--Bylane Farm Hunter Brook Preserve
Hunter Goodrich Preserve Hunter Mt. Loop Trail
Hunter Mt. Ski Resort Hunter's Point South Park
Hunter-West Kill Wilderness Hunters Creek Park
Hunters Garden, Eastport Huntersfield Mountain
Huntington Harbor, Halesite Huntington Landfill (periphery)
Huntington Treatment Plant Hunts Point Landing
Hurley Rail Trail--Swamp Hurleyville Swamp
Hurricane Mt. Husing Pond Preserve
Huyck Preserve--Lake Myosotis Huyck Preserve--Lincoln Pond
Huyck Preserve--north end trails Hybrid Oak Woods Park
Hyde Park Golf Course--Ghetto Field Hyde Park, Niagara Falls
I-390 Nb Rest Area, near Mt. Morris exit I-81 N Parking with Snacks Tables
I-84 Overlook I-86, exit 54, wetlands
I-86E Scenic Overlook IBM Atrium at 56th St. and Madison Ave.
IBM Glen Trail, Endicott Ice House Pond, Montauk
Ice Pond Conservation Area Idlewild Park
Inbocht Bay Indian Creek Nature Center--East Entrance & Wildflower Loop
Indian Creek Nature Center--Tower Indian Creek Nature Center--Trails
Indian Field Rd. N of Rt. 90, Genoa Indian Fort Nature Preserve
Indian Head Wilderness Area Indian Hill Recreation Area
Indian Island County Park Indian Kill Nature Preserve
Indian Lake Islands Campground Indian Lake, Bellmont
Indian Lake, Watch Hill Trail Indian Meadows Park
Indian Pass Trail Indian Pines Park
Indian Point Ingraham Hassock, Reynold's Channel
Inlet Pond County Park Inner Harbor
Innisfree Garden Intervale Lowlands Preserve
Inwood Hill Park Inwood Hill Park--Dyckman Fields
Inwood Hill Park--Muscota Marsh Inwood Hill Park--Spuyten Duyvil Creek
Inwood Park (Nassau Co.) Iona Island
Iona Island Overlook Irish Famine Memorial, Erie Basin
Irish Hill Road, Rexville Irmisch Park & Feller's Pond
Iron Pier Beach Irondequoit Bay
Irondequoit Bay Outlet (Pier and Marine Park) Irondequoit Bay Park West
Iroquois NWR (NYS, general area) Iroquois NWR--Cayuga Overlook
Iroquois NWR--Center Marsh Iroquois NWR--Feeder Rd. Trail (Genesee Co.)
Iroquois NWR--Feeder Rd. Trail (Orleans Co.) Iroquois NWR--Forrestall Flats
Iroquois NWR--Headquarters Iroquois NWR--John T. O'Brien Marsh
Iroquois NWR--Kanyoo Trail Iroquois NWR--Kumpf Marsh
Iroquois NWR--Mallard Overlook Iroquois NWR--Mohawk Pool
Iroquois NWR--Oak Orchard Ridge Rd. Iroquois NWR--Onondaga Trail
Iroquois NWR--Purple Martin Colony, Job Corps Site Iroquois NWR--Ringneck Marsh
Iroquois NWR--Salt Works Rd. Iroquois NWR--Schoolhouse Marsh Overlook
Iroquois NWR--Sour Springs Rd. (Genesee Co.) Iroquois NWR--Suttons Marsh
Iroquois NWR--Swallow Hollow Trail Irving Square Park
Irvington Woods Isaac Gordon Nature Park
Isabella Rainey Park Isham Park
Island Cottage Woods Island Cottage Woods--Wildfowl Club Entrance
Island Park Island Park, Wellsville
Isle View County Park Islip (Suffolk Co.)
Islip Grange Park Islip Town Beach
Ithaca Childrens Garden Ithaca City Cemetery
Ithaca College Campus Ithaca College Natural Lands
Ithaca College Natural Lands--South Hill (West) Ithaca College--Soccer Fields (NFC Listening)
Ithaca Community Gardens Ithaca Falls Natural Area
Ithaca Farmers Market Ithaca Reservoir
Ithaca Tompkins Airport (ITH) Ithaca Tompkins Airport--Snyder Rd.
Ithaca Wegmans canal area Ithaca Yacht Club
Izaak Walton League Conservation Area--Rome Sand Plains J. Hood Wright Park
JFK Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary JP Middle School Fairport
Jabe Pond off Battle Hill Rd. Jackie Robinson Park
Jackson Creek Dam Jackson Heights (Queens Co.)
Jackson Hill Road (Allegany Co.) Jackson Hill State Forest
Jackson Road DEC Boat Launch Jackson Road Park
Jackson Square Jackson Summit Rd.
Jacob Riis Park Jacob Riis Park--Magic Corner (S of golf course)
Jacob's Farm Preserve Jacobs Road X Redman Road, Hamlin
Jacques Cartier State Park Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge
Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge--Big Johns Pond Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge--East Pond
Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge--East Pond, north end Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge--East Pond, south end
Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge--North Garden Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge--South Garden
Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge--Terrapin Point (Brooklyn) Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge--West Pond
Jamaica Bay, Big Egg Marsh Jamaica Bay, Black Wall Marsh
Jamaica Bay, Canarsie Pol Jamaica Bay, Elder's Point Marsh (East)
Jamaica Bay, Elder's Point Marsh (West) Jamaica Bay, JoCo Marsh
Jamaica Bay, Little Egg Marsh Jamaica Bay, North Channel Bridge
Jamaica Bay, North Channel Train Bridge Jamaica Bay, Ruffle Bar
Jamaica Bay, Ruler's Bar Jamaica Bay, South Shore
Jamaica Bay, Stony Creek Marsh Jamaica Bay, Yellow Bar Hassock
James Baird SP James Caples Memorial Park
James J. Walker Park James Rd., Stockton
Jamestown Airport Jamestown Community College Preserve
Jamestown Riverwalk Jamestown School Forest
Jamesville Beach County Park Jamesville Reservoir, fishing access site
Javit's Center Green Roof Jefferson Ave.
Jefferson Market Garden Jennings Pond, Danby
Jerome Park Reservoir Jerry Smith Rd., Lansing
Jessup Lane Bridge Jetty Woods and Newman Municipal Golf Course
Jim Schug Trail--Keith to Chaffee Jim Schug Trail--Purvis Rd Wetlands
Jim Schug Trail--Weber to Keith including Dryden Pond Jobsen Swamp Preserve
John B. Staalesen Vanderheyden Preserve John Boyd Thacher SP--Beaver Dam Road Trail
John Boyd Thacher SP--North John Boyd Thacher SP--Overlook
John Boyd Thacher SP--South John Brown Rd., Lake Placid
John Burroughs Nature Sanctuary John Dillon Park
John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) John J. Burns Park
John Jay Homestead John Paul Jones Park
John Philip Sousa Elementary School John White WMA
Johnson Creek, Lyndonville Johnson Pond Rd., North Hudson
Johnson Rd. X Chili Riga Center Rd. Johnson Rd., Dryden
Johnson Rd., Phelps-Geneva Johnson Rd., btwn Burns Rd. and Crane Rd.
Johnstown High School Joline Ave. Beach
Jones Beach Bay Islands Jones Beach Causeway
Jones Beach SP Jones Beach SP--Coast Guard Station
Jones Beach SP--East Bath House Jones Beach SP--Field 10
Jones Beach SP--Field 3 Pond Jones Beach SP--Field 6
Jones Beach SP--NE Cloverleaf Pond Jones Beach SP--Theodore Roosevelt Nature Center
Jones Beach SP--West Bath House Jones Beach SP--West End
Jones Beach SP--West End (Field 2) Jones Beach SP--Zachs Bay
Jones Beach SP--Zachs Bay Tower Jones Beach SP--median strip
Jones Bridge & Perry Rd. area, Leicester Jones Island, Sloop Channel
Jones Memorial Park Jones Park
Jones Point Jones Pond
Jones Road, Nelson (S of Stoney Pond SF) Jones-Blunt Park, Shortsville
Joppenbergh Mountain Joralemon Town Park
Joseph B. Hellman Overlook Joseph Davis SP
Joseph F. William Memorial Park Judd Peck Farm Pond off Guyanoga Rd.
Jug Point Rd., swamp, Durhamville Juhring Nature Preserve
Juniper Valley Park Kaal Rock Park
Kakiat County Park Kaler's Pond Park
Kaltenborn Common Kane Mtn. Trail
Kashong Conservation Area Keeney Swamp SF
Keep Conservation Preserve, Germantown Keese Mill Road
Keewaydin SP Keg Creek
Kehoe Nature Preserve Kelder's Farm, Kerhonkson
Keleher Preserve Keller Rd.
Kellis Pond Kellogg Rd, Cortland
Kelsey Creek, Watertown Kemey's Cove
Ken Hummel Memorial Park Kendrick Road, W of Harris Road
Kennedy SF--Owego Hill area Kennedy-Dells County Park
Kenneglenn Scenic and Nature Preserve Kenneth Wilson Campground
Kenney's Road Beach, Southold Kenozia Lake
Kenridge Farm Kensico Dam Plaza County Park
Kensico Lake Kensico Reservoir (Kensico & Rye Lakes)
Kent Preserve (Peekskill Hollow Road) Kenyon Rd.
Ketcham's Creek Freshwater Wetland Keuka Lake Outlet Trail--Cascade Mills
Keuka Lake Outlet Trail--Hopeton Rd. Keuka Lake Outlet Trail--Seneca Mill
Keuka Lake Outlet Trail--east end, Dresden Keuka Lake SP
Keuka Lake, Branchport waterfront Keuka Lake, Champlin Beach
Keuka Lake, Depot Park Keuka Lake, E Bluff Dr.
Keuka Lake, East Lake Rd. Keuka Lake, Lake Ave. (Keuka Park)
Kiamesha Lake Killian Ln., Ft. Edward
Kilroy Rd. ponds and grasslands Kime Rd., Geneva
Kinderhook Creek Preserve Kinderhook Lake
King Ferry Winery King Nature Preserve
King Rd., Seneca Falls King St. (Broome Co.)
King's Bend Park Kingdom Pond Park
Kingfisher Pond Bluebelt Kings Bay WMA
Kings Bay WMA--Stony Point Jetty Kings Park (Rockland Co.)
Kings Park Bluff (Old Dock Inn Restaurant) Kings Point Park
Kings Point Pond Preserve Kingsborough Community College
Kingsbury Woods Conservation Area (FLLT) Kingsland Point County Park
Kingston Point Kingston Point Beach
Kingston Point Rail Trail, Trolley Section Kinney Gulf Swamp Area
Kinney Rd., Campville Kinsella Park
Kipp Island Fields (SW of SR 90 and I-90 Thruway) Kips Bay (23rd-34th St.; Lexington Ave.-E. River)
Kirby Lane Ponds, Rye Kirk Park and Beach
Kirkwood Rd. south to Slater Creek Kirkwood River Park
Kissena Corridor Park Kissena Park
Kitchawan Preserve Kiwassa Lake Outlet to Oseetah Lake
Klara Sauer Trail, Beacon Klipnocky SF
Knapp Shores thru Thompson Dr., Kent Knapp's View, Chester
Knickerbocker Rd. Knight Rd., Chautauqua Lake
Knight Road, Clinton Corners Knox Farm SP
Knox Wetland Kolb Rd.
Korea Town (31st-33rd St; B'way-5th Ave.) Kosciuszko Bridge (Kings Co.)
Kosciuszko Bridge (Queens Co.) Kowawese Unique Area at Plum Point
Kozy Kove Kraai Preserve
Kreischer St., creek Kring Point SP
Krull County Park LIRR Douglaston Station
LIRR Station: Port Washington La Finca del Sur Community Garden
La Plaza Cultural Community Garden La Salle Park
LaGuardia Airport (LGA) LaSalle's Landing Park
Labrador Hollow Unique Area (Cortland Co.) Labrador Hollow Unique Area (Onondaga Co.)
Labrador Hollow Unique Area--Tinker Falls Lac de Ville, Brighton
Ladoga Park Lafayetteville Multiple Use Area--Wilbur Flats Rd.
Lagoon Park, Canandaigua Lake Abanakee
Lake Alice WMA Lake Alice, Waterport
Lake Bluff Rd., Irondequoit Lake Capri
Lake Carmel (waterbody) Lake Colby Railroad Tracks
Lake Como Lake Desolation SF
Lake Durant Lake Durant State Campground
Lake Eaton Lake Edwards
Lake Erie SP Lake Flower
Lake Front Park Lake George Battlefield Park
Lake George Beach SP Lake Gleneida
Lake Huntington (waterbody) Lake Julia Preserve
Lake Kushaqua Lake Lauderdale
Lake Lila, Shingle Shanty Brook Lake Lonely--Poe Rd.
Lake Mahopac Lake Meahagh
Lake Montauk Inlet Lake Montauk Inlet, east side
Lake Montauk Inlet, west side Lake Montauk, Coast Guard Station
Lake Montauk, South End Lake Moraine
Lake Neatahwanta Lake Neatahwanta--North Bay Campgrounds
Lake Oniad, Myers Corner Lake Ontario Parkway Borrow Pits--Pit A
Lake Ontario Parkway Borrow Pits--Pit B Lake Ontario Parkway Borrow Pits--Pit C
Lake Ontario Parkway Borrow Pits--Pit D Lake Ontario Parkway Borrow Pits--Pit E
Lake Panamoka Lake Pleasant
Lake Rd. fields Lake Rd., Dryden
Lake Rd., East Fork fields Lake Road Bluff, Aurora
Lake Road, Ledyard Lake Road, South Bend to Bluffs
Lake Ronkonkoma Lake Ronkonkoma County Park
Lake Shore Marshes WMA Lake Shore Marshes WMA--Broadway Rd. (Scotts Bluff)
Lake Shore Marshes WMA--East Bay Rd., north pull-off Lake Shore Marshes WMA--Fields Hill Road
Lake Shore Marshes WMA--Larkin Rd. Lake Shore Marshes WMA--Larkin Rd. Lakewatch
Lake Shore Marshes WMA--Red Creek Unit Lake Shore Marshes WMA--Sodus Bay, south marsh
Lake Shore Marshes WMA--Whistlewood Park & trails, Dutch St. Rd. Lake Shore Marshes WMA--Wolcott Creek marsh
Lake Superior SP (Sullivan Co.) Lake Taghkanic SP
Lake Tappan (NY) Lake Tappan (NY), Convent Rd.
Lake Tibet (private property) Lake View Cemetery
Lake View Cemetery, Jamestown Lake of the Isles
Lakefront Blvd., Buffalo Lakeland County Park
Lakeshore Dr., woods Lakeshore Rd. (aka CR 75)
Lakeshore Rd. grasslands (0.5 miles W of Transit) Lakeside Beach SP
Lakeside Beach SP--east end Lakeside Beach SP--west end
Lakeside Bike Park Lakeside Drive, Bemus Point
Lakeside Memorial Park and Cemetery Lakeside Park
Lakeview Cemetery, Williamson Lakeview Community Church Trail
Lakeview WMA Lakeview WMA--Lake Ontario Dune Trail
Lakeview WMA--Lakeview Pond Lakeview WMA--South Colwell Pond
Lakeview WMA--South Sandy Creek Fishing Access Lakewood Community Park, Chautauqua Lake
Lamoka Lake Lampsons Falls Trail
Lamson Rd. Pony Farm Lancaster Heritage Trail (Erie Co.)
Lancaster Heritage Trail, E of Pavement Rd. Lancaster Heritage Trail, W of Pavement Rd.
Landing Estates Landing Ln.
Landing Rd., Oyster Bay Cove Landis Arboretum
Landon Rd., Caroline Lansing Center Trail
Lansingburgh Boat Launch Larchmont (Westchester Co.)
Larchmont Manor Park and Beach Larchmont Reservoir (Sheldrake Lake)
Lasdon Park and Arboretum Last Chance Pond Park
Lattin Rd. Fields, Albion Laurel Grove Cemetery
Laurel Lake Preserve Laurel Ledges Natural Area
Laurel Ledges Natural Area--Turtle Pond Laurel Ridge Setauket Woods Nature Preserve
Laurel Valley County Park--Mountain Laurel Loop Trail Lauren Tice Rd.
Lavalle Road Pond, Amenia Lawrence Marsh incl. Pond X
Lawson Lake County Park Le Moyne College
Le Moyne College--Reservoir Le Moyne College--Woods
Leader Rd. woods, Fayette Leatherstocking Trail
Lebanon Reservoir Leeds Pond Preserve
Leekville Rd., swamp Leet Rd., btwn CR 5 and Number 9 Rd.
Lefty's Spot (Train Trestle), Caledonia Lehigh Memory Trail
Lehigh Swamp Lehigh Valley Trail at E Henrietta Rd.
Lehigh Valley Trail, Genesee River to E River Rd. Lehigh Valley Trail, Plains Rd. section
Leishman Point Leith's Pond & Carroll Park
Leland Pond Lemon Creek Park
Lemon Creek Pier Lemon Creek, Bayview Ave. access site
Lemon Creek, bridge at Excelsior Ave. Lemon Creek, bridge at Hylan Blvd.
Lenoir Preserve Lenox Hill (60th-77th St. btwn 5th Ave.-Lex. Ave.)
Lents Cove Park Leolyn Woods
Leon Levy Preserve Leonard Park
Leonard Pond bog road Leonard Rd., Caroline
Leonard Road, Maryland Leonards Ln.
Lerch Rd, Geneva Letchworth SP (Livingston Co.)
Letchworth SP (Wyoming Co.) Letchworth SP--Archery Field Overlook
Letchworth SP--Beaver Pond Letchworth SP--Big Bend Trail
Letchworth SP--Bishop Woods Letchworth SP--Campground
Letchworth SP--Canal (Lewis Switch) Letchworth SP--Deer Run Trail
Letchworth SP--Dishmill Trail Letchworth SP--Finger Lakes Trail
Letchworth SP--Gardeau Overlook Letchworth SP--Gibsonville
Letchworth SP--Great Bend Overlook Letchworth SP--Highbanks Recreation Area
Letchworth SP--Hogsback Overlook Letchworth SP--Humphrey Nature Center
Letchworth SP--Inspiration Point Letchworth SP--Kisil Point
Letchworth SP--Lee's Landing Letchworth SP--Lower Falls Trail
Letchworth SP--Mary Jemison Trail Letchworth SP--Mount Morris Dam
Letchworth SP--Parade Grounds Letchworth SP--River Rd.
Letchworth SP--Rte 436 Marsh (aka Cartwrights Pond) Letchworth SP--Smokey Hollow
Letchworth SP--Squawkie Hill Overlook Letchworth SP--St. Helena
Letchworth SP--Trail No. 16 (Bear Hollow) Letchworth SP--Trail No. 17
Letchworth SP--Trail No. 19 Letchworth SP--Trail No. 21 (Powerline)
Letchworth SP--Trillium Trail Letchworth SP--Trout Pond Trail
Letchworth SP--Upper & Middle Falls Letchworth SP--Visitor Center
Letchworth SP--Wolf Creek Letchworth-Silver Lake CBC--Leicester quad
Lettie M. Cook Forest Levant Flood Basin
Lewey Lake Campground Lewis A. Swyer Preserve
Lewis Rd. Grasslands Lewiston Reservoir
Liberty Island, onshore (New York Co.) Lido Beach Passive Nature Area
Lido West Town Park Lighthouse Rd., Henderson
Lighthouse Rd., overlook Lighthouse Road, Pond
Lilly Pond Preserve Lily Pond, East Hampton
Lima-Livonia Town Line Rd. Lime Hollow
Lime Hollow--Chicago Bog Lime Hollow--Gracie Rd. fields
Lime Hollow--Osbeck Conservation Area Lime Hollow--Tunison Labs
Lime Hollow--Visitor Center area Limerick Cedars Preserve
Limestone Rise Preserve Lincoln Park (Albany Co.)
Lincoln Park (Erie Co.) Lincoln Pond, Elizabethtown
Linden Hill Cemetery Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve (FLLT)
Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve--East Ridge Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve--Station Rd. (Danby SF boundary)
Linear Park, Bergen Linwood Rd. E of Limerick Rd., York
Lions Park Lippincott Rd., Wallkill
Lisbon Beach Lisha Kill Natural Area
Lisle Park & Keibel Rd. Lister Park
Little Bay Park, Bayside Little Big Inlet Wetland Preserve
Little Fresh Pond Preserve Little John State Management Area
Little Neck Bay Little Neck Bay, Cross Island Parkway
Little Neck Bay, Shore Rd. Little Pond Campground
Little Reed Pond, Montauk Little Sodus Bay
Little Sodus Bay, south Little Sucker Brook Park
Little Tupper Lake Little York Rd., wetland
Littles Lake Livingston Manor Rotery Park
Liz Christy Community Garden Lizard Spring Brook Bog
Lloyd Neck Beach Club Lloyd Union Cemetery, New Paltz
Lock 32 State Canal Park Lock 33 Canal Park
Lock 6 State Canal Park, Waterford Lock 7 State Canal Park, Niskayuna
Lock 8 Way Lock Berlin Park
Locke Rd. marsh Lockheed Martin Pond
Lockport Nature Trail Locust Grove
Lodi Center Rd. Henslow's Sparrow field Lodi Center Rd., Spruce Grove
Lodi Point Rd. Lodi Point SP (Seneca Lake)
Lodo Pond, Newcomb Lofts Pond Park
Logan Hill Nature Preserve (FLLT) Loines Preserve
Lomond Shore and Kendall Rd., overlook London Terrace, Chelsea
Lonesome Bay SF Long Beach (Nassau Co.)
Long Beach Bay Preserve Long Beach Park
Long Beach Town Park Long Branch Park
Long Dock Park, Scenic Hudson Long Island Greenbelt, Heckscher SP to West Brook Pond
Long Island National Cemetery Long Island State Pine Barrens Preserve
Long Lake Bridge Long Lake Cemetery
Long Point (Seneca Lake) Long Point SP
Long Point SP (Cayuga Lake) Long Point SP, Chautauqua Lake
Long Pond (now Sayre Park), Bridgehampton Long Pond Greenbelt
Long Pond Greenbelt--Crooked Pond Long Pond NF--Upper Round Pond Rd.
Long Pond Park Long Pond Park--Beaver Pond
Long Pond Preserve Long Pond SF--Long Pond and Hwy 41
Long Pond SF--Round Pond Long Pond, Greece
Long Pond--Northrup Creek Long Springs Trail, Southampton
LongHouse Reserve Loomis Goose Creek Lakeshore Wetland Preserve
Loon Lake Loon Lake (Warren Co.)
Loop Parkway at Jones Inlet Lordsland Conservancy Preserve
Lost Nation SF Lost Pond (Cranberry Lake area)
Lost Valley Road on Schoharie Creek Lost Valley SF
Lott Farm (restricted access) Lotus Lake, Sayville
Loughberry Lake Loughberry Lake, north end
Louis C. Clark Sanctuary Louis Valentino Jr. Park and Pier
Louise E. Keir WMA Louse Point Beach
Lower Ausable Lake Lower Cascade Lake and Upper Cascade Lake
Lower Chateaugay Lake Lower FLLT Preserve
Lower La Chute River & Ticonderoga Marsh Lower Lake (Lily Lake), Yaphank
Lower Lake Rd. X Burgess Rd. fields Lower Lake Rd., Lodi
Lower Lake Rd., N of Cayuga Lake SP Lower Lake Rd., S of Cayuga Lake SP
Lower Lake Rd., Wolffy's Restaurant Lower Little Neck Bay off Cross Island Pkwy
Lower New York Bay (Brooklyn) Lower New York Bay (Staten Island)
Lower Rd. (CR2), Putnam Lower Saranac Lake
Lower Wolfjaw Mtn. Lows Lake
Lows Ridge, Upper Dam Trail Lowville Forestry Demonstration Area
Lucien Morin Park Lucien Morin Park--Rifle Range Trails
Lucien Morin Park--north Lucky Star Lake
Lucky Star Ranch Estate Ludingtonville Road Preserve
Ludlow Creek Tidal Wetlands Ludlowville Fishing Access
Ludlowville Park and Falls Luensman Overview Park
Lumber Rd. slough Lynch Woods Park
Lyon Mt. Lysander Park
Maalwyck Park MacDonough Park, Plattsburgh
MacEchron Waterfront Park, Hastings on Hudson MacNeil Park
Mackay Wildlife Preserve, Caledonia Macomb Mt.
Macomb Reservation SP Macyville Woods Nature Preserve (GLT), Sodus Point
Madam Brett Park Madawaska Pond
Madison Ave., Elmira Madison County Landfill
Madison Square North/NoMad (25-30th St.; 6th-Lex. Ave.) Madison Square Park
Madison St. Impoundment Madison St. Trail
Magog Rd. swamp, Macedon Mahaffey Rd., btwn Hinds Rd. & CR 42
Maiden Ln. and Towpath Rd. Fields, Port Byron Maidstone Park
Main St. Park (Brooklyn) Maine Hill Road
Majors Park Makamah Preserve
Malone Memorial Recreation Park Malone-Dufort Airport
Malta Ecological Park Malta Tech Park, Luther Forest
Mammot Rd. and Warner Rd. Manchester Gateway Trail
Manhasset Bay Manhasset Bay Marina
Manhasset Valley County Park Manhattan Beach Park
Manitoga - The Russel Wright Design Center Manitou Beach, Ontario Blvd.
Manitou Point Preserve Manorhaven Preserve and Nature Trail
Manorhaven Town Park Manorville Hills County Park
Manursing Way, Rye Maple Ave. Dock, Bay Shore
Maple Ave. wetlands Maple City Trail
Maple East Forest (Maple-Bassett Path) Maple Grove Cemetery, Clyde
Maple Shade Park Maple St. Dock, Islip
Maple Swamp Mapletown Rd., Canajoharie
Maplewood Park Marble St. Island
Marble St. Island--The Red Mill Inn Marbletown O&W Rail Trail, Marcott Rd. Trail Head
Marcellus Falls, pullover at Ninemile Creek Marcellus Park
Marcus Garvey Park Marcus Whitman Townline Road Property
Marcy Dam Margaret Louise Park
Maria Hernandez Park Marian Yarrow Nature Preserve
Mariandale Retreat and Conference Center Maries Park
Marina West Town Boat Launch Marine Parkway Bridge (Brooklyn)
Marine Parkway Bridge (Queens Co.) Mariners Marsh
Marion Lake, East Marion Marion Town Park
Marist College, Poughkeepsie Marjorie R. Post Community Park
Mark Smith Pond Mark Twain (IS 239)
Mark Twain SP Mark Twain SP--Birding Trail
Mark Twain SP--East Loop Mark Twain SP--North Loop
Mark Twain SP--Northeast Loop Marratooka Lake, Mattituck
Marsh Creek, Rte. 55 Bridge Marsh Dam, Erin
Marsh Memorial Sanctuary, Mt. Kisco Marsh Mill Road, wetlands
Marsh Pond SF Marsh Road overlook, Moon Beach
Marshall Andrews Wildlife Park Marshlands Conservancy
Marshlands Conservancy--parking lot area Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Promenade
Martin Nature Preserve Martin Rd., N fields and transient pond
Martin Rd., swamp Martin Road Park
Martin Van Buren National Historic Site Mary Francis Bluebird Haven
Mary Straight Bird Sanctuary Mase Cold Spring Wetlands Preserve
Mashodack Pond Loop Mashomack Preserve
Mason Lake Maspeth Creek (Queens Co.)
Massapequa Park (village) Massapequa Preserve
Massapequa Preserve--Massapequa Lake Massawepie Lake (Mountaineer Trail)
Massawepie Mire Massawepie Mire--Boardwalk
Mastic Beach (Suffolk Co.) Matheson Meadows Preserve
Matthiessen Park, Irvington Maurice D. Hinchey Catskill Interpretive Center
Mawignack Preserve Mawignack Preserve
Max V. Shaul SP Maxwell Park
Maybrook (village) Mayville Lighthouse, Chautauqua Lake
McAllister County Park McCarren Park
McCarthy Hill SF McCord Woods--Crescent Trail
McCoy Rd., Lima McCrea Point Park
McDowell Park McEnroe Compost
McGolrick Park McGovern Fields
McGraw Rd., Chittenango (village) McGregor Pond Preserve
McGregor Vineyard McIlroy Preserve
McIntyres Bluff McKenzie Mt.
McKinley Park McKinney Park
McKoons Rd., pond and wetlands McLean Bog
McNamara Hill Road Meacham Lake
Mead Pond Meadow Beach Preserve
Meadow Lane Boardwalk (Munn Point & Heady Creek) Meadowbrook Marsh
Meadowlark Park, East Northport Meads Ln., Delmar
Meahl Rd., Cambria Mecklenburg Pond
Mecox Bay Mecox Bay Preserve
Mecox Inlet Memorial Field, Great Neck
Memorial Park, Irvington Mendon Center Rd. X Sheldon Rd., grasslands
Mendon Ponds Park Mendon Ponds Park--Bird Song Trail
Mendon Ponds Park--Cobblestone House Mendon Ponds Park--Deep Pond
Mendon Ponds Park--Deep Pond Trail Mendon Ponds Park--Devils Bathtub
Mendon Ponds Park--East Esker Trail and Woodchuck Hollow Mendon Ponds Park--Grasslands Trail
Mendon Ponds Park--Hundred Acre Pond Mendon Ponds Park--Nature Center
Mendon Ponds Park--North Meadow Trail Mendon Ponds Park--Quaker Pond
Mendon Ponds Park--Quaker Pond Trail Mendon Ponds Park--South Meadow Trail
Mendon Ponds Park--Swamp Trail Menhadden Lane, Shelter Island
Mercer Park Mercereau Park
Merestead Park Meridian Centre Park
Merillon Park, Lake Success Meroke Preserve
Merrick Road Park Merriewold Club & Lake (private)
Merrill Lake Sanctuary Merrill Rd. Fields, Holley
Merritts Pond Mexico Point SP
Mexico Point SP--Boat Launch Mezzio Road, Forestville
Mianus River Gorge Preserve Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve
Michigan Hill SF--Rockefeller Rd. Michigan Hill SF--Rte. 38, Spruce Pulloff
Michigan Hill Trail Mid Hudson Psychiatric Center ponds
Middaugh Rd., Caroline Middendorf Park
Middle Branch Reservoir Middle Branch Reservoir Inlet
Middle Ground Flats Middle Line Island
Middle Saranac Lake Midland Beach
Midtown East, 42nd-59th St.; E River-5th Ave. Milan Recreation Park
Milburn Creek Park Milburn Creek Park--north of Riverside Drive
Milburn Creek Park--south of Riverside Drive Milburn Pond Park
Mildred Denton Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary Mildred E. Grierson Sanctuary
Mildred Lasdon Bird and Nature Sanctuary Mill Brook Preserve
Mill Cove Waterfowl Sanctuary Mill Creek
Mill Creek Lake Mill Dam Park, Halesite
Mill Dam Road, Centerport Mill Pond Park (Bronx Co.)
Mill Pond Park, Bellmore Mill Pond at Mill Pond Offices, Somers
Mill Pond off Kaler's Pond Park Mill Pond, Centerport
Mill Pond, Oyster Bay Mill Pond, Port Washington
Mill Pond, Sayville Mill Pond, Water Mill
Mill Rd. Preserve Mill Rd. Scenic Overlook
Mill River Preserve (Westchester Co.) Mill Road Park
Mill Seat Landfill (restricted access) Mill St. Pond Trail, Horseheads
Millbrook Farms Millbrook Mountain
Millbrook School Rd. Millbrook Town Park
Miller Field Miller Field--Beach
Miller Park, NY 21 S, Canandaigua Miller Place Duck Pond (aka Kelli's Pond)
Miller Place-Yaphank Rd. Sod Farm Miller Rd.-Nelson Rd. fields
Millers Pond, Smithtown Milliken Station
Mills Preserve Mills-Norrie SP
Mills-Norrie SP--Norrie Point Mills-Norrie SP--White Trail
Mine Kill SP Mine Kill SP--Lower NYPA Reservoir
Mine Rd. (Orange Co.) Mineola Memorial Park
Minier Field Boat Launch Miniers Pond
Minisink Battleground Park Minnewaska SP
Minnewaska SP--Awosting Falls Minnewaska SP--Lake Minnewaska
Minnewaska SP--Tillson Lake Minoa Quarry
Mirror Lake, Lake Placid Mission of Immaculate Virgin, Mt. Loretto
Mitchell Creek Mitchell Park and Marina (Greenport Antique Carousel)
Moccasin Kill Sanctuary Modena Travel Plaza (I-87 S)
Modern Disposal Wetland Moffitt Rd., Plattsburgh
Moh-He-Con-Nuck Nature Preserve Mohawk Landing
Mohawk River SP Mohawk River at Rt. 30A, Fultonville
Mohawk Towpath Byway Trail Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail, Blatnick Park Overlook
Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail, Ferry Rd. Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail, I890 Wetlands Reclamation
Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail, Menands Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail, Mohawk Riverside Landing Park
Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail, Scotia-Glenville Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail, Shaker Creek bridge
Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail, Western Gateway Bridge Mohonk Mountain House
Mohonk Preserve Mohonk Preserve Hawk Watch
Mohonk Preserve--Clove Valley Rd. Mohonk Preserve--Duck Pond Rd. and Pond
Mohonk Preserve--Shawangunk Ridge (the Gunks) Mohonk Preserve--Spring Farm trailhead area
Mohonk Preserve--Testimonial Gateway Mohonk Preserve--Undercliff Carriage Road
Monastery Square (private school) Mongaup Falls Reservoir
Mongaup Falls Reservoir, Plank Rd. Mongaup Pond Campground
Mongaup Reservoir Mongaup River Trail
Mongaup Valley WMA Eagle Blind Monkey Run--North
Monkey Run--South Monkey Run--Southeast
Monkey Run--Southwest Monroe Community College Swamp
Monroe-Orleans County Line Rd., overlook (Monroe Co.) Monroe-Orleans County Line Rd., overlook (Orleans Co.)
Monroe-Orleans County Line Rd., trail Montario Point Rd., lookout
Montario Point Rd., observation tower Montauk Area
Montauk Downs SP Golf Course Montauk Mountain Preserve
Montauk Point Montauk Point SP
Montauk Point SP--Oyster Pond Montauk Point SP--Seal Haulout
Montauk Point SP--Seal Haulout Trail Montauk Point State Parkway
Montauk Point, lighthouse overlook Montauk Point, north lookout
Montauk School and environs Montauk landfill, former
Montauk pelagic, near offshore waters Montezuma (NMWMA)--Albano-Torry Marsh
Montezuma (NMWMA)--Carncross Rd. Montezuma (NMWMA)--Cayuga Lake Unit
Montezuma (NMWMA)--Colvin Marsh Montezuma (NMWMA)--Deep Muck and Mitigation Marsh
Montezuma (NMWMA)--Frost Hill Marsh Montezuma (NMWMA)--Giancarelli Field
Montezuma (NMWMA)--Guy Baldassarre Marsh Montezuma (NMWMA)--Helmer Marsh
Montezuma (NMWMA)--Howland Island Montezuma (NMWMA)--Howland Island--Breeder Pond
Montezuma (NMWMA)--Howland Island--Coot Pond Montezuma (NMWMA)--Howland Island--East
Montezuma (NMWMA)--Howland Island--HQ Pond Montezuma (NMWMA)--Howland Island--West
Montezuma (NMWMA)--Loop Road Unit Montezuma (NMWMA)--Malone Marsh
Montezuma (NMWMA)--Martens Tract Montezuma (NMWMA)--Morgan Rd. Marshes
Montezuma (NMWMA)--Muckrace Flats Montezuma (NMWMA)--Railroad Rd. Marshes
Montezuma (NMWMA)--Sandhill Crane Unit Montezuma (NMWMA)--South Butler Unit
Montezuma (NMWMA)--Turtle Pond Montezuma (NMWMA)--Van Dyne Spoor Rd.
Montezuma (NMWMA)--West Shore Trail (east end) Montezuma (NMWMA)--West Shore Trail (west section)
Montezuma Audubon Center Montezuma Heritage Park
Montezuma Marsh (Black Creek east), Savannah Montezuma Marsh (Black Creek west) at Galen-Savannah TL
Montezuma NWR (general area) Montezuma NWR--Benning Marsh
Montezuma NWR--East Rd. Montezuma NWR--Eaton Marsh
Montezuma NWR--Esker Brook Trails Montezuma NWR--Knox-Marsellus Marsh
Montezuma NWR--Knox-Marsellus and Puddler Marshes Montezuma NWR--Larue's Lagoon
Montezuma NWR--Lock 25 Montezuma NWR--Main Pool
Montezuma NWR--Main Pool (West Side Overlook) Montezuma NWR--Mays Point Pool and road
Montezuma NWR--Millennium Marsh Montezuma NWR--North Spring Pool
Montezuma NWR--Puddler Marsh Montezuma NWR--South Spring Pool
Montezuma NWR--Towpath Rd. Montezuma NWR--Tschache Pool
Montezuma NWR--Visitor Center area Montezuma NWR--Wildlife Drive
Montezuma NWR--Wilgoose Field Montezuma NWR--thruway pools and North Observation Platform
Montgomery (village) Montgomery Place Historic Site
Montgomery St., Rouses Point Montrose Point SF
Monty Bay Moodna Creek Mouth
Moody Hiking Trail, Rushville Moody Pond
Moon Lake Fishing Access Site Moonbeams Sanctuary
Moores Woods Moose Pond Club Rd.
Moose Pond Rd., bog Moose River Plains
Moose River Plains--Camp 35 Moose River Plains--Cellar Pond Trail
Moose River Plains--Entrance Rd. Moose River Plains--Helldiver Pond Trail
Moose River Plains--Lost Ponds Trail Moose River Plains--Moose River Rd.
Moose River Plains--Muskrat Pond Trail Moose River Plains--Red River near Indian Lake Rd.
Moose River Plains--Squaw Lake Trail Moose River Rd. wetland (43.6949, -74.6024)
Moose River, Nelson Lake area Moravian Cemetery
Moreau Lake SP--Hawk Rd. (Warren Co.) Moreau Lake SP--Saratoga County
Morgan Hill SF (Cortland Co.) Morgan Hill SF (Onondaga Co.)
Morgan Hill SF--Jones Hill Morgan Hill SF--Morgan Hill Rd.
Morgan Hill SF--Onondaga Trail Morgan Hill SF--Shackham Rd. (Cortland Co.)
Morgan Hill SF--Shackham Rd., north (Onondaga Co.) Morgan Lake Park
Morgan Memorial Park Moriches Bay and Inlet
Moriches Island Morningside Gardens
Morningside Park (Manhattan) Morningside Park (Sullivan Co.)
Morris Pond Morrisette Park
Morrow Mountain SF--Mack Rd. Moscow Rd., Hamlin
Mosher Marsh Preserve Moss Hill Road (Chemung Co.)
Moss Lake Moss Lake Nature Sanctuary
Mossy Bank Park Mossy Bank Park overlook
Mothers' Beach, Bellport Motor Island WMA
Mount Adnah Cemetery, Fulton Mount Baker and surroundings
Mount Beacon Monument Rd. Mount Beacon Park
Mount Holly Nature Preserve Mount Ivy Environmental Park (Samuel G. Fisher Park)
Mount Peter Mount Peter Hawk Watch
Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant SF
Mount Pleasant SF--Brodt Rd. Mount Pleasant, east hill
Mount Pleasant, west hill Mount Prospect Park
Mount Severance trail Mount Utsayantha
Mountain Lake Mountain Lakes Park
Mountain Pond (Franklin Co.) Mountain Top Arboretum
Mountain View Lake, Bellmont Mouth of West Branch of Twelvemile Creek
Moyer Park, Candor Mt. Colden
Mt. Colvin Mt. Defiance
Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Queens Mt. Hope Cemetery
Mt. Hunger Rd. Mt. Jo
Mt. Loretto Unique Area Mt. Marcy
Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Maspeth Mt. Saviour Monastery
Mt. Sinai Harbor Mt. Tom SF
Mt. Van Hoevenberg Recreation Area Muar Lake east, Canandaigua
Muar Lake west, Canandaigua Mud Creek Environmental Learning Center
Mud Creek Preserve Mud Creek, Moriches Bay
Mud Lake, Lily Dale Mud Lake, Wayland
Mud Pond Preserve, Nassau Mudder Kill Swamp
Mulholland Road Bridge & boat launch Mulholland Wildflower Preserve
Muller Hill Road Muller Hill SF--Peckham Hollow Rd.
Mulroy Park Mulvihill Preserve
Munger Road, Stockton Municipal Waterworks, Cortland
Murphy Lake Murphys Pits (restricted access)
Murray Hill (34th-42nd St. btwn Madison-1st Ave.) Murray Isle
Murray Trail Muscoot Farm
Muscoot Farm--Weather Station Shrublands area Muscoot Reservoir, Cherry St. at Rte 35
Muttontown Preserve Muzzy Rd.
Myers Point Myers Point Marina
Myers Rd., church field, Myers Mynderse Academy (Frank Knight Elementary School)
Myrtle Village Green N Hamlin Rd. creek crossing
N Lyndonville Rd. N Rd. wetlands
N. River Rd., Ft. Miller NE Cayuga Lake North of Railroad Tracks
NY-17C Ponds, Barton NY-197 (CR-42 to Durkeetown Rd.)
NYC AIDS Memorial Park at St. Vincent's Triangle NYPA Blenheim-Gilboa nature trail
NYSEG Stadium Nannahagan Park
Nanticoke Lake Napeague Cranberry Bog Preserve
Napeague Harbor Napeague SP--Lazy Point
Napeague SP--Napeague Meadow Rd. Napeague SP--Promised Land
Naples Creek Trail--NE of Naples (Ontario Co.) Naples Creek Trail--near Avoca (Steuben Co.)
Napper Rd., Westport Narrow River Rd., Orient
Narrowsburg Observation Platform Nassau County Museum of Art
Nassau County Stormwater Basin No. 21 Nassau Lake
Nassau Point Nathaniel Cole Park
National 911 Memorial & Museum Tribute in Light National Lake, Sylvan Beach
Nations Rd. IBA Nations Rd. IBA--Hogmire Rd.
Nations Rd. IBA--Huston Rd. Nations Rd. IBA--Jaycox Creek (Wheeler's Gully), Geneseo
Nations Rd. IBA--Little Rd. Nations Rd. IBA--Nations Rd.
Nations Rd. IBA--North, Avon Nations Rd. IBA--Roots Tavern Rd.
Nature Study Woods, New Rochelle Natureview Park
Neck Creek Preserve Neilson Rd., Geneva
Neimi Rd., Dryden Nelson Swamp Unique Area
Nelson Swamp Unique Area--Nelson Swamp Neversink East trailhead
Neversink Preserve Neversink Reservoir
New Albion Lake New City Park and Collyer Farm Pond
New Creek Watershed, Olympia Blvd. bridge New Creek Watershed, Slater Blvd. bridge
New Croton Reservoir New Forge SF
New Michigan SF--North Rd. New Seneca Turnpike Pond
New St. Overlook Park New Swamp Rd.
New York Botanical Garden New York Chiropractic College
New York City Marble Cemetery New York Institute of Technology
New York Times Building & surroundings New York Times Building, Lobby Garden
Newark Bay at Richmond Terr. & Western Ave. Newark Reservoir (Remick Lake), Case Rd., Phelps
Newburgh Waterfront, Hudson River Newburgh-Beacon Bridge
Newcomb Overlook Park Newfield SF--Chaffee Creek Rd.
Newman Municipal Golf Course Newport Marina
Newtown Battlefield SP Newtown Rd., Hampton Bays
Niagara Falls International Airport Niagara Falls SP
Niagara Falls SP--Goat Island Niagara Falls SP--Goat Island--Terrapin Point and Gorge
Niagara Falls SP--Three Sisters Islands Niagara River Corridor (NY)
Niagara River--Old Power Station Niagara--Below the American Falls (NY)
Niagara--Bike Path Park Niagara--Intl. RR Bridge (NY)
Niagara--Lewiston (NY) Niagara--Robert Moses Power Plant (NY) as seen from Adam Beck
Niagara--Robert Moses Power Plant (NY) as seen from Power Vista Viewing platform Niagara--Robert Moses Power Station Fishing Access Pier
Niagara--Upper Falls (NY) Niagara--Waterfowl Observation Area
Niawanda Park Nichols Boat Launch on East River Road
Nichols Park Lake, Spencer Nichols Pond
Nichols Preserve Nichols School
Nickerson Beach Nicks Lake
Nimham Mountain Multiple Use Area Nine Corner Lake
Nine Mile Creek Fishing Access Nippletop
Niskayuna Railroad Station at Lions Park Nissequogue River
Nissequogue River SP No. 39 Rd., Savannah
Noblewood Park Nolan Rd., Macedon
Nolan Rd., S. Glens Falls (boat launch and trail) Noonmark Mtn., 1st Overlook
Noonmark Mtn., Summit Norman Brook Sanctuary
Norman E. Klipp Marine Park Norman J. Levy Park and Preserve
Normandie Park Normandie Park--East
Normandie Park--West Normans Kill Preserve--East
Normans Kill Preserve--West Normanskill Farm
North Ave. Overlook North Brother Island
North Collins (town) North Country Community College, Malone
North Country Trail-Link Trail Access at Oxbow Rd (Canastota) North Country Welcome Center, Alexandria Bay
North County Trailway North County Trailway--Eastview
North County Trailway--Kitchawan to Yorktown Heights North Cove, Inwood
North Creek Ski Bowl Town Park North Fork Preserve
North Hamlin Rd. fields North Hamlin Rd., Piping Plover field (2017)
North Harmony SF North Harmony SF--Warner Rd.
North Haven Village Hall, loop trail North Highland Park
North Hoster Rd., Fayette North Line Island
North Mill Pond, Union Springs North Mt. Loretto SF
North Mt. Loretto SF--Ponds North Mt. Loretto SF--Reed Marsh
North Mt. Loretto SF--Sand Pits (Turtle Nesting Area) North Mt. Loretto SF--Snag Swamp
North Ponds Park North Salem High School
North Sandy Pond North Sandy Pond, boat launch area
North School House Road North Sea Harbor
North Shore Esplanade North Spencer Marsh (Michigan Hollow Lake)
North St., Old Forge North Tonawanda Audubon Preserve
North West Bay, Westport North Woodmere Park
North Woods Club Rd. North Woods Club Rd., Boreas River Tracks
North Woods Nature Preserve North-South Lake Campground
Northampton Park Northeast Bronx Educational Park
Northerleigh Park Northrup Hill Audubon Sanctuary
Northside Elementary School Northumberland farmland
Northville-Placid Trail--Long Lake South Trailhead Northwest Harbor County Park
Norton Basin Natural Resource Area Norton Rd., Elba, pond
Norway Rd., btwn CR 43 and Ridge Rd. Nott Rd. Park
Noyac Path Noyes Sanctuary
Nuclear Lake Nun-da-ga-o Ridge Trail Loop
Nut Ridge Rd., Lansing Nuthatch Hollow Nature Preserve
Nutten Hooke Nyack Beach State Park
Nyquist-Harcourt Wildlife Sanctuary O'Connell Boulder Field Preserve
O'Hara Nature Center O'Leary Farm (off Salt Point Turnpike)
OCCRA, Jamesville OMI International Arts Center
Oaces Sanctuary Oak Beach
Oak Beach Marsh Oak Orchard Marine SP
Oak Orchard Rd. and Edgerton Rd., fields Oak Orchard WMA
Oak Orchard WMA--Education Center Oak Orchard WMA--Goose Pond overlook
Oak Orchard WMA--Oxbow Marsh Oak Orchard WMA--Podunk Rd.
Oak Orchard WMA--South Marsh Oak Orchard WMA--Windmill Marsh
Oak Point Hwy pullout, Hammond Oakley Corners State Forest
Oakwood Beach Oakwood Beach--Delwit Ave. marsh
Oakwood Beach--Riga St. marsh Oakwood Beach--tidal marshes, NW to Mill Rd.
Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse Oakwood Cemetery, Troy
Oatka Creek Park Ocean Breeze Park
Ocean Parkway Coastal Greenway Ocean View Cemetery
Oceanic Ave., waterfront (Staten Is.) Oceanside Marine Nature Study Area
Oceanside Park Odonata Sanctuary
Ogden Mills & Ruth Livingston Mills SP Ogden Mills & Ruth Livingston Mills SP--Hopeland Area
Olana State Historic Site Olcott Pier
Old 600, Slaterville Springs Old Bethpage Village Restoration
Old Browncroft Blvd. Old Champlain Canal Tow Path, Schuylerville
Old Champlain Canal Trail, Waterford Old Champlain Canal Trail--Schuylerville
Old Church Lane Preserve Old Creek Rd., Batavia
Old Croton Aqueduct Trail in RSPP Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, Briarcliff Manor
Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, Irvington Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, Ossining
Old Croton Aqueduct Trail--Tarrytown Old Erie Canal SHP (Onondaga Co.)
Old Erie Canal SHP--Beebe Bridge Rd. to Canastota (village) Old Erie Canal SHP--Canaseraga Rd. to Bolivar Rd.
Old Erie Canal SHP--Canaserega Rd. Old Erie Canal SHP--Canastota to N Court St.
Old Erie Canal SHP--Cobb St. to Durhamville Old Erie Canal SHP--Fayetteville Widewaters
Old Erie Canal SHP--Harsh Rd. to Beebe Bridge Rd. Old Erie Canal SHP--Harsh Rd. to Canaseraga Rd.
Old Erie Canal SHP--N Court St. to Cobb St. Old Erie Canal SHP--Poolsbrook
Old Field Point Old Field Preserve, Lewisboro
Old Fly Marsh Nature Preserve Old Meeting House Road, Quogue
Old Mill Road, LaTourette Park Old Neck Creek, Forge River
Old Place Creek Tidal Wetlands Area Old Place Creek--Kayak Access Site
Old Place Creek--Western Ave. Old Rt. 31 wetlands E of Clyde
Old Stone Chimney Old Stonehouse Road
Old Town Pond Old Westbury Gardens
Old railroad bed, Geneseo Olga Fleisher Wetland (Rt 104 at 5th Rd.)
Oliver Pond Olympia Blvd. Pond
Onatru Farm Park Oneida Creek Fishing Access, Sterling Rd.
Oneida Lake Oneida Lake, Brewerton
Oneida Lake, Constantia Oneida Lake, Constantia (Mill St. parking area)
Oneida Lake, Eaton Bay (Anglers Bay) Oneida Lake, Maple Bay
Oneida Lake, Muskrat Bay Oneida Lake, South Shore
Oneida Lake, Thrall's Lakeport Marina (former site) Oneida Lookout
Oneida Shores County Park Oneill Rd., Town of Richmond
Oneonta Susquehanna Greenway Onjebonge State Forest
Onondaga Community College Onondaga Creek Fishing Access Site
Onondaga Creekwalk--Hiawatha Blvd. to lake Onondaga Lake Park
Onondaga Lake Park--East Shore Trail Onondaga Lake Park--Lake Outlet
Onondaga Lake Park--Liverpool Marina Onondaga Lake Park--Nine Mile Creek Outlet
Onondaga Lake Park--Restoration Way Onondaga Lake Park--Wegmans Good Dog Park
Onondaga Lake Park--West Shore Trail, Lakeview Point Onondaga Lake Park--West Shore Trail, Maple Bay
Onondaga Lake Park--West Shore Trail, New South End Onondaga Lake Park--Willow Bay
Onondaga Lake Park--parkway pull off Onondaga Lake, End of Creekwalk
Onondaga Lake, Marshy Spits Area Onondaga Middle School Athletic Area Trail
Onondaga Park Ontario Beach and Charlotte Pier
Ontario Bible Camp Ontario Center Greenway Park
Ontario County Park at Gannett Hill Ontario County Park at Gannett Hill--Finger Lakes Trail
Ontario Pathways--Cedar Swamp off Gifford Rd. Ontario Pathways--Depot Rd., Aloquin
Ontario Pathways--Flint Ontario Pathways--Flint Creek S. of NY 96, Phelps
Ontario Pathways--Freshour Rd. Ontario Pathways--Griffith Rd.
Ontario Pathways--NY 96, Phelps Ontario Pathways--Orleans at CR 23
Ontario Pathways--Stanley Junction Ontario Pathways--Wheat Rd., Phelps
Onteora Lake Ooms Conservation Area at Sutherland Pond
Oppenheim County Park Opus 40
Oquaga Creek SP Orange County Airport, NY (MGJ)
Orange Heritage Trail, Goshen Orange Lake (hamlet)
Orange Lake (waterbody) Orchard Neck Creek, Moriches Bay
Ore Bed Brook Trail Oregon Plains Rd. and Bigelow Rd.
Oregon Road (Suffolk Co.) Orient (Suffolk Co.)
Orient Beach SP Orient Harbor--East Marion Causeway
Orient Point County Park Orient Point to New London Ferry (NY side)
Orowoc Creek, north of Orowoc Lake Orowoc Creek, south of Orowoc Lake
Orowoc Lake, Islip Orr Preserve, East Islip
Orra Phelps Nature Preserve Oscawana Island Nature Preserve
Osceola Lake Oseetah Bog
Osgood Pond Osgood River (S. of Meacham Lake)
Osprey Park Ossian State Forest
Ossining (Westchester Co.) Oswegatchie Educational Center
Oswego County Airport Oswego County Airport--Howard Rd.
Oswego County Nature Park at Camp Zerbe Oswego Harbor
Oswego River, Lock 6 Oswego River, Minetto
Oswego River, Rt. 57 Pull-off Oswego River, river mouth, Water St.
Otisco Lake Park Otisco Lake, Church Hill Rd.
Otselic River Overlook at Merrill Creek Rd. Otsiningo Park
Ottaway Park Otter Creek Preserve
Otter Creek Preserve (TILT) Otter Hollow Trail
Otter Lake Otterkill Rd.
Otto Mills Rd., East of CR 17 Outer Harbor Drive, Buffalo
Outerbridge Crossing (Staten Island) Outlet Creek at Fisher Rd., Phelps
Outlet Creek at Flint Creek, N Wayne St., Phelps Overlook Beach
Overlook Mt., Woodstock Overlook Park, Cohoes Falls
Overlook Park, Poughkeepsie Overlook Wetland Preserve
Overlook, Rte. 89 N of Hog Hole Overmountain Conservation Area--East
Overmountain Conservation Area--West Overton Preserve (David Overton Trail)
Owasco Lake inlet area Owasco River Trail
Owens Falls Sanctuary Owl Kill at CR64
Owls Head Park Owls Head Water Pollution Control Plant
Ox Creek--CR 14 (Oswego Co.) Oyster Bay Golf Course
Oyster Bay Marine Center (Sagamore Yacht Club) Oyster Bay NWR (restricted access)
Oysterponds Creek Wetlands PEARLS Hawthorne School
Pachaquack Preserve Pack Demonstration Forest
Pack Demonstration Forest--Spruce Mountain Paerdegat Basin
Paerdegat Basin Natural Area and Ecology Park Page Ave. Beach
Page Pond SF Palmer H. Lewis Sanctuary
Palmer Pond Palmers Pond SF
Palmers Pond SF--Palmers Pond Panama Rocks Scenic Park
Panama SF Panther Mtn.--Echo Cliff Trail
Panther Mtn.--Giant Ledge Papscanee Island Nature Preserve
Paradies Ln., Purple Martin colony Paradox Lake
Paraiso Garden (El Jardin del Paraiso) Parcel 45 WMA
Park Drive Bridge, City of Hornell Park Station Park
Park Station Park--Fishing Access Parker Nature Preserve
Parker Rd., Canoga Parma Park--Woods
Parslow Rd. Conservation Area Parsonage Island, Oceanside
Parsons Rd. Partridge Island Walking Trail
Partridge Run WMA Patchogue (Suffolk Co.)
Patchogue Lake Patchogue-Watch Hill Ferry Terminal
Paul A. Camarda Park Paul Road School Nature Center
Paul Smith's College Paul Smith's College--Visitor Interpretive Center
Paul's Pond, East Hampton Paumanok Trail--Jones Pond
Pawling Nature Reserve Payne Beach Rd., overlook
Payne Beach Rd., treatment plant Payne Beach Trails, hawk blind
Payne Rd. N. of Townline Rd., Farmington Payne Rd. at RR Tracks, S. of Collett Rd., Farmington
Paz Yangco Ossorio Preserve Peabody Preserve Outdoor Classroom
Peach Hill Park Peacock Hill Road
Pearman Woods Pearson Road, Hartland
Peavine Swamp Peconic Dunes County Park
Peconic Lake, Calverton Peconic River Sportsmans Club
Peconic River, Peconic Ave. Pedestrian Bridge Overlook, E River at E 63rd St.
Pedestrian Bridge Overlook, E River at E 71st St. Pedestrian Bridge Overlook, E River at E 78th St.
Pedestrian Bridge Overlook, E River at E 81st St. Peebles Island SP
Peebles Island SP--Confluence Point Peekskill Landing Park
Pelham Bay Park Pelham Bay Park--Bartow-Pell Mansion
Pelham Bay Park--Bridle Path around golf courses Pelham Bay Park--Central Woodland
Pelham Bay Park--Goose Island from Einstein Loop Pelham Bay Park--Hawk Watch
Pelham Bay Park--Hunter Island Pelham Bay Park--Landfill
Pelham Bay Park--Orchard Beach & parking lot Pelham Bay Park--Pelham Bridge
Pelham Bay Park--Rodmans Neck Pelham Bay Park--Southern Meadow and environs
Pelham Bay Park--The Lagoon Pelham Bay Park--The Meadow and adj. woodland
Pelham Bay Park--Thomas Pell WS and Goose Creek Marsh Pelham Bay Park--Turtle Cove
Pelham Bay Park--Twin Islands Pelham Bay Park--Wedgewood (Pelham Wood)
Pember Nature Preserve, Hebron Penn Dixie Site
Penn South Co-op (23rd-29th btwn 8th-9th Ave) Penn Yan Sports Complex
Pepacton Reservoir, E & W of Rte. 30 Bridge Pepacton Reservoir, dam overlook (limited access)
Pepacton Reservoir, headwaters Pepacton Reservoir, kayak launch at Miller Hollow
Pepsico Sculpture Gardens Perch River WMA
Perch River WMA--Allen Rd. Perch River WMA--Allen Road Pool Dike (restricted access)
Perch River WMA--Vaadi Rd. Perch River WMA--Vaadi Road tower
Perkins Pond SF marsh Perry Point
Perry Public Beach Perry Rd.
Perry Rd., Town of Leicester Perry Road, Strykersville
Persimmon Park Peru Boat Launch
Peter Detmold Park Peter Scott Swamp
Peterkin Park Petersburgh Pass (NY)
Pfeiffer Nature Center Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area--Pharaoh Lake
Pharoah Lake Wilderness Area--Lost Pond & Trail Pharsalia Cemetery
Pharsalia WMA Pharsalia WMA--John Smith Res. Area
Pharsalia Woods SF--E of Plymouth Res. Pharsalia Woods SF-Round Pond
Phelps Lane Park and Elda Lake Phelps Mtn.--3400 ft to summit
Philip R. Dankert Village Park Philipstown Park
Phillipin Kill Preserve Phillips Rd., Stillwater
Phoenix Dam and Lock Phragmites Park
Pier 44 Waterfront Garden Piermont Marsh
Piermont Pier Pierson Park, Tarrytown
Pikes Beach Pillsbury Mountain
Pine Barrens Trail Manorville Pine Croft Meadow Preserve
Pine Island Turf Nursery Pine Lake
Pine Lake (Fulton Co.) Pine Lake--Kane Mountain Fire Tower Trail
Pine Meadow County Park Pine Neck Sanctuary
Pine Road, New Paltz Pine St. Bridge
Pine Woods Park, North Tonawanda Pinecliff Sanctuary
Pinecreek Campground Pinehurst Rd, Cooperstown (restricted access)
Pineview Cemetery, Queensbury Pineway Ponds Park
Piney Woods Preserve Pinnacle Hill, Brighton
Pinnacle SP--Golf Course Pinnacle SP--Vastbinder Rd. and Pinnacle Rd.
Pirozzolo Park Piseco Airport
Piseco Lake Piseco Lake, Inlet (north end)
Piseco Lake, Irondeqouit Bay Piseco Lake, Pine Island
Piseco Road (Fulton Co.) Pittstown SF
Pixley Falls SP Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School
Plandome Heights Preserve Plank Rd. (Sullivan Co.)
Plantations Restaurant Planting Fields Arboretum
Plateau Mountain Platform Road, Fairfield
Plattekill Travel Plaza (I-87 N) Playland Lake
Playland Lake Overlook (Hawk Watch Site) Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Pleasant Plains (Richmond Co.) Pleasant Valley (Dutchess Co.)
Pleasant Valley Rd. Ponds, Marcellus Pleasure Grounds Park
Plotter Kill Preserve Plum Point, Sands Point
Plum Rd., Ft. Edward Plumb 1st St., Brooklyn
Plumb Beach Plumb Beach--West
Plymouth Reservoir Plymouth Woods Nature Preserve
Pocantico Lake County Park Pocantico Lake County Park--Lake Outflow
Pocket Park, 45th-46th St. E of 6th Ave. Pocket Park, 50th St. W of 6th Ave.
Poestenkill Community Forest Poet's Walk Park
Point Au Fer Point Au Roche SP
Point Au Roche SP--Camp Red Cloud Rd. & Long Point Point Au Roche SP--Deep Bay
Point Breeze (Orleans Co.) Point Breeze, Lake Erie
Point Gratiot Point Gratiot--Cedar Beach
Point Gratiot--Lighthouse Point Lookout
Point Lookout--East Marina Point Lookout--Firemans Park
Point Lookout--Town Park Point Peninsula Bird Conservation Area
Point Peninsula Isthmus Point Peninsula--South Shore Road
Point Peninsula--State Park Road (along bay) Poke-O-Moonshine Mt.
Pole Road, Claryville Poly Prep Country Day School
Pond Brook Fen (private) Pond Park, Great Neck Estates
Pond behind Walmart, Fredonia Pond, I-86, exit 52B, Horseheads
Pondside Green Park Ponquogue Beach
Ponquogue Bridge Pony Hollow, Cayuta
Poospatuck Creek, Forge River Poplar Beach Rd.
Porpoise Channel Port Byron Old Erie Canal Heritage Park
Port Dickinson Community Park Port Douglas
Port Henry Pier Port Jefferson Harbor, Belle Terre
Port Jefferson Harbor, Poquott Port Jefferson Harbor, Port Jefferson
Port Jervis, I-84 Overlook Hawk Watch Port Kent
Port Ontario Lighthouse (NY) Port Orange Rd., Cuddebackville
Porter Mt. Portland Point Rd. and Overlook
Posquiello Creekside Rd., Marbletown (private road) Posson Rd., Medina
Potic Swamps Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery
Pound Ridge Town Park Powder Mills Park
Powder Mills Park--Fish Hatchery Powells Cove Park
Power Line Trail Powerline Rd. Woods
Powers Rd. - Halsey Rd. pond, Throop Powers Rd., Ledyard
Powley Road Poxabogue County Park & Pond
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn Pratts Falls County Park
Premium Mill Pond Premium River Conservation Area Complex
Prendergast Creek Wetland Preserve Prendergast Point, Chautauqua Lake
Prestons Pond Complex Priem Road, Hamlin
Prior Road, Wetland Prospect Hill--Rose Trail
Prospect Lawn Cemetery Prospect Mt., Lake George (town)
Prospect Park Prospect Park, Troy
Prospect Park--Boathouse Prospect Park--Feeders
Prospect Park--Lakeside incl. LeFrak Center Prospect Park--Lookout Hill
Prospect Park--Lullwater Prospect Park--Parade Grounds
Prospect Park--Peninsula Prospect Park--Prospect Lake
Prospect Park--Quaker Cemetery Prospect Park--Upper Pool
Prospect Park--Vale of Cashmere Prospect Park--Zoo
Prospect Point Prospect St., Champlain
Prosser Pines County Park Pruitt Lane and CR 32 wetland
Pruyn Sanctuary Pryibil Beach
Psych Ponds Public Park (West End Ave. btwn 63-64th St.)
Puckerbrush Farm--Buttonbush Pond Puffer Pond Trail
Pugsley Creek Park Pulpit Point Rd.
Pultneyville Harbor Pumpkin Hook Rd marsh, Springfield Center
Pumpkin Reef Purdys Reservoirs
Purvis Rd., Dryden Pussys Pond
Putnam Creek Wetland Putnam Pond
Putts Creek WMA Quail Hill
Quaker Rd., farm and pond Quantuck Creek off S Country Rd.
Queechy Lake Queens Botanical Garden
Queens College Queens County Farm Museum
Queens Hospital Center Queenston Boat Launch (NY)
Quenan Rd. Quogue Village Beach
Quogue Village Wetlands Preserve Quogue Wildlife Refuge
R Tee Golf Complex (NY 12A) RT 104 x RT 390 Pond
Radio Tower Rd., Callicoon Radisson River Park (private)
Rafferty Rd. Grasslands Railroad Green, Warwick
Railroad Ln.--Craryville, NY Rainbow Shores Preserve
Rainbow Shores Road, Lookout Rainey Park (Queens Co.)
Ram Isthmus Preserve Ramble Rd. Pond
Ramona Ave., retention ponds RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary
Rand Tract Park Randalls Island
Randalls Island--Ferry Dock and environs Randalls Island--Freshwater Wetlands (Little Hell Gate Inlet)
Randalls Island--Icahn Stadium and environs Randalls Island--NE fields and shoreline
Randalls Island--NW fields and shoreline Randalls Island--Southeast section
Randalls Island--Southwest section Randalls Island--Urban Farm and Scylla Playground
Randalls Island--Waters Edge Garden (103rd St. Brg.-Little Hell Gate) Randalls Island--saltmarsh and backstop 42 vicinity
Randalls Island--saltmarsh at Little Hell Gate Inlet Randy Allan Hendrickson Preserve
Ransom Beach, Bayville Raquette Falls Trail
Raquette Lake Raquette Lake, Brown's Tract Inlet, bridge
Rasmussen Rd., swamp Rathbun Rd. bridge
Rattlesnake Hill WMA (Allegany Co.) Rattlesnake Hill WMA (Livingston Co.)
Rattlesnake Hill WMA--SR 70 Pond Rattlesnake Mt.
Rayhill Trail Raymond Klimek Veteran's Park (Fisherman's Park)
Readway Ponds Reclamation Ponds area (Rte. 17 X Birch Run Rd.)
Recreation Park, Binghamton Red Barn Preserve, Morristown
Red Cote Preserve, Oyster Bay Cove Red Creek Pond
Red Creek Pond, Hampton Bays Red Hook Recreation Area
Red Jacket Park Red Jacket River Front Park
Red Jacket Yacht Club Red Lake
Red Mill Rd. Swamp Red Wing Pond, Beekman
Redfern Houses Redman Rd. (Hwy 18 - Hwy 104)
Redwood Hill Preserve-Indian River Lakes Conservancy (NY) Reed Rd. Bird Refuge
Reed Rd., Savannah Reeds Basket Willow Swamp Park
Reel Crazy Charters, boat launch area Reel Point Preserve
Reese Audubon Sanctuary Reese Park
Reeves Ave. Buffalo Farm Reeves Ave. and Roanoake Ave. vicinity
Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Remington Recreation Trail
Renshaw Bay Road Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rensselaer Technology Park Rensselaerville SF
Reppa Pond Preserve Republic Airport (FRG)
Reservoir Hill Rd. pulloff Reservoir Number One (aka Lake Innisfree)
Restifo Preserve Retsof Rd. and Chandler Rd., York (town)
Rexmere Ponds Reynolds Park
Rheinstrom Hill Audubon Sanctuary and Center Rhinecliff Landing Park
Rhinoceros Creek Reservation Rice Creek Biological Field Station
Rice Creek, CR 89 to Lake Ontario Rich Marine
Richard P. Outhouse Memorial Park, Canandaigua Richards Dairy Shed, Montgomery
Richards Preserve Richards Vly
Richmond Creek Richmond Town Swamp, LaTourette Park
Richmond Valley Rd. Pond Riddler's Pond Park, North Hempstead
Ridge Conservation Area Ridge Conservation Area--Randall Pond
Ridge Lea Retention Pond Ridge Rd.
Ridge Road Park Ridge Road, Castorland
Ridgeway Rd. & Ridgeway Road Rail Trail Ridgewood Reservoir
Riemen Woods Rigneys Bluff
Riis Landing Ringwood Ponds Natural Area
Rio Reservoir and Plank Rd. Rio Reservoir south
Riparious Hudson River Bridge and Overlook Ripley Beach Rd., overlook
Ripley Hawk Watch--Site 1 Ripley Hawk Watch--Site 2
Ripley Hawk Watch--Site 3 Ripley Hawk Watch--abandoned in 2003
Risser Rd. Swamp, Canandaigua Risser Rd., Canandaigua
Ritas Stable River Rd. (CR 24)
River Rd. Boat Launch River Rd. Fields
River Rd. marshes and RR tracks River Rd., Endwell
River Rd., Ft. Miller River Rd., Montgomery
River Rd., Schaghticoke River Rd., Stillwater
River Rd., fields, Downsville River Rd., grasslands, Coxsackie
River Rd., on the island, Mindenville River Road X Depot Road, Downsville
River St. Park, Valatie Riverbank SP
Riverdale Park Riverfront Green Park
Riverfront Park, Montgomery Riverfront Park, Troy
Riverfront Park--East Riverfront Park--West
Riverhead Sod Farms--Doctors Path Riverhead Sod Farms--North of Northville Turnpike
Riverhead Sod Farms--Osborn Ave. Riverhead Sod Farms--South of Northville Turnpike
Riveria Drive, Kings Park Riverlight Park
Riverlight Park--Rings Pond Riverside Cemetery (Greene Co.)
Riverside Cemetery (Monroe Co.) Riverside Church
Riverside Field, Elmira Riverside Park
Riverside Park South (59th-72nd St.) Riverside Park South--Pier i, W 70th and vicinity
Riverside Park, Port Jervis Riverside Park--79th St. Boat Basin
Riverside Park--North of 96th St. Riverside Park--South of 96th St.
Riverview Cemetery, Hancock Riverwalk Bike Path, Jamestown
Roaring Brook Falls Rob's Trail Preserve (TNC), Old Bald Hill Rd., Canadice
Rob's Trail-Hemlock Lake, Bald Hill Rd. Roberson Museum and Science Center
Robert Cushman Murphy County Park Robert G. Wehle SP
Robert Moses Middle School Robert Moses SP
Robert Moses SP, Massena Robert Moses SP, Massena--Barnhart Island Road
Robert Moses SP, Massena--Hawkins Point Robert Moses SP, Massena--Nicandri Nature Centre
Robert Moses SP, Massena--Robinson Bay Rd. Robert Moses SP--Democrat Point
Robert Moses SP--East End of Field 2 Robert Moses SP--Fire Island Inlet
Robert Moses SP--Golf Course Robert Moses SP--parking field 5
Robert Treman SP Robert Treman SP--Gorge Trail
Robert Treman SP--Red Pine Trail Robert Treman SP--Rim Trail
Robert Treman SP--upper Enfield Glen Robert V. Riddell SP
Robert W. Nichol Nature Preserve Robert Wehle SP--Snakefoot Trail
Robinson Hollow SF--Finger Lakes Trail Robinson Hollow SF--Lacey Rd. North (Cortland Co.)
Robinson Hollow SF--Lacey Rd., Richford Robinson Hollow SF--Robinson Hollow Rd.
Robinson Hollow SF--trails west of pond (Tompkins Co.) Robinson Pond
Robinson Pond, East Patchogue Robinson Road and Comfort Hill Road
Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester International Airport (ROC)
Rock City State Forest Rock River Rd., Ovid
Rock St., Greenwich Rockaway Beach (Beach 9th-149th St.)
Rockaway Beach--Arverne (Beach 56th-73rd St.) Rockaway Beach--Beach 59th St. Jetty
Rockaway Beach--E of Cross Bay Blvd Rockaway Beach--Edgemere (Beach 32nd-56th St.)
Rockaway Beach--Far Rockaway (E of Beach 32nd St.) Rockaway Beach--Hammels (Beach 73rd-94th St.)
Rockaway Beach--Rockaway Park (Beach 108th-125th St.) Rockaway Beach--Seaside (Beach 94th-108th St.)
Rockaway Beach--W of Beach 125th St. Rockaway Beach--W of Cross Bay Blvd
Rockaway Community Park Rockaway Inlet (Brooklyn)
Rockefeller Ln Rockefeller SP Preserve
Rockefeller SP Preserve--13 Bridges Loop Rockefeller SP Preserve--Buttermilk Hill area
Rockefeller SP Preserve--Eagle Hill area Rockefeller SP Preserve--Fergusons Lake Trail
Rockefeller SP Preserve--Lucy's Loop Rockefeller SP Preserve--Rockwood Hall
Rockefeller SP Preserve--Swan Lake area Rockefeller University Field Research Center
Rockland Lake SP Rockland Lake SP--Golf Course
Rockville Centre (village) Rocky Point Pine Barrens SF
Roe Park (Hudson Highlands Nature Museum) Roeliff Jansen Kill MUA
Roeliff Jansen Park Roger Morris Park
Roger Perry Memorial Preserve Roger Tory Peterson Institute
Rogers Beach, Westhampton Beach Rogers Center
Rogers Rock Campgound Rollins Pond
Rome Sand Plains Preserve Rondout Reservoir (Sullivan Co.)
Rondout Reservoir (Ulster Co.) Roosevelt Estate County Park
Roosevelt Farm and Forest Roosevelt Is.
Roosevelt Is.--FDR Four Freedoms and Southpoint Park Roosevelt Is.--Lighthouse Park (S to Main St.)
Roosevelt Island Garden Club Roosevelt Road Sand Pits
Roosevelt Truck Trail Roosevelt Truck Trail, north section
Roosevelt Truck Trail, south section Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnet Park
Rose Acres Audubon Preserve Rose Hill (25th-30th St.; Madison-3rd Ave.)
Rose Turner Park Rosendale Trestle
Roslyn Pond Town Park Rothfuss Park
Round Ball Mtn. Public Conservation Area Round Lake Preserve (Saratoga Co.)
Round Lake, boat launch (Saratoga Co.) Round Pond (Orange Co.)
Round Pond, Greece Round Pond, Sag Harbor
Round Top Park Route 17, Owego rest area
Route 17, rest area near Roscoe Route 34B between Center Rd. and Rt. 90
Route 6 Wetlands Roy H. Park Preserve--north (FLLT)
Roy H. Park Preserve--south (FLLT) Rt 179 substation, Chaumont
Rt 89 Rest Area (Covert) Rt. 34B Farm Pond E of Sheldon Rd.
Rt. 37 Dairy Farm Rt. 444 (Victor-Holcomb Rd.), East Bloomfield
Rt. 45 pond, Hastings Rt. 89 near Schuyler Creek
Rt. 89 viewpoint at Fred Haynes Blvd. Rt. 90 & E. Venice Rd., Genoa
Rt. 90 ravine, Locke Rte 390 x 590 Ponds
Rubin Rd., fields Rufus King Park, Jamaica
Rugar Woods Rupert Rd. Fishing Access Trail
Ruppert Park Rural Grove SF
Rush Dam Rush Henrietta Athletic Association (RHAA) ballfields
Rush Henrietta Townline Rd. Rush Oak Openings Preserve
Rush Riverside Refuge Rushford Lake
Rushing Stream Audubon Preserve Russell Joy Park
Russell Preserve Ruth Oliva Preserve at Dam Pond
Ruth Wales Dupont Sanctuary Ryder Pond
Rye Lake Rye Nature Center
Rye Playland Rye Town Park
SPCA Fields, Hanshaw Rd. SUNY Broome Community College
SUNY Cobleskill SUNY College at Brockport--Brockport Woods
SUNY College at Brockport--Main Campus SUNY ESF Ranger School
SUNY Fredonia SUNY Geneseo Campus
SUNY Geneseo, Roemer Arboretum SUNY Maritime College (Fort Schuyler)
SUNY Oneonta--College Camp SUNY Oswego--Hidden Fields
SUNY Oswego--Lakeshore SUNY Purchase College
SUNY-ESF (College of Env. Science and Forestry) SUNY-ESF--Moon Library Feeders
Sabattis Sabattis Bog
Sabattis Circle Road, east-west segment Sabattis Rd. (Hamilton Co.)
Sabbath Day Point Overlook Sacandaga Lake
Sacandaga Nature Trail Sachem Public Library, Inside/Out
Sackets Harbor Battlefield SP Sag Harbor (Suffolk Co.)
Sag Harbor Bay, Long Wharf Sag Harbor Cove
Sagamore Hill NHS Sagamore Rd.
Sagaponack Pond Sage Creek Dr.
Sagendorf Rd., East Greenbush Sagg Bridge
Sagg Main Town Beach Sagg Swamp Preserve
Saint Hyacinth Chapel and Cemetery Saint Johns Pond Sanctuary
Saint Marys Park and Recreation Center Saint Regis Canoe Area--Little Clear Pond
Saint Regis Canoe Area--Little Long Pond Saint Regis Canoe Area--Long Pond
Saint Regis Canoe Area--Saint Regis Mtn. Saint Regis Canoe Area--Saint Regis Pond
Saints Peter & Paul Cemetery Sakura Park
Salisbury Corners Salmon Creek Bird Sanctuary
Salmon Creek Marsh, Walworth Salmon Creek bridge, Ludlowville
Salmon River Falls Salmon River, Rte. 3 bridge
Salo Drive Conservation Area Salomon Family Nature Preserve
Salt Marsh Nature Center at Marine Park Salt Marsh Nature Center at Marine Park--Southwest
Salt Point Natural Area Salt Point Rd., US Salt
Sam's Point Dwarf Pine Ridge Preserve Sammy's Beach
Sammys Creek Sampson SP
Sampson SP--Lakeshore Trail Sampson SP--Marina
Samuel Seabury Playground Sand Dock Road Trail
Sand Rd. E of Taft, West Bloomfield Sandbank Rd. (north), South Hill
Sandbank Rd. (south), South Hill Sandbar Park
Sanders Preserve Sandra L. Frankel Nature Park (Brickyard Trail)
Sands Point Preserve Sandy Bottom Park, Honeoye
Sandy Creek Boat Launch Sandy Creek Park
Sandy Hill Road (Townsend's Solitaire, parking spot) Sandy Island Beach SP
Sandy Pond Outlet Sandy Pond, Greene Point Rd.
Sanford Lake Day Use Area Sans Souci County Park
Santanoni Peak Santanoni Preserve
Santapogue Creek, Babylon Sapsucker Woods
Sapsucker Woods Avi8 Sapsucker Woods Rd.
Sapsucker Woods--Fuller Wetlands Sapsucker Woods--Lab Building Area
Sapsucker Woods--Mt. Sapsucker Sapsucker Woods--Powerline Cut
Sapsucker Woods--Severinghaus Trail Sapsucker Woods--Stadlen and Hoyt-Pileated Trail
Sapsucker Woods--Wilson Trail Sapsucker Woods--Wilson Trail North
Sara D. Roosevelt Park (Canal St. to Houston) Sarah Lawrence College, Yonkers
Saranac Lake High School Pond Saranac Lake Islands
Saranac River Mouth Saratoga County Airport
Saratoga County Animal Shelter Saratoga Lake
Saratoga Lake Marine Park Saratoga Lake, Brown's Beach
Saratoga Lake, Riley Cove Saratoga Lake, Silver Beach
Saratoga Lake, east shore (9P) Saratoga NHP--grasslands (southern entrance)
Saratoga National Golf Club Saratoga National Historical Park
Saratoga Race Course Saratoga Spa SP
Saratoga Spa SP--Carlsbad trail Saratoga Springs Waterfront Park
Satellite Academy HS Community Garden Satterly Landing Park
Saugerties Lighthouse Saugerties-Woodstock KOA Campground
Saunders Rd. Bridge, Helmer Creek Savannah Mucklands (Seneca Co.)
Savannah Mucklands (Wayne Co.) Savannah Spring Lake Rd., Carncross Rd. to Martens Tract
Saw Mill Creek Marsh Sawteeth
Sawyer Cemetery Sawyer Mountain
Saxon Woods Park Scallop Pond Preserve
Scarborough Park, Briarcliff Manor Scarface Mountain Trail
Scarsdale Public Library, Olmsted Scenic Ave. x NY 104B
Scenic Hudson Park, Irvington Scenic Hudson's Long View Park
Scenic Hudson, Kukuk Lane, Town of Ulster Schaeffer Trail to Gore Summit
Schasel Park--Old Erie Canal Trail Schenectady County Forest Preserve
Schiffendecker Farm Preserve Schiller Park
Schnurbusch Park Schodack Island SP IBA
Schodack Town Park Schoharie Creek Preserve
Schoharie Crossing SHS Schoharie Reservoir
Schoharie Reservoir, Gate 13 Schoharie Valley, N. Blenheim to Breakabeen
Schor Conservation Area Schroon Lake Town Beach
Schunemunk Mountain Preserve Schutt Road and Hopewell Airpark
Schuyler Town Park Schuyler Travel Plaza, NYS Thruway (I-90), East Schuyler
Scofield Rd. (north end), Lansing Scotchtown Cemetery
Scott Community Park Scotts Corners (hamlet)
Scotts Corners Golf Course Sea Cliff Beach
Seaford Harbor Seamans Neck Park
Seamon Park Sears-Bellows County Park
Seaside Wildlife Nature Park Seaview Ave. and Father Capodanno Blvd.
Seaview Hospital Historic District Second Neck Creek, Forge River
Secor Woods Park Seguine Pond and waterfront
Seidenburg Park (aka Evergreen Park) Selkirk Shores SP
Selkirk Shores SP--Pine Grove Boat Launch Semmel Rd. Park
Seneca Bluffs Natural Habitat Park Seneca Castle Rd. X Vogt Rd.
Seneca Harbor Park Seneca Lake SP
Seneca Lake, Dresden Overlook Seneca Lake, Glenora Falls and Spit
Seneca Lake, Lake St. Seneca Lake, Plum Point Rd.
Seneca Lake, Salt Point Rd. Seneca Lake, Severne Pt.
Seneca Lake, South Main St. Overlook Seneca Lake, Starkey Pt.
Seneca Lake, southeastern viewpoint Seneca Landfill
Seneca Meadows Wetland Preserve Seneca Park
Seneca Park Zoo, Rochester Seneca River Preserve