Summer Job Opportunities

There are many field positions available for summer work. Though many have limitations on hiring high school students, some are willing to be flexible. Advice on finding suitable jobs can be found here.

You can find job listings on a variety of sites. These include:

Using radio telemetry to track birds, photo by Hope Batcheller.

Using radio telemetry to track birds, photo by Hope Batcheller.

  • National Audubon Society Job Opportunities: These job opportunities range from marketing and outreach to scientific research and conservation. National Audubon positions range from entry-level jobs to positions requiring higher education and/or years of experience in the field.
  • Ornithology Jobs (Ornithological Societies of North America): Ornithological Societies of North America runs a listserv for ornithology-related jobs ranging from volunteer positions and internships to faculty positions at major universities. Jobs are posted daily.
  • Society for Conservation BiologyConservation Biology career postings include faculty positions as well as internships in a variety of fields, including ornithology.
  • Student Conservation AssociationHigh school students can do work projects on SCA crews, which are excellent ways to explore wild areas and gain leadership experience. The SCA also has internship postings, many of which are open to all students and may be more specifically focused on birds.
  • Texas A&M Wildlife Job BoardWhile this listserv is targeted toward natural resources, there are some bird-specific jobs. The “Internships” and “Temporary/Seasonal” pages are the best bets for entry-level positions.
  • Ecological Society of AmericaThe Ecolog Listserv is targeted toward ecology and includes posts other than job opportunities, so it may not have many relevant opportunities. However, this listserv taps into a different community of scientists than most of the other ornithology-focused listservs, and so there may be very interesting bird-related positions posted on Ecolog that don’t get posted on OSNA or Texas A&M. 
  • Wildlife Job Search: a Facebook group that posts job postings from a variety of organizations, including many that may not be cross-posted onto major job boards. Includes wildlife  and conservation biology jobs, many of which are bird-related.

Additionally, nature camps sometimes hire high school students as counselors. Many of these camps are offered through Audubon Societies or through various other environmental organizations.