Links of General Interest

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

  • All About Birds: Identification and life history information of North American birds
  • BirdSleuth: An inquiry-based citizen-science curriculum for middle school kids.¬†
  • Birds of North American Online: Extensive information on the biology of North American birds.
  • Celebrate Urban Birds!: Promotes conservation in cities through gardening, the arts, and observing birds.¬†
  • Macaulay Library: World’s largest scientific archive of biodiversity audio and video ¬†recordings.
  • Neotropical Birds: Extensive information on the biology of birds in Central and South America.
  • Project FeederWatch: Count feeder birds for science during the winter.

Black Swamp Bird Observatory

American Birding Association

Avibase Bird Checklists of the World: Checklists for regions, countries, and states.

Birding News: Hosted by the ABA, this site includes recent posts and subscription information for listservs across the world. Travel-related links for birding across the globe.

Bird Watcher’s Digest Young Birders Page: Includes tips for starting birding, links to blogs, photo galleries, and cool bird facts.

Clements World Bird Checklist

Photo Quiz – Colorado Field Ornithologists: An excellent weekly bird photo quiz.

Race 4 Birds: A website devoted to helping people to start their own young birder competitions.

Searchable Ornithological Research Archive: Access to articles from the main North American ornithological journals.

Surfbirds: Trip reports, photo sharing, and discussion forums

xeno-canto: A community database of shared bird sounds from across the world.

Reader Recommended

A Beginner’s Guide to Bird-watching for Couch Potatoes: Includes a section about introducing kids to birding.

A Complete Guide to Bird-watching from your Window: A list of more helpful links ranging from topics such as binoculars and birding ethics.