Careers with Birds Videos

These interviews are produced by students at the Lab of Ornithology, and present the stories of students and faculty pursuing careers in ornithology. All videos have also been posted on the home page, but are permanently accessible on this page. Andy Johnson, one of these films’ producers, tells more about this series:

“The idea behind these informal video interviews is not only to emphasize the diversity of possible career paths in ornithology (and maybe assuage some parents’ concerns!), but also to find inspiring stories that young birders can relate to personally. Hopefully each of these fascinating people or careers will strike a chord somewhere, and provide insights to young birders about how to find direction for their passion. It’s a chance to ‘chat’ with some incredible people, so I encourage every young birder–and adults as well–to explore these stories as they come online.”

Kim Bostwick’s ground-breaking research on manakins has been featured in National Geographic Magazine and she’s currently the curator of the Bird and Mammal collections at the Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates. Kim started as a young animal lover in rural Vermont and has since spent her life studying birds. She tells us a bit about how she came to be doing it, as well as what she’s still looking forward to:

Sahas Barve is a Ph.D. student from Bombay, India, studying the distribution of birds along mountainsides in the Himalayas. He sits down with us to share his story: how he came to be doing bird research and conservation in the mountains, what drove him to start, and what drives him to continue: