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How to Start a New Club

Photo by Mary Batcheller

Photo by Mary Batcheller

Most young birders clubs were started by one or two passionate people with a determination to make things happen. Sometimes these founders are adults involved with an organization, other times they are parents of young birders, and other times they are young birders themselves. Regardless of the initiator, time and energy can make a young birders club grow into a thriving community.

If your area doesn’t have a young birders club, it’s very feasible to start one. By enabling young birders to meet, learn, and bird together, these clubs encourage the next generation of naturalists to grow their interest in the natural world.

Many young adults cite young birders clubs, camps, and other networking groups as a turning point for them.Young birders often have trouble finding similarly-minded peers, so meeting such people can be a life-changing experience.

Below, you will find a link to the Young Birders Club Toolkit, a guiding resource for starting a club in your local area. This Toolkit is open to your input: if you have specific questions, advice, or materials that you think the Toolkit should include, please contact us!

Additionally, take note of the sample forms included below the Toolkit. These were provided by the NY State Young Birders Club (a project of the NY State Ornithological Association). Should you need membership or permission forms for your club, feel free to adapt these to your purposes.

Young Birders Club Toolkit

Sample Membership Form

Sample Permission Form