About the YBN

Student Bios

Sarah Toner is a freshman at Cornell University, majoring in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She is currently the primary coordinator for the Young Birders Network.

She has been interested in birds since age eight, when she fell in love with owls and, through them, all birds. Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, she has traveled all over Michigan and the country on various birding trips and camps. She is the co-founder of the Michigan Young Birder’s Club and a former Student Blog Editor for The Eyrie, the American Birding Association’s blog for young birders. In addition, she has worked at Seney National Wildlife Refuge as an Applied Sciences Intern, performing an assortment of ornithological surveys, forest inventories, and invasive species management.


Former Students

Hope with chicksHope Batcheller is a junior at Cornell University where she is majoring in biology and entomology. She was the primary coordinator for developing the YBN, but is now traveling and taking a background role.

Hope has been a birder since age eight and was active in founding the New York State Young Birders Club. She has conducted field work for several projects, including audio recording expeditions in Chile and California, and research on Hudsonian Godwit migration in Manitoba and Alaska. Currently, she is studying abroad in Costa Rica before heading to Ecuador for a research project on army-ant-following birds.


Mary Margaret
Mary Margaret Ferraro
is a sophomore at Cornell University.  She has loved birds since age seven, starting with a House Sparrow that got loose in her living room.  After many years of volunteering in a natural history museum and a wildlife park in Ann Arbor, Michigan, she transferred to Cornell where she is currently studying biology.  She is most interested in cooperative breeding in birds, particularly among corvids and shrikes.

While still finding her feet, Mary Margaret is excited to help with the YBN while Hope is adventuring abroad.