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Running for the Imperial Eagle, from Asia to Europe

Doğa and Adim Adim volunteers will fundraise for the conservation of globally threatened Imperial Eagle, by running at the Eurasian Marathon, Istanbul, on November 13. The project will be implemented with the support of local farmers and shepherds who share the same habitat with eagles and the funds will be used to build artificial nests, […]

Community-based conservation programme launched for globally threatened steppic birds in Turkey

Doğa, BirdLife in Turkey, launches a new conservation programme for globally threatened birds breeding in Turkey’s extensive steppes. The programme will be implemented in collaboration with locals living nearby habitats of six globally threatened bird species, occurring in private lands or community pastures. Species that are targeted by the new conservation programme are, Sociable Lapwing, […]

17th Turkey Bird Conference

17th Turkey Bird Conference will take place between 24-26 June 2016, in Beypazarı, Ankara. Doğa, BirdLife Turkey, is organizing the conference in cooperation with the Governorship of Beypazarı District. Beypazarı area is one of the few areas in Europe where four vulture species breed. Turkey Bird Conference is an annual event where bird watchers, conservationists, […]

Announcement 1: Your Kuşbank data has moved to eBird

We are pleased to report that your data from Kuşbank have been uploaded to your eKuşbank account, part of our partnership with eBird. >From now on, all your current data submitted through eKuşbank and your historical data from Kuşbank can be accessed in the same place. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, which manages eBird, wishes […]