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The reviewing team of eBird in Spain

Some users may not know it, but for eBird to function, it takes thousands of volunteers around the world to take care of the reviewing process. In Spain we have been creating a team of reviewers that has been growing in the last four years and that covers most of the territory, with regional and […]

Bird Academy giveaway: How to Identify Bird Songs

As summer winds down across much of the Northern Hemisphere, there’s still a lot of bird song to be heard. Want to improve your audio birding skills? Or perhaps brush up on how to learn song before the austral summer? We’re excited to partner with the Cornell Lab’s Bird Academy to offer a suite of exciting educational resources in thanks for your eBirding: in July, every eligible checklist that you submit gives you a chance to get free access to Be a Better Birder: How to Identify Bird Songs.

July eBirder of the Month Challenge

This month’s eBirder of the Month challenge, sponsored by Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, encourages you to share July birding with others. The eBirder of the Month will be drawn from eBirders who submit 15 eligible shared checklists during July. Each shared checklist that you’re a part of gives you one chance to win. These lists may be shared with you from another person, or shared from you to someone else—the only thing is that all people on the shared checklist were birding together. These checklists must be entered, shared, and accepted by the last day of the month. Winners will be notified by the 10th of the following month. Although July is sometimes thought of as a ‘slow month’ for birding, there is actually a ton to learn, see, and share with friends. Read on to see some of the ways that we enjoy birding in July.

Presentation about eBird and eBird Mobile in Tarifa, Cádiz

Next Thursday Birding The Strait will be giving a presentation about eBird and the App eBird Mobile at the International Center of Migratory Birds, in Tarifa, Cádiz. The numerous utilities of this online platform will be discussed and there will be a practical example with eBird Mobile App so we can familiarize with it. We believe this is […]

Welcome to eBird España!

As a contribution to what it is known as social science a number of organizations and institutions involved with the study and conservation of birds, and hence the conservation of their habitats and the habitats of the rest of wildlife, as well as the Team of Reviewers of this platform in Spain, we agreed in the promotion of the use of this web platform in Spain. eBird web application has been already developed and implemented for many years and it is present in more than 135 countries worldwide. It collects millions of observations yearly and this is a definitive contribution to preservation of birds and their habitats, and this is the goal we all share.