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February eBirder of the Month Challenge

Sharing is caring. This month’s eBirder of the Month Challenge, sponsored by https://www.zeiss.com/sports-optics/en_us/home.html, Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, is all about birding with others. This could be a day in the field with a long-time birding friend that you’ve been checking the local lake with for 30 years, or someone who is just starting. They could be an […]

Perú ya se prepara para defender el título del Global Big Day en mayo

A fines de enero se va llenando el mapa de donde irá la gente a observar aves. Si estarás en Perú y quieres participar, llena tu formulario: http://www.corbidi.org/formulariogbd.html  

Global Big Day—get involved

On 14 May, birders from across the world will unite to answer a single question: how many birds can we find as a global team? This happened last year for the first time on the inaugural Global Big Day, when collectively we recorded more than 6,000 species. We are confident we can set a new […]

Perú establece el record mundial de aves vistas por un país en un día. ¡1,183 aves!

El esfuerzo valió la pena. Esperemos que este logro sea el inicio de una relación más estrecha entre los peruanos y sus aves.  Enotando lograremos que todo el conocimiento que juntamos en nuestro pasatiempo favorito se vuelva conocimiento colectivo. Contribuiremos a entender nuestras aves, su distribución, estacionalidad y tendenciaspoblacionales.  ¡Sigamos enotando! El esfuerzo valió la […]

Great (Global) Backyard Bird Count this weekend!

February 14-17 (Friday to Monday) is the 17th annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC). To participate, just go birding during this timeframe and make sure to enter your checklists in eBird. The GBBC was one of the first demonstrations that the internet could be used to collect bird checklists and was instrumental in the creation […]

Second annual Birding Rally Challenge 9-20 June 2013

With a longer and more complex route than 2012, the second ever Birding Rally Challenge 2013, will transect northern Perú from the coast, over the Andes and into the Amazonian forests in the east. Its starting point will be the Forest Historical Sanctuary Pomac and Laquipampa Wildlife Refuge, areas with a highly unique avifauna. The event, will be […]

Presenting the “Atlas de las Aves Playeras del Perú”

In February 2010 a group of Peruvian and international scientists led the first comprehensive ground-based census of shorebirds and other water birds along the coast of Peru. These surveys covered the entire Peruvian coastline with participation from more than 150 volunteer observers and resulted in counts of more than 100,000 shorebirds of 31 species. The […]

Summary of Peruvian Shorebird Census Results

Snowy Plover

During the first two weeks of February 2010, a coalition of groups, headed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, BirdLife Peru, Calidris (Colombia), Corbidi, Naturaleza y Cultura Internacional y Museo de Historia Natural de la UNSA and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service teamed up to hold a series of shorebird workshops and censuses at sites up and down the Peruvian coast. Nikon generously supported the effort by providing telescopes for use in the surveys. Each of three coastal regions—south, central, and north—hosted a daylong workshop covering the basics of shorebird identification and survey methodology lead by shorebird experts from around the Western Hemisphere.

Census of coastal shorebirds in Peru

Woman looking through a spotting scope

What do we know about migratory shorebirds in Peru? The answer, at least for that past 20 years, is “not that much.” Twenty years ago, Peruvian ornithologist and conservationist Gonzalo Castro, along with his colleagues in the U.S. and Chile, finished up the last of their work on Sanderlings, Calidris alba, wintering in South America. […]