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The Pacific Northwest eBird and Avian Knowledge Northwest Partnership

eBirders at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Princeton, Oregon. / Klamath Bird Observatory

Bird conservation partners in the Pacific Northwest are meeting North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) priorities for bird monitoring and citizen engagement by developing and synchronizing a regional eBird portal and a regional Avian Knowledge Network (AKN) node. Together, eBird Northwest and Avian Knowledge Northwest are being designed to meet the following objectives, presented in […]

eBird Festivals


Birding festivals are growing in popularity across the world, and, increasingly, these community events are becoming “eBird Festivals.” eBird is a real-time, online checklist program that has revolutionized the way that the birding community reports and accesses information about birds. eBird festivals use the eBird program to track the many birds seen on the field […]

Taxonomy update for 2013

Among a number of Indian taxa and several in the Americas, the widespread Great Tit was split into three species. Photo by Jessie Barry.

The taxonomic update for 2013 is now complete in eBird. The names and sequence have been changed and eBird records have been updated in cases of splits and lumps. This update includes updates since August 2012 to the North American Classification Committee and South American Classification Committee, including several splits detailed below. In the United States […]

eBird Top100 goes global!

Cinnamon Flycatcher

The eBird Top100 is one of the more popular pages in eBird. It displays the contributions of individuals, showing how many species and how many checklists our contributors have reported. The Top100 was released before eBird went global a couple years ago, and we are excited to announce today that it is now possible to […]

Crowdsourcing, for the Birds

eBird heat map of Chimney Swift migration into the United States, as of April 12

A recent New York Times article by Jim Robbins (published August 19th, 2013) provides a great overview of eBird and its development. Access the article by clicking the title above and then click here.

New Book, “Freeway Birding,” Draws Heavily on eBird Data


Harry Fuller’s first book, Freeway Birding: San Francisco to Seattle, makes extensive use of eBird data to connect travelers in the Pacific States to the birds they can see at rest stops and wildlife refuges along their way. The book contains over 100 useful maps and describes dozens of locations within 20-minutes drive of the major north-south freeways in the region. Freeway Birding will be published by Living Gold Press on February 10th, 2013.

2013 Winter Wings Festival, Feb 14-17

Ferruginous Hawk (C) Jim Livaudais

The 2013 Winter Wings Festival – based out of the area of the Klamath Basin around Klamath Falls, Oregon – will be held February 14-17th. Sign up soon because registration is going fast. There is an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, featuring George Lepp, Alvaro Jaramillo, and Kevin Karlson. John Alexander will present a conservation message. To register and learn more about the extensive array of presentations and field trips, visit the Winter Wings Festival’s website at winterwingsfest.org

New eBird Data Access Tools Available

Lewis's Woodpecker (C) Jim Livaudais

With eBird now gathering millions of bird records every month, it has become an increasingly valuable database for science, research, and conservation. Putting your data into the hands of scientists and conservationists is what we do at eBird, and we have been flooded (in a good way!) with data requests over the past months. The increasing volume of these requests spurred the development and release of new online data request and access tools at eBird and the Avian Knowledge Network. These tools will enable the science and research community to more quickly and easily access eBird data, and they will enable us to keep track of who is using eBird data and for what purpose. eBirders everywhere should feel empowered and satisfied that your hard work is being recognized and used by the science community. Read on to learn more about the new data download tools.

Best of the Bioregion Wine Competition Highlights Sustainable and Bird-friendly Vineyards

Image art (C) Gary Bloomfield 2011

Looking for a new place to eBird? Consider combining a birding trip with a visit to one of the vineyards highlighted in Klamath Bird Observatory’s 2nd Annual Best of the Bioregion wine competition. This unique wine competition features vineyards and wineries that work to practice sustainable and wildlife friendly farming and grape production in the […]