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eBird: Sensitive Species

Open-access data can be a risk for birds that are targeted for exploitation—either through capture, killing, or significant disturbance. eBird has recently been altered to protect sensitive species at risk and for this, eBird data output is restricted in some ways to protect these particular birds, while allowing important data to continue to come into eBird. [Read more…]

What’s on in October

October is one of the most awaited months of the year for birders. Wetlands start filling up with migratory waterfowl and shorebirds, while forests and shrubbery are abuzz with the chatter of warblers. It’s a month filled with excitement, change and some great birding! [Read more…]

October eBirder of the Month Challenge

This month’s eBirder of the Month challenge, sponsored by Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, will keep get you snapping photos and recording bird sounds. Every time you take a photo or hold out a microphone, you’re creating an incredibly powerful piece of data. Media help document records, provide resources for learning and education, and also pave the way for future eBird and birding tools like Merlin Photo ID. The eBirder of the month will be drawn from eBirders who submit 15 or more eligible checklists in September containing at least one rated photo or sound. Checklists must be for observations during this month; not historical checklists entered during September. Winners will be notified by the 10th of the following month.

What’s on in September

September is an exciting time of the year for birders. Waterbodies across the country now rapidly populate themselves with incoming shorebirds from other parts of the world, while resident waterfowl often have a group of their young ones following them around. Bird Movements September is also a very good time to witness birds in passage […]

2017 taxonomy update for Indian birds

Each year, eBird updates the base eBird/Clements checklist to take into account any changes resulting from newly discovered species or better taxonomic understanding. These changes include species splits, lumps, name changes and changes in sequence. In addition, various new helpful options for data entry for birds that cannot be identified to species are added, e.g. spuhs, slashes, […]

Using eBird through the India portal

If you are an eBirder from India, please ensure that your lists are tagged as part of the eBird India portal, and you will be helping India meet its international biodiversity commitments. How so? Read on to find out! [Read more…]

What’s on in August

August instills an air of expectancy amongst birders. It is usually in this month that the first of the migrants begin to trickle in and many “oohs” and “aahs” follow the sightings of the odd Garganey or Wood Sandpiper. With the rains having been around, the increase in the amount of water and vegetation cover makes for pleasant and increased birding activity across the nation. [Read more…]

eBird Illustrated Checklists are here!

You can now view a digital bird guide for any hotspot or region in the world: an Illustrated Checklist. The best part? It’s all using sightings that you contributed! We take the highest-rated photo and sound from the Macaulay Library, combine with eBird data to show seasonal occurrence, and include the last date when a species was seen in that place. The result: a quick overview for the region that gives the most relevant information. Want your photo to be the best image for that region? Add them to your eBird checklists! To check out Illustrated Checklists, search for any region or search for any hotspot. At the top of the species list you’ll see a new tab titled “Illustrated Checklist”. [Read more …]

What’s on in July

Half-way through the year, July falls right in the middle of the birding “off-season” with hardly a migrant in sight but birding in this month can prove to be quite fruitful as well. The monsoon capitalises over much of the country at this time of the year and several changes in the birdlife become apparent with it. [Read more…]

What’s on in June

June welcomes the annual monsoon and so far, the patterns being observed haven’t disappointed. With resident species busy with nesting activity, and many being seen with fledged chicks – breeding season is in full swing as birds prepare for the abundance of the rainy season.

This is also the season when a number of cuckoos across the country are in business. [Read more…]