Occurrence Maps

Brown-headed Nuthatch

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Since this is a resident species with very little seasonal movement, this map shows the predicted distribution for the species on 24 May (2008).

The STEM maps for Brown-headed Nuthatch are among the very best results we have seen. The species has a strong association with evergreen (pine) forests in the Southeast, occurring from central Florida to southern Delaware and Maryland, west to eastern Texas, and north to northern Arkansas and northern Mississippi. The population is essentially divided into two distinct regions. The lower Mississippi River floodplain, a region of deciduous forest that is now largely converted to agriculture, is a break in the species’ distribution that divides the nuthatches into eastern and western populations. A similar pattern can be seen in other pine breeders, like Red-cockaded Woodpecker, and even Pine Warbler. This static map shows well-defined edges to the species’ range which closely match the known distribution.