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Contribute your observations to a database for the South Texas region. Whether you are on a large private ranch, small yard in the city, or public nature area -- if you go birding, we need your sightings. Help us better understand the richness, abundance and changes in bird life in South Texas.

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FREE Educator Workshop on Wild Bird Conservation Curriculum!

Wisdom, the world’s oldest banded bird!

This year is the celebration of the oldest banded bird, Wisdom, who was banded 60 years ago! Chandler Robbins is the biologist who banded Wisdom and recently he held a question and answer session for all those who are curious about this spectacular bird! Q&A: Chan Robbins Talks about Wisdom, the World’s Oldest Banded Bird

Educator Training Workshop on Wild Bird Curriculum for GK-12!

Educators here’s another chance to attend our educator training workshop on wild bird conservation curriculum for grades K-12! It’s a FREE 2-day training workshop where you’ll get hands-on experience, network, and receive 16 hours of professional development! Reserve your spot today by emailing Janel Ortiz, Program Coordinator, at TAMUKBirdsGK12@gmail.com. Hope to see you there!

The Great Backyard Bird Count!

Guess what starts tomorrow?! Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology’s Great Backyard Bird Count! Beginning tomorrow Friday February 12 through Monday February 15, citizens are urged to go out and count the birds around your home or anywhere you’d like! It’s easy to start, simply make an account on ebird.org, or if you already have an existing […]

Whooping Crane wintering in Kleberg County!

The endangered Whooping Crane (Grus americana) has been spotted in Kleberg County (home of CKWRI)! Sightings of a single individual have been coming in since November, and that individual hasn’t moved much within the area! It is hanging out with some friends, a flock of Sandhill Cranes (Grus canadensis). The population of Whooping Cranes is […]

Calling all Science Educators!

FREE training workshop for educators at the GK-12 level! Learn about techniques and research in bird conservation. Click here and download the flyer for more information!

Wintering sparrows have arrived!

Heading into November we are beginning to see the rush of sparrows move into our South Texas survey sites. Some species we expect to see/have seen are Lincoln’s, White-crowned, Savannah, Clay-colored, Lark, and Vesper Sparrows among many others. Surveys should be interesting as sparrows tend to move in mixed flocks. What sparrows have you seen?

Fall migration is here!

If you haven’t noticed the new neighbors flying by, start looking up! Fall migration has begun with everyone moving south for the winter. Researchers from CKWRI spotted flocks of Orchard Orioles on the move during the monthly surveys of South Texas ranches. Various species of warblers were also sighted including Wilson’s, Canada, and Yellow warblers! […]

Spreading Citizen Science Opportunities to Texas Teachers!

Researchers with STWB will be presenting a hands-on workshop at the CAST 2015 conference sponsored by the Science Teachers Association of Texas. Teachers will have the opportunity to walk through the process of data entry via the website and an Excel file. They will also learn the different features of the STWB website so they […]

Bobolink…in South Texas?

Far from its normal range, a Bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus) was sighted during a breeding bird survey conducted in May by CKWRI staff at one of our South Texas survey locations. The habitat it was observed in was perfect for the species but no where near its usual breeding grounds. CKWRI staff have been seeing quite […]