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Birder Certification

The Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network of the National Park Service uses an online certification program to ensure that those who conduct landbird monitoring are sufficiently skilled and qualified to do so. As a BCN monitor you may want to consider completing this certification program or use the practice tests as a training/refresher resource. […]

Priority Sites: monitors needed!

The Chicago Wilderness region needs bird monitors at many beautiful and exciting locations. If you know the local birds by sight and sound and want to contribute to conservation, if you have time to visit a site several times a year and report your observations, please look at our current list of high priority sites without monitors. These are sites where the land manager or steward is eager for input, or where coverage is needed for trends analysis. Updated May 2013.

Population Trends of Breeding Birds of the Chicago Region 1999-2012

The BCN Survey has amassed a large volume of breeding bird data collected by the bird monitors of the Chicago Region. A key goal of this analysis is to learn the regional trends of our various bird species in order to educate the public, monitor species of concern, and help improve land management practices for […]

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Chicago Region Bird Population Trends

The 2007 Chicago Region Breeding Birds Trends Analysis, a joint project by Audubon Chicago Region, the Bird Conservation Network, and Chicago Wilderness, can be viewed on the BCN website: www.bcnbirds.org/trends07. This second trends analysis, including large amounts of new data, shows results of breeding bird surveys from 1999 to 2007.

For national trends, click on the tab “View and Explore Data” in eBird/BCN.