Origin of eBird Australia

The precursor to eBird Australia was Eremaea Birds, developed by Richard and Margaret Alcorn, and launched in March 2003. Eremaea Birds rapidly became the choice site of Australian birders for recording and maintaining their bird sightings in Australia and overseas. Eremaea Birds merged with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology eBird project in February 2014 and became Eremaea eBird, the Australia portal for eBird. The merger allows Australian birders to be part of a larger global birding community and to benefit from eBird’s continuing support into the future. Eremaea eBird was renamed as eBird Australia in May 2016 to more clearly reflect its geographic focus. A community of volunteers maintains the eBird Australia portal, and includes a steering committee, bird sighting moderators, and a portal website team. Members of the eBirder community from all across Australia voluntarily contribute bird sightings to the eBird Australia portal. Affiliated with the Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions at the University of Queensland, Australia, the eBird Australia portal is fully integrated with the global eBird enterprise.